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Reconnect system [Multiplayer]

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Hello everyone,


I've been enjoying this sim very much for the last year, but lately I'm experiencing lots of connection issues. I've tried lots of things at my end, and managed to improve connection by a large margin, but sometimes, disconnects still happens. It's really annoying especially if I'm flying slow bomber, and in the middle of my way, the internet screw my sortie. 


Based on the problem, i'd like to ask, is it possible to develop a reconnect system into your current sortie in Multiplayer?

For example if you disconnect from a sortie, the plane autolevels for a certain period of time (for example 5 min), and during that period if you reconnect to the same server you would continue play from the last sortie, assuming your plane isn't crashed or shot down during that period. If you don't reconnect after 5 min, just make the pilot bailout or something. 


I think it would solve some issues like :

-Game crash

-Connection issues

-People disconnecting when have someone on their 6 and feels like he can't reverse the situation


Thank you  :salute:

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