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im having trouble spotting aircraft in combat and when i do its normaly too late is there any way to improve visibilty in graphic settings? 

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First things first! Set gamma to 0.8 and Cinematic Effects OFF.


Second download Reshade install it to IL2. You can download it from https://reshade.me


Installation is pretty strait forward. Execute reshade and select IL2.exe.


It has an ingame onscreen display for configuration which you can enable with Shift+F2 (Beware those keys may already be mapped by il2)

There aren't any presets available for il2 right now so you have to experiment yourself.

The ideas is to boost the contrast and sharpening. So you can play with parameters effecting sharpening and Contrast.


Here is a piece of information that I have experiment with


Note: Please have in mind that too much sharpening may impact on your fps in negative way and image quality may suffer and it effects anti-aliasing. Also dont enable all the sharpening tools at once. Just experiment them and find the way you like.


Adaptive Sharpening: I use this one
High Pass Sharpening : and this one
Luma Sharpening
Fine Sharpening
Curves : Boost Contrast
Levels : Adjust highlighs and darks.
Clarity: this one is one of the most important parameter as it can both sharpen and boost contrast at once.
#Colors and Ambience
Ambient Light
#Personal Preferance
Filmic Pass
Lift Gamma Gain
Technicolor 2
# Avoid using these ones
Surface Blur : Avoid
Denoise : Avoid
Bloom : Avoid
DOF : Avoid
Light DOF : Avoid
*Color Matrix : Dont mass with this one unless you know what you are doing.
*LUT : No use unless you know what you are doing.
*Tilt Shift :  Avoid
Gaussian Blur : Avoid
*Tilt Shift : Avoid
*Monochrome : Avoid
*Motion Blur : Avoid
*Film Grain : Avoid
*Film Grain 2 : Avoid
*CA : Avoid
*CRT : Avoid
*Cartoon : Avoid
*HDR : Game has it own HDR effect so no need for this one since it only mimics the HDR not a true HDR.
#I have insufficient information about these ones
I am still experimenting so the information I provide is not the most perfect one. And my gaming PC is not available right now as I am mobile now so I cant share the details of my settings.
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@Europa. Do You mind sharing Your settings for reshade? I did try to set something to help me with spotting but to avail...

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Hi Hollow-Man

I just wandered if you werenew to flight sim or just moved over. The game limits aircraft rendering to 10 Km 

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