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PWCG Quick Start Guide

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To quickly get flying with PWCG with as little difficulty as possible, please read and follow the steps below.


First of all, download the latest file at Patrick Wilson's website:



Once you have downloaded the software, make sure it copies tot he right place.

In this picture I copy the content from the zip file (right window) to the root folder of the sim in the left window (in my case: D:\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad).




Once the files are in the right place, start the program by entering the Boscampaign folder and double clicking PWCGBos.exe as shown here:




In PWCG, once started, you can choose the planes you have as well as some general options for the program. Choosing planes is pretty straightforward (and must be done the first time you open the program) and the options are for you to play with later, it does not matter too much right now.

Create a new campaign (on the right side) and select it.

You are now in this screen:




Select mission. You are presented with a mission by the program. You can accept the mission, or, if you want some other mission scrub it and start the process over. 




Once you accepted a mission it is written by the program to the mission folder of IL2-Bos.


Now start the sim itself.


Once started you go to missions and accept the mission you created with PWCG:




Fly the mission to the best of your abilities and try to remember what planes you shoot down.

Once the mission is over I always go tot he main sceen of the sim (the start screen) and ALT-TAB from there, as this gives me no fuzz (ALT-TAB used to give me troubles sometimes when I did it in the sim itself).

Go back to PWCG and click on Combat report:




You’ll be taken tot he debrief screen where you can claim your victories:




Then click on Submit report and you’ll be presented by the debriefing screen:




Click on start debrief to view what happened in this mission.

Debrief completed will close this window and will take you tot he narrative screen where the final verdict of the mission is called (in this case a denied target).

You can also wright the story of this mission down in the narrative section for later reviews.




If you click on finished reading, you’ll be taken back tot he squadron page where it all started and you can start the whole process again for a new mission.




For reporting to work properly, it is crucial the logs are enabled in the Startup.cfg file. If not, the program cannot present you a debrief.


In the left window the folder where file exists, to the right is the file opened. Default is set to 0, so change that to 1:





Please realize there’s much more to PWCG and there are all sorts of options available to tweak your campaign in the Advanced Config settings. However, if you follow the basic steps above you should have all you need dive into PWCG and start flying missions.


We hope this helps.


Note: This walk through was originally written by community member Bando. All credit for this guide goes to him.


Here is a video by Requiem that explains how to get started with PWCG for BOS.
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