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Reworked Cockpit Views with proper Neck from PeterP.

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Hello pilots.




Does this topic already have been discussed for IL 2 and if so where can I join the conversation? If not then I would like to bring it to developers attention. I don't like non-linearity and as IL2 propose large translational throw which is awesome, finally using full Track IR potential, in the end my setup is quite sensitive. It's not a problem at all until I combine rotation and translation. Then for exemple if I want to look up my in game point of view will look up AND do a negative Y translation. Because of the combinaison of the Track Clip pro configuration, my TrackIR profile configuration, and the way it is done in the game. It should be the other way around.


Thanks for reading,


Antoine from France.





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This fix has been officially adopted by DCS. It make things more natural. We really feel like we move a head, a big head, instead of a point. It also solve the problem I described above.


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I believe this thread might belong to suggestions and improvements, but anyway I would really like to see this implemented. I was trying to find a solution how to at least mix the output of yaw and sideways movement of pilot's head to very simplistically simulate pilot's neck and make checking your six a lot more comfortable, but I still haven't found any solution other than to move to opentrack.

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