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Error Reading Mission File

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I had duplicate installs - Bos and BoM. 

Don't ask me how that happened, but it did and I was experiencing some confusion as to which folder the editor was properly

reading the missions from. Sometimes a mission in the BoS folder wouldn't show up, but would if placed in the BoM

Folder. Then I experienced the opposite behavior.



So to eliminate the confusion I uninstalled the duplicate, and I'm now left with a single install.

However now when I try and open a mission, my mission, even one of Jim's missions Haash's missions, I get an "Error Reading Mission File!"


Of course I do. I decide to dive back into this and this is the first thing I experience.  :rolleyes:

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Deleted bin and list files..looks hopeful - loading without the error so far...fingers crossed...


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OMG this is the reason:

  1. Vehicles and ships would crash the mission on loading in-game.
  2. I couldn't load other people's missions in the Editor.
  3. At least some other people couldn't load my (test) missions into their Editors.

Your post got me thinking and it turns out  my editor shortcut was to the Editor in an old install. Agh, finally I have a "normal" editor.


Thank you for positing about your issue. :drinks:

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Posted (edited)

It is true that we do get all updates and improvements automatically by download, and it is directly applied into the files directories of the game. In between we do a lot of stuff and sometimes modify things here and there. 


So what I do once in a while (a long while), is to deinstall all, clean completely, download the latest version and do a fresh reinstall. This means to have well managed and stored all modification, mods,  skins, textures etc.  so as to be able to restore the configuration quickly and easily. What I find very convenient is that my account knows what are the games that I bought (easy all ), what collector planes I own (yes easy again it's all 🙂 ) and so all is automatically downloaded.  Maybe too much hassle but who knows, it allows to do some cleaning and get rid of stuff we will not use anymore.

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