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Enable/Disable bombsight for Bombardiers / Nose gunners

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This suggestion is about, the bombsight, what is unavalibe for bombardiers.


In real life, bombardier was the guy, who used the bombsight, and calculated the bomb drops. In the game this crew member is only a gunner.

I think, a lot of player would fly with his/her friends as a Bombardier. This would make the multiplayer more exciting for some players, who want to help them pilots with accurate bombings.

Also its better for the pilots, who want to make some maneuvers, but they can't use the sigth then.


In multiplayer the pilot (who spawnd with the plane) can decide, the Enable/Disable. If someone just don't want the other player to use the options, the pilot just disable it. (automaticly disabled)


For example here is this picture what i made. The Enable/Disable would be perfect in the Gunner stations menu.




The bombsigth in Ju-88 and Pe-2










I doesn't forgot about the Heinkel 111 H series, but In the Heinkel there is no bombsigth modell, but the heinkel players can use it. I miss it from the plane.



On the bottom of the nose is visible the gunsigth's place.



Sadly, no bombsigth.



It's just an idea, what is missing in my opinion from the multiplayer!

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Yes please 10 times over yes please..

also the ability for gunners / other players within the same cockpit area to be able to change stations (eg, from 88 from gunner to 88 rear gunner)

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so much yes! 



cap'n! we need more agreeing here! 




this is SO necessary - bombering business is a two-man job - we can kinda get by with some help from auto-level, but it's really not as it should be done



a million more yesses to this!

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I would like to add a million yeses too, but the devs already answered that question : allowing control of the bombsight, plus aircraft and weaponry to a second player requires way too many changes in the netcode for little gain and will probably not happen. 

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