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¿Como se obtiene el software para montar un servidor?

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Agradeceria informacion de donde se adquiere la licencia para poder montar un servidor y editar misiones.


Gracias. Un saludo.

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El software lo tienes ya, es el programa que puedes encontrar en la carpeta ...\bin\game\ y que se llama Dserver.exe


En cuanto a la licencia tienes que solicitarla siguiendo los pasos siguientes (copio y pego) y que puedes encontrar aquí http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/12826-game-updates/?p=236340



And of course dedicated server is one of the key parts of the update. Everyone can now run their own multiplayer mission. Note that at this stage we’re offering you a Beta version of the server software which implies some simple rules of its use.


To start a server you need to be authorized on the Master serve with a game account. And since it is not possible to play and host with the same account simultaneously, you might need an extra account. But of course you don’t have to buy a new key for this purpose - you can use one of our specially prepared Dserver accounts. To get login and password to such account you need to submit a request at our Customer service helpdesk.


To get your ticket processed please follow the following template precisely:

  1. login to your account at http://il2sturmovik.com/

  2. follow this link https://il2sturmovik...upport/request/

  3. put this as the ticket title: DSERVER please

  4. enter the text of the ticket as follows:


Please, provide me with a special account that I would like to use to host a dedicated server. I know that such account would not let me play the game and that it doesn’t have planes on it, and I acknowledge that such account is the property of 1C Game Studios.

  1. send this request and wait for response;

  2. receive the account credentials and put them into the .SDS server configuration file.


Para editar misiones puedes usar el editor del propio BoS sito en \bin\editor\ (STEditor.exe)

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Hahaha de todas formas se agradece que sea foro en español  :wacko: maybe we can find better help from users and pilots in english. Thanx anyway.

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