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Anyone got a good squad training server mission I can pinch?

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Hi chaps


I'm being lazy I know but...


Does anyone have a half decent mission that is ideal for squad training? Different airfields with maybe some air-starts and maybe a ground attack area for practice?


I know I can make one but I'm up to my eyeballs at the moment with work so thought I'd ask here first.





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~S~ Nikko,


There are a few of us mission writers that have posted their Multiplayer Missions to this section of the forum.


Every one of mine, if I'm not mistaken, are made in the "Deathmatch" mode, as it's referred to in the Mission Editor.


I would suggest the "Goodbye Blue Sky" mission, as it has the availability of many training scenarios in it's layout.



No601_Prang and his squad mates have also recently produced an user created, BoS specific, Mission Editor.pdf


That, like the other Mission Writer's own threads, are "Pinned" to the top of the Mission Making section, of this BoS official forum.


That's a push into a direction that I hope will lead you towards maybe someday, keep the ball rolling, as we can all use more missions!



Good Hunting!


S! -Jupp- :salute: 

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Yeh I've made missions as well.


I wanted a specific one for training...I made one a while back with air starts etc for practicing aircombat etc but was wondering if any one had anything better since I'm a bit short on time at the mo.


I'll just modify my own when I get around to it, I was thinking about having something where you fly to one sector and it spawns in ground targets, another sector it spawns in aircraft as well

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