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Finding the cause of bombs, rockets or turrets appearing in wrong position (Special Thread #3)

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This thread has been created to find the cause of the rare issue with the community help (bombs, rockets or turrets sometimes appear at a wrong place on an aircraft).

Game version 1.107b and later is required for submitting log files.


Please post only the data requested and avoid off-topic discussion.


1. In a case when you encounter this issue please make a screenshot of it

2. Leave server and open this folder:


3. Zip this file: "!_SendMe_attach.log"

4. Make a post in this thread and attach the screenshot, zipped log and provide some details:

  • When you encountered this issue;

  • In what game mode (MP/QMB/campaign/scenario);

  • In what mission;

  • Additional info you think is relevant.

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