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Aiming help tool

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In an attempt to improve my marksmanship skills with the BF109 F-4, I decided to implement the aiming help feature.  Very nice tool!  It has helped my aim quite a bit but I still need to sharpen it up more.   I have a couple of observations, questions  and suggestions that I feel could make the aiming help easier for a slow learner like me to get their aim together.  Here they are...


The red floating crosshairs in the sight.


When I turn on the aiming help, I get the floating red crosshairs and the lead dot.  It is kind of confusing to deal with this moving crosshair when I don't have access to it when aiming help is not on.  It seems to me that it is moving around due to g forces as if  it was a gyroscopic lead computing optical sight (being informed that it is not).


A couple of things I would like to know is 1) why does it float around,  2) should I line up the floating red crosshairs to the lead circle or to the target?


I think it would be easier to learn from it if it was removed.  Just a lead point for me to aim my optical sight crosshairs on is all that is needed.


Aiming help is not available in flight replays


Flight replays are my main method to review and improve my aiming and maneuvering skills.  When reviewing a flight replay, aiming help is not available and the areas in flight where the aiming help was on does not show up.


It would be a major help if the aiming help could be enabled in replays or at least have the aiming help markers show during the flight show.


I understand that one persons opinion does not warrant action, or even if it did, the resources may not be there.


Again, I think it is a great tool connected to a amazingly engrossing simulator.  I've had much fun with it.

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The two symbols are actually quite helpful in helping you understand gunnery. One is bullet drop, how much your shots will fall on the range to the target. The other is deflection, how much you need to lead the target. Seeing them both is really informative.

So to answer the question, yes you need to line up the cross and the circle.

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Thanks for cluing me in on the function of the red floating crosshairs.  It does make sense to have a bullet drop indicator in the aiming help but it still messes me up dealing with it.  I would be nice if you could turn the bullet drop crosshair feature off.  It is nice to know what it is there for, which brings me to another question.


Before I made the original post, I looked through the manual for more information regarding the aiming help.  The manual only made mention that the tool was available but no explanation of what the icons meant or how to use it for best results.  Is there a manual that goes into more depth in explanation of features?

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