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Restored Zero flies again

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#1 LukeFF

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Posted 29 January 2016 - 17:52


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#2 9./JG27golani79

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Posted 29 January 2016 - 17:59

A really nice airplane - would love to see one in one of our modern sims.


I´m hoping for Leatherneck to bring a Zero after the Corsair.

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#3 =LD=Hiromachi

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Posted 30 January 2016 - 10:17

Here are two videos from different perspective : 




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#4 SYN_Vander

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Posted 30 January 2016 - 10:48

Great looking aircraft! Hope to see it fly someday...:)

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#5 LLv24_T_Zami

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Posted 30 January 2016 - 12:18

Looking good! Thanks for posting

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#6 ITAF_Rani

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Posted 02 February 2016 - 08:12

Hope to see zero made by 777 !!!
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#7 Voidhunger

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Posted 02 February 2016 - 17:01

I really dont want new game from 777 to be pacific scenario, but this is the only plane for which I would consider to buy it .

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#8 Yamaneko

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Posted 02 February 2016 - 17:48

Red fuselage band and alphanumeric tail code "AI-112" (Akagi) are historically not quite correct.
The A6M3 Model 22 stood ready for service in December 1942, but Akagi was already scuttled on June 5, 1942...  :rolleyes:
A6M3 Model 22 Ko (22a) – this Model featured Type 99 Model 2 cannon with longer barrel:
One Model 22a from the IL-2 video bears a pair of yellow chevrons on the fuselage, denoting Buntaicho (squadron leader) of carrier Zuikaku:

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#9 6./ZG26_5tuka

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Posted 02 February 2016 - 18:12

I really dont want new game from 777 to be pacific scenario, but this is the only plane for which I would consider to buy it .

I'm the complete opposite, I'd love to have pacific over everything else and I believe a game from 777 would be the only one that could raise my interest for the Zero (I'm more of a torpedo bomber / late war PTO fighter fan).

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#10 =LD=Hiromachi

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Posted 02 February 2016 - 18:41

I'm the complete opposite, I'd love to have pacific over everything else and I believe a game from 777 would be the only one that could raise my interest for the Zero (I'm more of a torpedo bomber / late war PTO fighter fan).

I actually still hope one day there will be a developer able to make a proper model of B5N with radar (with BoS/BoM system of unlocks its all more and more possible), all 3 seats available ... so you can carry on a night attack with two buddies helping you navigating and controlling the machine. Multicrew machines have so much potential ... 

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#11 9./JG27golani79

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Posted 02 February 2016 - 18:48

Alone for the Zero I´d buy a pacific scenario in an instant :D


I have a Zero in X-Plane but the FM doesn´t feel too good and TrackIR sucks pretty bad in this sim.

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#12 9./JG27MAD-MM

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Posted 02 February 2016 - 21:00

I take the corsair to catch up golanis in the sky :crazy:

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#13 9./JG27golani79

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Posted 02 February 2016 - 21:34

Evil MAD strikes again :D

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#14 Yamaneko

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Posted 04 February 2016 - 15:46

Looking beyond our horizon, A6M2 canyon flight in "War Thunder" Arcade:  :huh:




Nakata Shoten Equipment.gif           Torii.jpg      

Gunkan Kōshinkyoku (IJN Warship March), official march of the Imperial Japanese Navy


IJN_Cats.jpg       Kyokujitsuki.gif

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#15 Yamaneko

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Posted 05 February 2016 - 20:34

And while we're on the topic Zero, if anyone is interested, here's some movie stuff:  :salute:
"Zero Pilot" (大空のサムライ | Ôzora no samurai), Toho 1976
Movie about Saburo Sakai and Junichi Sasai based on the book Ôzora no samurai ("Samurai Of The Sky") by Sakai.
Mock-up models of A6M2 were used. The 70s hairstyle of the actor depicting Sakai (Hiroshi Fujioka) looks somewhat strange...  :biggrin:
Sakai 00.jpg
A6M2 mock-up
Sakai 01.jpg
Note fake machine gun gas outlet in front of the cockpit
Sakai 02.jpg
A6M2 mock-up cockpit
Sakai 03.jpg
Sakai 04.jpg
Lt. Junichi Sasai (Tarô Shigaki)
Sakai 05.jpg
Tiger belt-buckle Sakai had received as a gift from Sasai
Sakai 06.jpg
Sakai (Hiroshi Fujioka) in the cockpit
Full movie (YouTube in Russian language), first there is a short interview with Sakai:

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#16 Yamaneko

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Posted 05 February 2016 - 23:00

