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Complex Trigger counting onEntered aircraft or group

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I was trying to set up a trigger that counted the number of aircraft in a group then fired off a flare for every aircraft in that group. So if  a group of 3 flew in then I would see 3 flares. I put in a delay to spread out the timing of the flares firing off.


I get the feeling that the trigger was counting the group as a whole and with one flare for all 3.


I wondered if I had to disable and enable the complex trigger to allow it  to register the 3 aircraft entering the trigger zone. Possibly this is all to quick for the system to register 3 separate aircraft

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If you did complex trigger -> timer -> flare then the problem is with the timer. What probably happened is:

  1. Aircraft 1 enters
  2. Complex trigger detects
  3. Timer starts
  4. Aircraft 2 enters
  5. Complex trigger detects
  6. Timer restarts
  7. Aircraft 3 enters
  8. Complex...
  9. Timer restarts
  10. Timer expires
  11. Flare is fired
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Ah ok so I think I need to insert a counter for each aircraft that enters and perhaps make multiple flares or timers


trigger >Count 1>Timer>flare

trigger >Count 2>Timer>flare

trigger >Count 3>Timer>flare


Maybe a bit heavy  but so be it if it works will report back

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