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Bf 110 G-2

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This topic is gathering your suggestions of skins for Bf 110 G-2.
All subject related discussions are IN THIS TOPIC.
The rules of participation:
How to post a suggestion:
- recall a cool-looking or a famous camo pattern of a plane that is announced to be in BOK
- find the topic about the plane you have a suggestion about
- prepare images of that camo pattern you're suggesting
- publish the image(s) showing explicitly that very skin
Keep in mind:
- skins that have never been seen above or near Kuban during WWII are okay
- camos with emblems or pilot's kill marks are okay
- Polish, French, Italian and other national camos are okay

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Ok, most beautyfull ones. From different units. Mainly aces and/or kommanders. All theaters of operations, both day and night heavy fighters.




Will not dowble my post.


Posted here.


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This one.




In the third row from above its the last one, and in the fourth row the first


These quotes are from Axel Urbanke a well known author in Germany.





Bf110 G-2 “S9+LP” 6./ZG 1, Lorient, France, Autumn 1943.   Red L 

Quote "This aircraft has the well-known wespe (wasp) emblem on nose, a colourful and popular choice with modellers; standard RLM74/75/76
splinter camouflage, with fuselage mottled in RLM74/75; spinners RLM70 with RLM23 tips; of particular interest is an additional emblem
underneath the cockpit depicting a bespectacled witch /crone wearing stripy red and white stockings on a broomstick flying over forest;
underneath is the name “Brockenhexe”, which is a type of witch from German folklore."


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Can you do some which are representative of the aircraft on the front, and not some specific "aces" versions?


Not everyone had garish skeleton hands painted all over their plane, you know. ;)

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