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TAW - Squadron Channels - Request Thread

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Soon I will be building Squadron Channels within the TAW Teamspeak. Please make a request here as follows:


Side: Allied or Axis

Squadron Name: Your chosen Squadron Abbreviation

Squadron Callsign: Your chosen Callsign - This is what other squadron will call you when using Whisper to your channel etc.

Squadron Website Address: A link to your Website

Squadron Crest: A link to your Squadron Crest .jpg

Squadron Primary Language: A three letter code for you main language eg. ENG RUS GER POL ITA etc


Your channel will then appear as a sub channel in the Allied or Axis channels as follows:


+ 12.OIAE("Thunderbirds"/ENG)


In the channel info box I will link your website to your crest if you provide them.


If you switch side between TAW Seasons then I will rearrange your channel for you. Just let me know in this thread...


Many thanks.



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Not least for preparation for the next phase of TAW, this is also good now. Please post here so that your channel details are correctly recorded.



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Hi there Gosling

There's small mistake in ts channel name of LG squad. =LG=("LuftGangsta"/PO) some guys might think its portugal 'cos of "PO". Correct is "POL" :)

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