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Your skin suggestions for BOK planes

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Dear pilots!


Each and every day is getting us closer to the Early access program of BOK. The time has come to decide what camo patterns each plane gets (in total at least 100 skins will be released, 10 per aircraft). Last year's cooperation with players turned out to be fruitfull, so we'd like to invite you to join us in selecting those skins for planes in Battle of Kuban. Your knowledge can actually help us to choose better content for the game.


The forum section where all suggestions are gathered can be found here: Skins for Battle of Kuban


The rules of participation:


How to post a suggestion:

- recall a cool-looking or a famous camo pattern of a plane that is announced to be in BOK

- find the topic about the plane you have a suggestion about

- prepare images of that camo pattern you're suggesting
- publish the image(s) showing explicitly that very skin
Keep in mind:
- skins that have never been seen above or near Kuban during WWII are okay
- camos with emblems or pilot's kill marks are okay
- Polish, French, Italian and other national camos are okay


The first three aircraft, for which we would like to find camouflages:

Bf 109 G-4

Bf 110 G-2

He 111 H-16


You can discuss the camo patterns here BOK skins discussion

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