Next Toho movie:  :biggrin:
"The Imperial Navy" (連合艦隊 | Rengō Kantai), Toho 1981
The film follows a Zero pilot and a Val pilot aboard the Japanese aircraft carrier Zuikaku until it's sinking during the Battle of Leyte Gulf in October 1944. The film ends with Admiral Matome Ugaki's final mission and the one way voyage of the battleship Yamato.
Some famous Japanese historical sights are shown in this film, such as the Tōdai-ji temple in Nara, the five-storied pagoda of Hōryū-ji temple, built 607 A.D. (Nara Prefecture) and the Miyajima Shrine Island near Hiroshima.
Cast & Crew   Director: Shûe Matsubayashi.    
Rengo Kantai 01.jpg
Deers roaming freely in front of the Nandaimon (Great Southern Gate) at Tōdai-ji temple in the city of Nara
Rengo Kantai 02.jpg
Yoko and Aichi Honjō at the Nandaimon entrance gate
Rengo Kantai 03.jpg
Lt. Aichi Honjō standing before the 800-year-old wooden guardian statue Agyō at the Nandaimon
Urging commander.jpg
Lt. Honjō and comrades urging their commander to get combat-ready
Tipsy Geisha.jpg
Honjō, comrades and a tipsy Geisha
Rengo Kantai 04.jpg
Lt. Aichi Honjō in front of the five-storied pagoda of Hōryū-ji temple, built 607 A.D. (Ikaruga City, Nara Prefecture)
Honjo garden.jpg
Honjō at home
Aichi marries Yoko.jpg
Aichi Honjō marries Yoko
Yoko wedding.jpg
Yoko in wedding dress
Honjo looks worried.jpg
Aichi Honjō looks worried
Rengo Kantai 06.jpg
With a badly damaged D3A1 Honjō is forced to land on Brunei airfield
Brunai Seikosha.jpg
Lt. Honjō wearing Seikosha pilot's watch over his flight suit
Rengo Kantai 07.jpg
Honjō and his Buntaicho aboard the Zuikaku
Rengo Kantai 08.jpg
Lt. Aichi Honjō wearing tropical shirt and shorts
Honjo Chutaicho.jpg
Lt. Honjō is appointed Chutaicho of Zuikaku's 99 Kanbaku squadron
A6M2 Zuikaku.jpg
A6M2 takes off from the Zuikaku
Rengo Kantai 09.jpg
Lt. Honjō gives a last salute to the Captain of the Zuikaku
Honjo and rear gunner.jpg
Honjō and his rear gunner in their 99 Kanbaku 
Rengo Kantai 10.jpg
Final dive, Lt. Aichi Honjō in his Aichi D3A1 with telescopic sight
Winter in Nara.jpg
Snow in Nara
Bereaved family.jpg
Aichi Honjō's bereaved family
Vice-admiral Matome Ugaki.jpg
Vice-Admiral Matome Ugaki 
Masato Otagiri watch.jpg
Lt. Masato Otagiri in his A6M2 looks at his...
Seikosha Tensoku watch.jpg
...Seikosha Tensoku watch
Seikosha Tensoku.jpg
For comparison here the original Seikosha Tensoku version
A6M2 telescopic sight.jpg
Goof:  A6M2 with telescopic sight à la A5M instead of reflector sight? :(
This hybrid mock-up should represent an Aichi D3A1...
The full movie (in Russian language, scroll down):
"Rengō Kantai" has been shortened from 145 minutes to 120 minutes for the German version (Title: "Seeinferno"). As a result of the heavy editing an error occurred, the Pearl Harbor and Midway sequence were inserted in the wrong order...

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#17 Yamaneko

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Posted 06 February 2016 - 01:59

Next Toho movie: 
"Zero" (零戦燃ゆ | Zerosen Moyu), Toho 1984
The protagonists of the movie are Zero pilot Petty officer Shoichi Hamada (played by Daijiro Tsutsumi) and his mec Kunio Mizushima (played by Jun Hashizume).
Based on the book Zerosen moyu ("Burning Zero fighter") written by Kunio Yanagida (Publisher Bungei Shunjû).
The movie uses Zero A6M2 full-scale mock-up replicas built by the Mitsubishi Corporation for Toho Co. Ltd. and scale model RC aircraft. When the filming of "Zerosen moyu" was completed, Toho donated one of the A6M2 full-scale replicas (the baremetal "prototype") to the Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni for display at the Visitor Center
Memorable movie quotes:
"Fighter scramble! Full alert! B-29s attacking from the South-East!"
"Air raid! Enemy bombers! Air raid! Scramble!"
Lt. Manbei Shimokawa (Yûzô Kayama) presents the unvarnished, baremetal prototype ot the Rei-shiki kanjō sentōki (Zero mock-up manufactured by the Mitsubishi Corporation for the Toho Company Ltd., the replica's windscreen side frame is not authentic in every detail to the A6M)

Iwakuni Ex Toho protype.jpg

When the filming of "Zerosen Moyu" was completed, Toho donated the "prototype" mock-up to the Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni for display at the visitor center's hangar (the baremetal mock-up was later painted in two-color scheme)


