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Winter Xmas sale ( 411 )

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How many store do price dumping in January ? ;)


Many of us paid 94$ for it is now 79$ and was shortly for 49$ ( I guess )  a week ago.

94$ and still no skin unlocked :ph34r:   :biggrin:  yeap!.  ( But having a Xmas sale price lower  I am sure will generate more blood )

Always good to ask and have an answer.

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I like a bargain as much as anyone, but I swear sometimes it's better to pay the price of admission and then factor that against the value of the product and the amount of time using it. As it stands right now, had I paid double for both BoS and BoM I still think I'd have gotten my money's worth. Worrying that someone else waited months, and now, even years to buy BoS at at lower price bothers me not at all.

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LOL yes Finkeren

I thought the premium was out.. Serious need to update my reading :)


January price down would be Nice ;)


@West Thanks for the link

BoM Is scheduled for official release in the first quarter of 2016. What we have now is early access for those who have preordered.

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