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AI tactics for intercepting and attacking bomber formations


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Hello everyone


I hope you are all well, I have a question in regards to the ability of AI fighter aircraft to attack box type (or similar) bomber formations from various tangential positions.


In previous combat flight simulations, specifically IL2 1946 but also COD, it seemed that AI fighters were only really capable of attacking bomber formations from the dead 6 o'clock position. It usually resulted in every attacking fighter inevitably being shot down or severely damaged even if they took out some of the bombers with them. I found that if I was playing as a gunner in a He-111 or an IL2 it became a bit repetetive when the enemy always attacked from behind. It usually also ensured that you would be shot down very easily because even though it was a suicide attack for the enemy fighters they at least almost always had a chance to let loose quite a quantity of ammunition into your crate before going down or breaking away.


It would be fantastic if some head on attacks and steep diving attacks from different angles could be incorporated into the AI's attacking routines. I am just wondering if this might be a possibility in IL2 BOS? I understand that it must be very difficult to programme because attacking bomber formations is an art and getting the angles, speed, deflection and everything right takes some very precise human skill.


Anyone have any ideas on this?


Thanks and looking forward to seeing you in the skies over Stalingrad soon as we strive to extend our living space for the Fatherland.

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Well, have played the RoF a bit and sadly it seems the 6óClock attack style is favoured there as well...


Say, if you setup some 5 blues fighters (ace) vs 5 red enemy bombers (novice) it ends up badly...

Your squadron will park 50 meters behind the bombers and get shot to pieces.


But, according to some posts, the AI should be at least better in the flightmodeling part, that AI planes actually

fly under the same rules as humans. So we have a slight hope that the AI could be better in BoS than in RoF.


According to the RoF forums, there basically were no coders specialized in AI at the time they made the RoF, but

when the developement moved to BoS, they hired few specialists in that department.

Might be a heresay though.

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