Zero 04.jpg
In April 1941 Buntaicho Lt. Manbei Shimokawa of the Yokosuka Kōkūtai decides to test fly an
A6M2 with issues, for the purpose of determining possible aileron-rotation flutter problems
A6M2 IJN Grey.jpg
Test flight with A6M2 Type 21 on 17th April 1941 (Zero full-scale mock-up replica, 
windscreen side frame is accurate in contrast to the baremetal "prototype" mock-up)
Lt Shimokawa .jpg
Lt. Manbei Shimokawa (Yûzô Kayama) ready for take-off (the mock-up's
machine gun gas outlet is fake, in contrast to the baremetal "prototype")
So Kofukuda ground control.jpg
Lt. So Kofukuda (Teruhiko Aoi) and a Commander are watching Lt. Shimokawa's
fatal deep dive test, when, during pull-out, parts are seen to depart from a wing
Number 135 aileron loss.jpg
Historical background:  During A6M2 dive tests Lt. Manbei Shimokawa got killed in a crash on 17th April 1941For investigation of an unusual accident that occured to Zero Number 140 the day before, Lt. Shimokawa decided to test fly Number 135, a Reisen A6M2 Type 21 with balance tabs, that once had been assigned to the carrier Akagi, but had been returned, because the aircraft had developed many wrinkles on the wing. Shimokawa climbed with Number 135 to 4,000 meters and made a deep dive test – at 1,500 meters he began to pull up. On commencement of the pull-out, observers noticed an aileron flying away from the wing, the A6M2 turned left twice, seemed to recover, then suddenly dropped the nose and crashed into the sea in ten fathoms of water about 300 meters off Natsu Island. An investigation of the Naval Aeronautical Technical Establishment revealed, ailerons and horizontal stabilizers of Number 135 had been torn out
Wind tunnel test with wing model.jpg
The Naval Aeronautical Technical Establishment is commencing wind tunnel tests with wing models to reexamine flutter, revealing flutter tendencies occur at 360 Knots (~670 km/h). Dr. Jirō Horikoshi (Kin'ya Kitaôji) realizes, there exist serious problems concerning the diving speed of the Zero. Historical background:  As a result of the Navy investigation under Engineer Matsudaira, the solution in the case of the A6M2's aileron rotational wing compound flutter was a mixture of 'fixes'; the outer wing skinning was made thicker, with deeper countersinking to enable strong rivets; longitudinal stringers were added to increase torsional resistance; a mass-balance was added to the aileron on the opposite side of the balance tab to reduce the cross inertia below a critical value; and finally the diving speed of the Zero was reduced to 670 km/h (the critical speed initially set by Mitsubishi was at 926 km/h). As a result no further accidents of this nature ever took place
Zero 05.jpg
Dr. Jirō Horikoshi (Kin'ya Kitaôji, far right), visiting the crash site after Lt. Shimokawa's death, is attacked by Hamada. Goof: All pilots in the movie are
wearing an incorrect Army pilot life vest with 'L'-shaped pocket (contains signal flag) sewn to the right side. The life vest of Navy pilots looks different
NambuM14.jpg        Nambu_pistol_m14.jpg
Official sidearm of Japanese pilots is the Type 14 Nambu pistol (caliber 8×22mm Nambu), the
pilots are using no holster, they tuck the Nambu pistol into their life vest, secured with a lanyard
Ittōsuihei Hamada in Formosa.jpg
Aviation seaman 1st class (一等水兵 / Ittōsuihei) Shoichi Hamada (Daijiro Tsutsumi) in A6M2 (mock-up) at Japanese land base in Formosa on December 7th, 
1941, ready for take-off to escort Mitsubishi G4M bombers to destroy the US air forces in the Philippines, some 1,125 statute miles roundtrip
Zero 02.jpg
A6M2 mock-up cockpit instruments, right panel, TOP: Rate-of-climb indicatorFuel pressure gaugeTachometer
BOTTOM: Cylinder head temperature gauge (CHT)Oil temperature gaugeIntake manifold pressure gauge
Ammunition box with 20mm drums.jpg
Ammunition box with 20mm drum magazines (60 rds) for the A6M2's Type 99 Model 1 Mark 3 wing cannon
Test-firing his guns, Hamada fires two 5-second bursts with his cannons. The A6M2's Type 99 cannon has a rate of fire of 520 rpm, with the 60 round drum 
magazine this means ~10 seconds of firing, so Hamada now has already emptied his 20mm cannons before arriving the target (US air forces in the Philippines)
Dummy trigger.jpg    Fake MG button.jpg
Goof:  The Zero mock-up's red push-button on the throttle wrongly simulates a trigger for firing of the 7.7mm cowl-mounted machine guns
A6M throttle trigger assembly.jpg
The real McCoy:  A toggle switch in the top of the Zero's throttle selects in the forward position the 7.7mm Type 97 nose machine guns and in the rearward position both the 7.7s and the 20mm Type 99 wing cannons. The Zero's trigger is fitted to the forward side of the throttle handle and looks like a bicycle brake lever
Zero 03.jpg
Hamada's canopy is bearing scorch marks
A6M2 mock-up IJN green.jpg
A6M2 with dark green camouflage on upper surfaces
Shoichi Hamada promoted to Petty officer 3rd class (三等兵曹 / Santōheisō)
in A6M2 cockpit (Zero full-scale mock-up, the machine gun gas outlet is fake)
Zero 06.jpg
Goof:  During armour trials using 20 mm cannon it is not recommended standing only a few metres
away from the target mediumeven Nambu pistol shooting would be dangerous at this distance ;)
Propellers turn too slow.jpg
Hamada's A6M2 (mock-up) has a wobbling propeller, later in the movie the prop is also spinning too slow (~1 round per second) for correct simulation of engine idle-running speed on the ground (no stroboscopic effect – probably the mock-up's propeller has an electric drive with lower battery power to the end of the filming)
Zero 01.jpg
Toho special effects supervisor Kôichi Kawakita used RC scale models   :joy:
Scale RC aircraft (A6M2) with pilot dummy figure 
80s Nissan Sunny B121 truck.jpg
Goof:  An 80s Nissan Sunny B121 truck in World War II? :unsure: Instead of this product placement an Isuzu TX40 wartime model would have been more realistic...
Kofukuda reports.jpg
Lieutenant (海軍大尉 / Kaigun-daii) So Kofukuda reports to the brass, complaining Reisen pilots have virtually no protection due to lack of armor, 
but the commanding officers refuse to initiate a change, among other reasons because an increased weight would reduce the range of the Reisen
Lt. So Kofukuda in A6M2 cockpit.jpg
Lt. So Kofukuda in A6M2 cockpit
Mitsubishi plant.jpg
Petty officer Kunio Mizushima (Jun Hashizume) discussing piston ring problems with Mitsubishi engineer Kane Sone (Masaaki Daimon, left)
Zero 09.jpg
A not-amused Lt. Kofukuda, wearing officer's white summer field capwatching Hamada...
...doing low altitude aerobatics
Shizuko Yoshikawa (Yū Hayami) made mochi rice cakes for Mizushima and Hamada
Zero 10.jpg
Goof:  The Toho mock-ups have the metal crosshairs front sight flipped down to the left, while the metal rear sight is still up, what won't function in a real Zero, as the rear/front iron sights (for manual back-up usage in case the reflector sight fails) are both attached to the same shaft. Obviously the Toho filmmakers also didn't realize, that the metal rear sight and the reticle image of the reflector sight aren't compatible...
Zero 11.jpg
Note fake machine gun gas outlet in front of the cockpit (obviously Toho used the 
same type of A6M2 mock-ups as already known from "Ôzora no samurai" in 1976)
Zenjirou Miyano.jpg
Buntaicho Lt. Zenjiro Miyano (Yuki Meguro)
Z flag.jpg
Cleared for take-off: The Z flag is raised (symbol of the great 
Japanese victory at the Battle of Tsushima on May 27, 1905)
Lt. Miyano informs Hamada, he is going to search for the missing Lt. Morisaki: "Return to base, I'll catch up with you!" (先に帰れ / saki ni kaere) - 
the Zero fighter was equipped with a very poor radio system, so the pilots communicated by handwritten messages on sheets of paper
F4U higher rate of climb.jpg
Hamada realizes, the Vought F4U-1D Corsair is capable of exceeding the Zero's rate of climb above 10,000 feet
Hamada parachute bag.jpg
Shoichi Hamada in Winter Blue uniform with parachute bag
Hamada in Working Khaki uniform, promoted to Chief petty officer (上等兵曹 / Jōtōheisō)
Mizushima and Kofukuda, who has been promoted to Lieutenant Commander (海軍少佐 / Kaigun-shōsa)
Zero 13.jpg Kizakura Sake Honjozo.jpg Yama_Sake.jpg
The final stage of the war in the Pacific is at hand. Hamada: "All I want to do is 
get drunk! But I'm so busy I can't spend the time. Came here to collect my Zero." 
Self-sealing wing tanks were invented not until the late Zero Model 53c. Mr. Kane Sone (Masaaki Daimon), member of Horikoshi's
design team: "My only wish is to have designed better aeroplanes than these! I feel sorry another pilot to going up in flames."
Zero 14.jpg
Hamada ignores order to abort scramble. After downing an F6F Herukyattohe
gets instantly killed when shot down by an F6F from USS Bunker Hill (CV-17) 
Memorial service for Shoichi Hamada with his mother Ine: He is credited with 70 aerial victories plus another
14 victories classified as 'shared' and receives a posthumous promotion to Ensign (海軍少尉 / Kaigun-shōi)
Zero 16.jpg
Kofukuda approves Mizushima to burn a Zero fighter ceremoniously...
Reisen ritual homage.jpg
...with respectful and honorable rites rather than just scrap it

