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First hand on b&w gun camera

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Here is my first try on an "authentical" looking gun camera.
Frapsed with 60fps and slowed down to half in premiere elements 12. This is more a test , especially on the grainy old look.
With music :) (the second is with ingame sound, dont worry)


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That does look fairly authentic with the flicker - just a bit too clear?  Maybe not - perhaps that is more like what the old gun camera films we have all seen looked like when they were new.


Looks good for a "first try"!


Music - well thank youtube for the mute button. ;)

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Really well done. 


Agree with unreasonable that the image is a bit too clear, but otherwise excellent. 


The summer terrain is much improved by the b+w treatment, actually. Looks like footage, whereas in game I find it a bit garish. 


It also accentuates the late appearance of smoke plumes after a hit. That was the main thing that would make me think - wait - this isn't real footage.

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Emil if possible I suggested keeping ur 20 fps but have random speed ups and also drops or freezing.


That would really create the effects


Yeh I'm just not entirely sure if it's possible....making freezes however probably is....just leave loads of programs running in the background and spawn in loads of aircraft :D


I'll look in to the variable fps when I get my system back up and running properly after Windows exploded 

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you gave me good inspiration, and i placed a new short clip with a more "damaged" film. I frapsed these clips with 20fps. In my opinion to stuttering, when slowed down. Rendered in 480p.


Btw, a little information i found on "guncams" for the Luftwaffe:

MBK 1000 (14 pictures/s)

ESK 2000 (16 pictures/s)

- these both were mostly used for school stuff


Robot I (4 pictures/s)

Robot II (6 pictures/s)

EK 16 (?)

BSK 16 (?)

- these four were the main guncams through the war, on the last two i dont found the technical data. so i dont know how many pictures per second they could made.

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