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Aviators of War - a Rise of Flight RPG/MP-Campaign

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Greetings aviators,

I'm happy to announce that the AoW format, which runs successfully for 4 years in War Thunder, will be brought over to Rise of Flight.

Of course it will be Refined and tweaked where necessary.

The people currently working on it are Bluhm and a few people from my Clan.

Currently we are in a beta phase and are looking for people who can help us with historical knowledge, testing missions and game concepts.

For people who don’t know what AoW is:


"Aviators of War - Birth of Aerial Warfare" is a pure multiplayer campaign set on the western front during WW1.

It includes RPG elements for example:

 -The campaign will progress in time and so the available planes will change.


 -tracking of statistics/rankings

 -Wounding in action or captivity can end a pilot's career.

 -permanent death of a pilot

Also we aim to simulate real life circumstances as closely as possible:

 -formation flying

 -absence of radios

 -realistic missions (not all missions will result in contact with enemies)

 -consistent plane stocks for squadrons with supply only coming in realistic quantities.

For reference here is a link to the homepage of AoW for War Thunder.


The new homepage is still under construction.

What is required to be a beta tester:



-Interest in reenacting WW1 aviation.

-Being available for testing on at least weekends. (european time zones)

-Being able to fly with the mindset of "survival is everything".


Gunner career:


-We want to eliminate AI gunners as much as possible, or severely restrict the ranges on which they are allowed to fire.

-Only a mouse is needed to become a gunner.

-Even non-flight-simming friends of yours can become gunners without having to spend any money on equipment or the game.

-Pilots and gunners will be allowed to communicate via Teamspeak, if they could understand each other during flight in real life.

What AoW is not for:


-Abusing or gaming the rules to get the highscore.

-Ruining other players immersion by diverting from the mindset of a real person in a real   plane.

If you are interested in beta testing please PM me!

Have a nice day. :)

(I posted this in the wrong forum, could a friendly admin please move this to "other 1C Game Studios Games"?)

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Awesome!!!! I flew with you guys in War thunder for 2 years awhile back..... Good to see you guys expanding! It was a blast!




EDIT: Just realized this was posted in 2016, haha

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