German version, full movie online: Kampfgeschwader Zero

German version ("Kampfgeschwader Zero", 86 Min.) with Russian comments (scroll down):  http://kinofilms.tv/...uo-v-ogne/37363


The US release of "Zerosen Moyu" is an uncut English dubbed version (Title: "Zero"). It appears somewhat strange, that a fighter pilot song, intoned by pilots in Japanese language in the original version, has been replaced in the US dubbed version (and also in the German version) by "What shall we do with a drunken sailor?"  Review 10/05/1999
"Zerosen Moyu" has been shortened from 128 minutes to 86 minutes for the German version (Title: "Kampfgeschwader Zero"). The German-dubbed version diverges from the original, especially in adding humorous elements successfully to the original. On the other hand, the German translation also adds "fairy tales" to the story, e.g. Shimokawa's deep dive tests to investigate flutter tendencies of the Zero's wings are explained by the narrator as "testing the Zero in the role of a dive bomber, to attack pinpoint targets". Radical statements of the protagonists are missing in the German version (e.g. Hamada: "I kill Americans, that's the only thing I know how to do!"). Also bias statements were removed (e.g. actor Bill Ross as General Douglas MacArthur: "I don't believe, that the Japanese even have the ability to build what we call a good automobile let alone a long-range fighter!"). The following statement of Lt. Kofukuda (Teruhiko Aoi) about the Zero also fell victim to the scissors of the editor: "The world gives a laugh at the Japanese for imitating others, but now we've designed something of our own, it is vastly superior to anything else!" Tragic elements were also cut out (e.g. when Hamada's mother Ine tells at Hamada's crash site, he did refuse to marry Shizuko Yoshikawa because he thought, she wouldn't be able to see past his post-burn scars). Germany's oldest movie magazine "Filmdienst" criticised the movie for trivialising war. Since August 2008 a German DVD version exists (as a part of the "Kamikaze-Box" including 4 Japanese war movies). The DVD version of "Kampfgeschwader Zero" has - compared to the VHS version - two additional scenes from the original Japanese version: 1.) Hamada is mourning the death of Buntaicho Zenjiro Miyano. 2.) Ine Hamada sitting in the train driving home, carrying the urn with the ashes of her son.

