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Snap Roll with 190

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I would love to read it if there is any reference about a 190 driver that did it in ww2.


I would also prefer starting a scissor with the bandit within a barrel roll (hiding in gun solution) to save time and energy and switch to stallmate the fight if needed (or create a window for wingmen to assist) without being predictable,

rather than a useless move that drains your energy that gives bandit a chance to repeat the attack,

especially for a airframe like 190.


see first

act first

shoot first

work as a team

or don't be a hero

go change the coffee

don't go below 190 standarts


higher alt-more energy

follow no more than 45*

repeat with awareness

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Follow no more than 180 degrees until you know the airframe. After than you can follow longer but going into a yo-yo is a better option for a sustained fight.

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