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This topic is gathering your suggestions of skins for Bf 109 G-4.
All subject related discussions are IN THIS TOPIC.
The rules of participation:

How to post a suggestion:
- recall a cool-looking or a famous camo pattern of a plane that is announced to be in BOK
- find the topic about the plane you have a suggestion about
- prepare images of that camo pattern you're suggesting
- publish the image(s) showing explicitly that very skin

Keep in mind:
- skins that have never been seen above or near Kuban during WWII are okay
- camos with emblems or pilot's kill marks are okay
- Polish, French, Italian and other national camos are okay

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Bf-109G-4 from 13.(Slowakei)/JG 52, WNr 19347, flown by Jan Reznak,highest scoring slovak fighter ace (32 vic.) Slovenské vzdušné zbrane (Slovak Air Arms), airbase Anapa, May 1943





...and foto like want Panzerbar  :)






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Here are two skin for Regia Aeronautica's G-4... until Kuban, I had to work on a G-2 template, but the aircraft were in fact G-4


150° Gruppo Autonomo Caccia Terrestre, 354 and 365 Sq., Sciacca, Sicily, summer 1943




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Bf 109G-4 "Yellow 9" Flown by the aces Ján Režňák, Vladimir Krisko and Stefan Martis April-May1943. W.Nr. 19347

Jan Reznak was the most successful Slovak air force pilot. He scored a total of 32 victories. 

This plane was part of 13./JG52. Pilots were not assigned a specific plane, therefore this plane was also flown by other aces like Vladimir Krisko (9 Victories) and Stefan Martis (5 Victories).

This fighter fell into Russian hands when a 12 victory ace defected to the Soviets on 9 September 1943.

This skin is Historically accurate.

This skin was made with the .PSD files provided by 777 studios and 1C game studios.


I made this skin with the G-2 template but it is by all means a G-4.

It can be found in my museum.


Here are also the links to the available source material:



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Some photographs of "Gelbe 3", a G-4 of 6./JG 52 flown by Fw. Heinz Waldmann during Battle of Kuban (colour profile previously posted by SchwarzeDreizehn) :




Edited : a better view of this "Yellow 3". Notice the Hs 123s and the Fw 190 in the background... Tanapa airfield on the Taman Peninsula where II./JG 52 was based from mid-March to the end of August 1943.



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An interesting detail found in the excellent "Das Vergessene As" about Gerhard Barkhorn published by Luftfahrverlag Start in 2014 :

sometimes (if not everytime?), the light grey mottle frequently seen on the engine cowling on B&W photographs of Gustavs from JG 52 was actually yellow :


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Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-4,Flown by Feldwebel Viktor Petermann. 5./JG 52, Anapa/Kuban/USSR, June 6 1943










Hauptmann Günther Rall, 8./JG 52, Taman/USSR, 5 May 1943














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