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#18 Charlo

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Posted 06 February 2016 - 02:23

Alone for the Zero I´d buy a pacific scenario in an instant :D


I have a Zero in X-Plane but the FM doesn´t feel too good and TrackIR sucks pretty bad in this sim.


Me, too, on both of the above.  The free Zero available for X-Plane is gorgeous, but also quite demanding on computer resources. 

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#19 unreasonable

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Posted 06 February 2016 - 02:31

@Yamaneko - thanks for interesting Japanese stuff.


Clearly this sim series needs a new far eastern theatre if only to provide IL2 movie makers with new exotic material!

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#20 FFS_Cybermat47

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Posted 06 February 2016 - 02:39

@Yamaneko - thanks for interesting Japanese stuff.
Clearly this sim series needs a new far eastern theatre if only to provide IL2 movie makers with new exotic material!

Far East, East, West, Med, Africa, I'll take it all :biggrin:
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#21 Yamaneko

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Posted 06 February 2016 - 03:41

There exists already a TV-remake of "The Eternal Zero" cinema version from 2013.
TV-Mini-Series (Tanpatsu):
"The Eternal Zero" (永遠の0  | Eien no Zero), TV Tokyo 2015
TV Tokyo's remake version of the 2013 war drama film "Eien no Zero", based on a novel by Naoki Hyakuta. Japanese actor Mukai Osamu this time plays the role of Shotaicho Miyabe Kyuzo, originally portrayed by Junichi Okada (member of Japanese boy band V6) in the big screen cinema version. The TV-remake features sequences from Naoki Hyakuta's original novel that weren't included in the big-screen film of 2013 (e.g. Mukai Osamu as Miyabe Kyuzo is shooting an US Navy pilot in his parachute).
Cast & Crew         
AsianWiki                  JDramas                                                                                  
Oishi_Zero green.jpg
Promo-Pic: Aoi Nakamura as Oishi Kenichiro in front of a Zero mock-up
Miyabe_Kaigun shoi kohosei.jpg
Miyabe Kyuzo at warrant rank before his promotion to Ensign
Miyabe A6M2 Rabauru.jpg
Rabaul 1942, Miyabe in an A6M2 (full-scale mock-up)
A6M2 of the Tainan Kōkūtai, Rabaul 1942
Izaki A6M2.jpg
Pilots demanding Mochis.jpg
For dessert Petty officer Shino Higa (Yu Sawabe, left) demands mochis (Japanese rice cakes)
Miyabe attacked by Petty officer 3c.jpg
Lower ranking Petty officer 3c Umeo Hasegawa attacks Miyabe Kyuzo
Miyabe in front of an A6M2 with dark green camouflage on upper surfaces (full-scale mock-up)
A6M2 full-scale mock-up: TV Tokyo used a realistic 1:1 mock-up of the Zero model A6M5, but only an inaccurate mock-up of model A6M2, which is
disastrous hybrid with cowling and spinner of the A6M5 and the undernose carburetor air intake and cowling machine gun grooves of the A6M2
Chute-shooting: Miyabe kills a bailed out US Navy F4F pilot
The Chutaicho is reproaching Miyabe Kyuzo for parachute-shooting
Miyabe proves himself an unworthy successor of the samurai warriors
Miyabe is trying to justify his war crime (the big-screen version
of Eien no Zero from 2013 avoided this controversial subject)
Petty officer 2c Kageura.jpg
Petty officer 2c Kaizen Kageura fired at Miyabe's Zero
Eien 01 Zuikaku hangar deck A6M5.jpg
A6M5 Model 52 on Zuikaku's hangar deck, this version first saw action during
the closing stages of the Solomons campaign in the autumn of 1943
Eien 02 A6M5 model 52a defensive.jpg
Miyabe Kyuzo has a discussion with Masao Tanigawa
Eien 03 Bullet proof plates.jpg
Miyabe laments, Japanese pilots have virtually no protection due to lack of armor, the Zero’s
remarkable performance has been achieved at the sacrifice of armor plating for the pilot
Eien 07 Stray bullet.jpg
Miyabe standing on an A6M5 (with introduction of the sub-variant A6M5b
at least plate of armored glass 45 mm thick was fitted to the windscreen)
Type 97 unsufficient .jpg
Goof:  Tanigawa is talking about the armor of the Grumman F6F Hellcat ("Herukyatto")...
No F6F.jpg
...shown is, however, not an F6F, but the older model Grumman F4F Wildcat ("Yamaneko")
Eien 04 F6F Herukyatto.jpg
Miyabe once investigated the wreck of a downed US Navy Grumman F6F Hellcat...
Eien 05 Heavy armored F6F.jpg
...and was impressed by the F6F's armor to protect the pilot
Eien 06 Crew members life.jpg
For the Zero to fly rings around the enemy, the Japanese sacrificed the safety of the crew - 
it wasn’t until later sub-variants of the A6M5 that the Zero put on weight to protect the pilot
Eien 08 A6M2 Hangar.jpg
Miyabe as flight instructor, training Japanese student soldiers to become Kamikaze pilots
Eien 12 No longer invincible.jpg
Instructor Miyabe Kyuzo is talking with Ensign Takanori Takeda (left)
Eien 09 52b Hangar.jpg
A6M5 in front of a Hangar
Eien 10 A6M5 52a wing cannon.jpg
The A6M5 Model 52 was deployed in the fall of 1943, the multiple exhaust pipe propulsion
system provided an increment of thrust and increased top speed to 565 km/h (351 mph)
Drinking Sake with Murata.jpg   Yama sake.jpg
Miyabe is drinking sake with Yasuhiko Murata                                                  
Eien 13 Miyabe before kamikaze.jpg
Miyabe before his tokkōtai special attack (kamikaze) mission
Eien 15 A6M5 field.jpg
The Airfield at Kanoya Naval Air Base
Eien 14 Miyabe Hinomaru.jpg
Miyabe before take-off
Oishi Kenichiro in his A6M2
Before take-off, Miyabe detects engine vibrations transmitted to the fuselage of his A6M5, so he realizes, he later would be 
forced to abort the special attack mission due to engine problems, what would save him from the fate of dying as a kamikaze
Ensign Miyabe.jpg
Ensign (海軍少尉 / Kaigun-shōiMiyabe Kyuzo...
Miyabe photo Matsuno.jpg
...hesitates for a moment...
Kanoya A6M5 and A6M2.jpg
...but then he offers his "life assurance" (A6M5 with engine problem)...
...to his unaware comrade Oishi Kenichiro by switching planes with him
Leaking oil.jpg
Oishi Kenichiro's A6M5 develops engine trouble, so he is forced to leave Miyabe alone for the attack
Jettison fails.jpg
Oishi tries to jettison the bomb without success
Oishi performs a successfull emergency landing on Kikaijima
Tokkotai A6M2.jpg
Miyabe Kyuzo in his A6M2 with 250 kg (550 lb) bomb in place of drop tank...
...carries out his kamikaze mission
When kamikaze planes approach their target ship, their pilots send continuously "dah" in Morse code...
...when that sound is going dead, the pilot is gone, too
Eien 21 Final dive.jpg
The final dive: Despite a burning wing tank, Ensign Kyuzo
reaches a position directly overhead an US aircraft carrier
Eien 22 Excessive elevator force kicking stick.jpg
Once into a fast dive, the Zero’s controls become extremely heavy, so during his Kamikaze 
attack Miyabe Kyuzo uses a supporting leg to push the stick forward to steepen the dive

