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Discussion of Battle of Kuban Pre-Order

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Dear Pilots,


Beginning today you can pre-order BATTLE OF KUBAN PREMIUM EDITION for just $69.99 and gain entry into the Early Access program that begins this December. That means you’ll be the first to experience new airplanes, maps and other content to be included in our next exciting title in the Sturmovik series. The Premium Edition includes 8 awesome aircraft plus 2 Collector Planes – all at a discounted price!



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Will Kuban be VR (Oculus Rift) ready?

Not sure if I will dig out my TrackIR ever again...


And is the Kuban Campaign different from the BoS Campaign? Meaning no switching of planes and airports all the time?



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Great news!


And even better - this time You placed a "german national marking" on the tail fin af a Bf110 in right place :)On Bf110E-2 icon it is in wrong place still. Could it be corrected?




You made my day!


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The G-4 will be first

Ok the 109 first,

so can we hope, that the following points from dd 120 will be added/fixed, when the 109 G4 is released:

9. Correct 'jumpy' behavior of Bf 109 F4, G2 and F2 to resemble E7 behavior and check other planes;

23. Make twin engine coolers on Bf 109 F4, Bf 109 G2 and Ju 87 D3 more detailed

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