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Sharing these manuals


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In the hopes that some will enjoy them. World War II manuals on a wide variety of topics, mainly gunnery.




Place the rar files in the same directory and extract part 1, it will handle part two and three automatically.




US Army Aircorp AAF-200-1 gun Harmonization.


TM 1-270 - Aerial Gunnery Practice and Record Firing - May 7th, 1942

Aircraft Armament - Bureau of Naval Personnel

USAAC - FM 1-25 - Air Defenses - December 24th, 1942

2nd AF Manual 50-43 - B29 Standard Procedures for Gunners

Don't Kill Your Friends - Aviation Training Manual, Office of Chief of Naval Operations

Flying Bombs - V2's - December 1944, British Information Services

Fundamentals of Air Fighting - December 1943

Fighter Pilot Gunnery - TM 00-25-35 - December 10th, 1943 (understanding mils, lead and radii)

Get that Fighter! - Central/Flexible Gunnery Instructors School - Nov 1, 1943

Gunnery Approaches - Fixed Gunnery and Combat Tactics Series No. 2 - Bureau of Aeronautics - Sep, 1943

How to get Hits with the Illuminated Sight, Mk 8 Naval Gunsight - USN - Nov, 1943

Air Gunnery and Air Fighting - RAF Wing Cmdr E.M. Donaldson D.S.O. A.F.C. RAF

Protection Against Aerial Bombs - Lockheed Corporation

US War Dept FM 30-30 Pictorial Recognition Manual


There is also topics in here that go in depth about how to use the US Navy Mk8 Gunsight. (Think F4F-4, F4UA1 and F6F)


I have bolded the ones I think are helpful in a simulator environment.

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Given that BOBP has released and there is possibly some new players about that might fancy reading these.

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