Watch full episodes free online of the tv series Eien no Zero - (Special Mini Drama) with subtitles in English:
Scroll down to "VIEW MORE VIDEO" for episode 2 + 3:
Alternate server, "Eien no Zero" (Special Mini Drama, English subtitles):

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#22 FFS_Cybermat47

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Posted 06 February 2016 - 06:41

Thanks for posting all of these, Yamaneko, I'll have to give them a watch some time :)
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- From Stalingrad by Sabaton.

#23 Yamaneko

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Posted 09 February 2016 - 21:38

Next Toho movie:  :salute:


"The Eternal Zero" (永遠の0 | Eien no Zero), big screen cinema version 2013


The Eternal Zero is a 2013 Japanese movie about Zero fighter pilots (based on a novel by Naoki Hyakuta). Historical consultant: Barrett Tillman. An A6M2 full scale replica from the movie has gone on museum display. Junichi Okada (member of Japanese boy band V6) portrays Shotaicho Miyabe Kyuzo, a Petty officer of the Imperial Japanese Navy.


A6M5 full-scale mock-up Hakata Station.jpg
A6M5 mock-up in 2013 at Hakata Station (Fukuoka) 
on the occasion of premier showing of Eien no Zero


Petty officer 1st class (一等兵曹 / Ittōheisō) Miyabe Kyuzo (Junichi Okada) in A6M2 (full-scale mock-up)

Command post Rabaul.jpg
Highlights include a full-size reconstruction of the
headquarters of the Tainan Kōkūtai at Rabaul
A6M2 with dark green camouflage on upper surfaces (full-scale mock-up)


PO1c Miyabe's final goodbye to his wife Matsuno


01_Miyabe_wife Matsuno.jpg

Miyabe Kyuzo (Okada Junichi) and his wife Matsuno (Inoue Mao)



Miyabe Kyuzo managed to catch the 2nd cable when landing
on the AkagiAviation seaman 1st class Izaki is impressed


Akagi deck.jpg

The Warrant officer (兵曹長 / Heisōchō) on the right tells Aviation seaman 1c Izaki, 
he shouldn't admire Miyabe Kyuzo too much, as this would result in disappointment



Battle of Midway, Akagi scrambles its fighters


04_A6M2_Type 98 sight.jpg

A6M2 cockpit with Navy Type 98 Reflector Gunsight (mock-up)


05_A6M2_left console.jpg

A6M2 mock-up cockpit instruments, left panel, TOP: Exhaust gas temperature gauge (EGT), Clock, Airspeed indicator 
BOTTOM: Radio direction indicator, Engine main switch, Altimeter



Throttle with gun selector switch and trigger lever (A6M2 mock-up): Instead of having different buttons for firing the 7.7mm machine guns and the 20mm cannons, 
the Mitsubishi Zero has a trigger lever on the throttle and a switch to select the 7.7 cowl-mounted machine guns only or both the 7.7s and the 20mm wing guns


A6M throttle trigger assembly.jpg

A toggle switch in the top of the throttle selects in the forward position the 7.7mm Type 97 nose machine guns and in the rearward position both the 7.7s 

and the 20mm Type 99 wing guns, the trigger is fitted to the forward side of the throttle handle and looks like the brake lever on a bicycle handlebars



