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stalingrad-1942 map problems

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Hi all,


I am experiencing map problems using the stalingrad-1942 map.  If I place the player's plane anywhere other than the SE corner of the map I end up in spectator mode when I run the mission,  It almost looks like the game does not recognize the larger area of the stalingrad-1942 map.


The problem is very easy to recreate:
In the ME:

1. New mission
2. Select stalingrad-1942 as the map
3. Put airplanes onto the map closer to the eastern part of the map (see positions below).  Note that these aircraft will be well within the boundaries of the map.


Then play the mission.  You will not get into your aircraft. 


On the Stalingrad map
This works:
  XPos = 27424.707;
  ZPos = 26807.378;

This does not:
  XPos = 104322.000;
  ZPos = 207392.000; 

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Did you pick the map through the Terrain Presets dialog, or using the GUI map? You have to use the Terrain Presets.

(makes me wonder, what's the point of using one map for the actual terrain and another map for the GUI???)

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Hmmm ... so there is a mismatch between the map and the textures ... and the game's response is to put me into spectator mode.  I have no idea how those add up and yet you nailed it - that is exactly what is happening.  Thanks again.


The ME UI does not guide you to the right answer,   It lets you mix and match anything.  It just won't work when you load the mission.


Just so I don't go crazy:

Is it always winter at Stalingrad?  The battle started in August, but I won't bother with attempts to model that if it has to be winter on the map.


If it is not always Winter, what combination of texture maps, season, etc is allowed on the stalingrad-1942 map?


What about skies?  It looks like the sky setting has to mate up with the terrain setting.


I know that I could experiment and find out but it would be far less painful to ask.

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At the moment all we have is winter maps, but summer and autumn maps are coming soon, this autumn.

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