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Welcome to Pacific Theater Research Assistance Section

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As we inch closer to working on our first Pacific Theater product, we will need to gather references and other data that may be useful to the team. To keep this area clear and concise please only respond to requests for information on specified topics.


For instance, we may ask for photos, book recommendations, drawings or other helpful sources of needed data.


The Pacific war is a new area of study for the development team so some assistance will be required, especially information about the warships of the USA and Japan. In addition to the usual reference material on airplanes and terrain, we'll need detailed images, drawings and specs of several historically important warships. Also, there is no way the team can build every warship that saw action with the IJN or USN, but over time and with the help of talented modelers in the community, we may be able to build an impressive collection of ships of the opposing fleets.


If you are interested in helping us, keep this in mind. 


More soon...



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