Near the right rudder pedal are oil cooler shutter and cowl flap control



Goof:  Engage the enemy more closely, this 1,000-pound bomb won't hit - using a dive bomber for horizontal bombing makes no sense! The attack

of the US Navy SBD Dauntless dive bombers on the Akagi at Midway is depicted unrealistic in this movie, bomb release point in reality was much lower


SBD Dauntless Midway.jpg   SBD dive.jpg

US Navy SBD pilots released their bomb at only 1,500 to 2,000 feet altitude, not so high as shown in the movie


Akagi has been hit



Rabaul: A6M2 still without dark green camouflage on upper surfaces



Miyabe Kyuzo realizes, even with drop tanks the distance 
of 560 Nautical Miles from Rabaul to Guadalcanal is too far



His fuel indicators reading zero, Koyama is forced to ditch in the sea


13_Miyabe_weightlifting dumbbell substitute.jpg

Miyabe Kyuzo doing weightlifting with a Type 99 Mk.1

20mm cannon as a dumbbell substitute


Field applied camouflage.jpg

A6M2 with field applied camouflage pattern, consisting 
of random splotches painted on by the ground crews


14_Ensign Ooishi.jpg

Ensign Oishi Kenichiro (left)



P-51 at 6 o'clock!  :o:


16_Miyabe_vs_P51_Cumulus cloud.jpg

Miyabe Kyuzo can't shake off a P-51 at his six – he could have gotten the idea to dive into

the cumulus cloud (as shown later in the 2015 TV-remake, with F4Us instead of P-51s)...  :dry:


Oishi rams Mustang.jpg

Oishi Kenichiro in A6M2 "Tsu-131" (training aircraft of the Tsukuba Kôkûtai with orange 
underside) is ramming a P-51 Mustang to support his trainer Miyabe Kyuzo


Miyabe Kyuzo and Chief petty officer Kageura in front of an A6M5



Miyabe Kyuzo promoted to Ensign (海軍少尉 / Kaigun-shōi)



A desperate Miyabe grabs Chief petty officer (上等兵曹 | JōtōheisōKageura by the collar 



Miyabe Kyuzo and Oishi Kenichiro are sent on a kamikaze attack against the Allied fleet at Okinawa. Before

take-off Miyabe realizes, he later would be forced to abort the special attack mission due to engine problems



Oishi in A6M5: Miyabe saved Oishi from the fate of dying as a kamikaze by switching planes with him


Gun alignment lines.jpg
White gun alignment lines on upper cowling of A6M5 Model 52


19_A6M5_52a_Type 99_800kg_bomb.jpg

Ensign Oishi Kenichiro's A6M5 Model 52 armed with a Type 99 #80 Mk.5 A.P. 800 kg bomb is trailing

smoke - due to engine problems Kenichiro has to abandon his tokkōtai special attack (kamikaze) mission



Last salute: Miyabe Kyuzo in the heavy weathered A6M2


Kikaijima emergency landing.jpg

Oishi is forced to make an emergency landing on Kikaijima



Oishi Kenichiro carries out an emergency landing with engine off


Oishi landed.jpg

After landing on Kikaijima...


Letter behind mixture control.jpg

...Oishi finds a farewell-letter from Miyabe behind the lever of the high altitude 
automatic mixture control, Miyabe asks him to look after his family


A6M2 weatherd.jpg

Miyabe in his A6M2 with 250 kg (550 lb) bomb in place of drop tank approaches 
at a low level, only twenty feet off the water, skimming under radar detection



The final dive onto the target: Ensign Miyabe Kyuzo reaches a position directly overhead

the Essex-class carrier USS Ticonderoga (CV-14), crashing into the flight deck




Trailer "The Eternal Zero | Eien no Zero" (Cinema version 2013):

"The Eternal Zero" (2013), full with English subtitles:


Movie Reviews:

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#24 LLv24_T_Zami

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Posted 09 February 2016 - 22:31

Nice stuff Yamaneko. I will be checking those out  :salute:

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Posted 10 February 2016 - 19:04

Wow awesome thread!

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#26 =LD=Hiromachi

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Posted 10 February 2016 - 20:02

Since someone can be actually interested, here is another interview with Zero pilot :



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#27 Ze_Hairy

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Posted 11 February 2016 - 13:26

Watched Eien no Zero, tonight...



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"The Geschwader had by now exchanged all but six of its Me 109Gs for Focke-Wulfs. These last half-dozen Gustavs had been fitted with bomb racks and were to be employed on JaBo (fighter-bomber) missions." (Luftwaffe Fighter Ace)  :rolleyes: 

#28 =LD=Hiromachi

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Posted 11 February 2016 - 14:52

It's a good movie, not a Hollywood style action movie, its more focused on a story and background rather than combat. And combat scenes could be handled better in my opinion. But the aircraft themselves, scenery and detail of the cockpits are top notch and give a feeling of being inside, something I missed in a couple of other movies made in last 10 years. 


