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Engine thermal

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Hi, What do you guys think about engine thermal modelling in this sim? Im not a specialist and not very familiar how V12 engine behaves during taxi and low air speed. But What i have read from books and seen from videos i have a picture that ww2 piston engines were very sensitive to overheat during taxi . One Finnish pilot said it was hard to taxi with bf109 because rpm had to be keep very high to prevent overheating! Sounds weird. (thus coolant system worked like its was designet)....and radiators manually full open offcourse.


I think thermal model Works fine during level flight and dogfights but low speed flight and taxi need some research. I have no data to prove any of my thoughts . I have just read from different sources that pilots were struggling to take off before overheating engine.

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This is what i found with quick search


Me 109 G:
"The Messerschmitt was equipped with radiators in the wings. The air intake was a large opening near the fuselage, and the outlet was adjustable. The automatics adjusted the system according to the temperature of the glycol coolant. 
- Was it possible to adjust the radiators manually? 
Of course you could shut the flaps, the effect on speed was minimal. (Showing the position of air intake and outlet in the wing in relation to the fuselage.) If you took a hit there, the glycol would leak out. But you could shut off (the damaged radiator). 
- Were the Finnish planes equipped with the shut off valves? 
All our planes had these valves 
- Was it so that the radiator flaps had to be open at takeoff, the engine would overheat easily? 
Yes, it was absolutely necessary to take off as soon as possible to avoid overheating. "
- Kyösti Karhila, Finnish fighter ace. 32 victories. Source: Interview by Finnish Virtual Pilots Association.


Source http://www.virtualpilots.fi/feature/articles/109myths/

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MAP Temps play a big part.

You have to remember that all the maps are like -25 to 15-20*C
Thats only -13 to 77 *F (big difference to taxing in american summer where temps might be double that.

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