Afaik, I just happen to be finding more videos :)



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#29 Yamaneko

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Posted 12 February 2016 - 19:41

I guess the Eien no Zero movie budget was larger than the TV budget, so the big screen A6M2 replica got more realistic?
Cowling and Spinner of the A6M2 TV replica are looking somewhat oversized:  :blink:
                                        Original A6M2:
                                        A6M2 Original.jpg
                                        Movie Replica A6M2:
                                        A6M2 Cinema.jpg
                                        TV Replica A6M2:
      Yuki.jpg   A6M2 TV.jpg

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#30 Yamaneko

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Posted 12 February 2016 - 22:24

While Osamu Mukai shaved his head for playing the role of Miyabe Kyuzo in the TV version of "Eien no Zero" in 2015, this was definetely no option for the actor depicting Saburo Sakai (Hiroshi Fujioka) in the 1976 Toho movie "Zero Pilot" ("Ôzora no samurai"):  ;)






In 1942 such a haircut could perhaps have resulted in severe punishment for Imperial Japanese Navy members...  :blink:  :biggrin:


Of course in this movie haircuts of US Flyers don't look any better, perhaps this is the reason for not removing their leather flight helmets:  :)




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#31 Yamaneko

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Posted 16 February 2016 - 16:03


The TV mini-series Eien no 0 used a realistic 1:1 mock-up model of the Reisen A6M5 (above), but only an inaccurate version of the A6M2:




This "A6M2" mock-up model is a disastrous hybrid with the cowling (Nakajima Sakae 21 engine) and spinner of the A6M5 and the undernose carburetor air intake and machine gun grooves on the top of the cowling of the A6M2. In this context it would have been more realistic to construct an A6M3 instead of this fake A6M2.



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#32 =LD=Hiromachi

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Posted 02 March 2016 - 21:56

And another movie, this time from 1944 so contains original footage and sounds of A6M and others. Unfortunately I could not find any subtitles, I guess its just a very rare finding.

Title is  雷撃隊出動 ( Raigeki-tai Syutsudoo - Torpedo Squadron ). A brief description I managed to find indicates that movie presents the story of a late war combat with Allies, story focuses on torpedo bombers and a bit on fighters. Featured aircraft : B6N Tenzan, B5N, G4M Hamaki, A6M2 and A6M5 and briefly H6K flying boat. It features footage of Zuikaku and Hosho. Interesting is that by the time movie was released, Zuikaku was sunk in battle of Cape Engaño. 


4:40 - you can see B5N


13:20 - H6K flying boat


15:50 - B6N practicing torpedo runs


27:40 - Zeros scramble, can hear actual sound of Sakae engine, quite unique if compared to Wright Cyclone or P&W R-1830.  


52 - Another Zeros scramble


1h:02 - A massive formation flying, bombers and fighters ... and more scrambling for a great aerial combat. A captured P-40 was used there as well as models of P-38 and Liberator. 


1h:17 - B6N take-off from Zuikaku 


1h:20 - Massive battle, B6N attack US aircraft carrier




I was very impressed by the movie, the quality of the footage and sounds is very high if compared to other materials from that time. Also it was really nice to see actual aircraft and ships in action, not only models :)  

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#33 Falco_Peregrinus

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Posted 03 March 2016 - 20:56

Amazing photos and links, thanks!

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#34 Yamaneko

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Posted 04 March 2016 - 22:19

=LD=Hiromachi:    Also it was really nice to see actual aircraft in action, not only models

Yep, absolutely outstanding movie!  :o:
This is the real McCoy, an A6M5b, Model 52乙 (Otsu, b):
Model 52b introduced an armament change: 
The 7,7 mm Type 97 gun in the right forward fuselage was replaced by a 13,2 mm gun.
The larger weapon required a revised gas outlet near the windscreen:


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#35 =LD=Hiromachi

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Posted 05 March 2016 - 22:13

So in case of restoration process, there is another Zero going through this. Legend Flyers, who are a small group of really enthusiastic people known for their extraordinary efforts to resurrect the mighty Messerschmitt Me-262, but now with those projects all out the door (the last of the five examples left for a group in Germany not that long ago, complete with the jigs and drawings) the small team led by Bob Hammer is focusing their efforts on the resurrection of a Mitsubishi A6M3 now.




Couple of the videos :








There are a lot more on their youtube channel. They also have facebook which is often updated with more photos : https://www.facebook...55443124472131/



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#36 LLv24_T_Zami

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Posted 05 March 2016 - 22:37

Interesting stuff Hiromachi, thanks for sharing  :salute:

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#37 =LD=Hiromachi

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Posted 12 March 2016 - 15:58



And another interview, this time with Tomokazu Kasai. Honestly I'm not sure who was more excited, him or interviewer  :lol:  But certainly makes me want to fly N1K2-J one day in this sim !

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#38 =LD=Hiromachi

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Posted 19 March 2016 - 15:42

One was lately restored, and now the other one needs restoration ...





Flying Legends A6M2 was unfortunate to stand in front of FG-1D while taxing, details are so far unknown ( most likely pilots mistake )  but both FG-1D and Zero will require repairs. In case of first one it is really bad timing as not long ago it received a new P&W R-2800. And the latter one will require a complete replacement of the tail section... 


Considering all the problems this year with some Mustangs, P-40 and now with Zero and Corsair it makes me wonder if those guys driving them are not too reckless  :(

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#39 Sokol1

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Posted 19 March 2016 - 19:07

Corsair "wins".  :lol:

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... guns were too quiet when engine is running and speed is high, and there was no "immersion of fire and metal storm in 2 meters aside of me"

#40 ITAF_Rani

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Posted 23 March 2016 - 00:04

The Eternal Zero" (永遠の0 | Eien no Zero), big screen cinema version 2013


what a moovie.......wonderful........... :o: 


High recommended !!!

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