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Interrogation about generator for war project 24 hour per 7 day

interview about generator for war 24/7  

320 members have voted

  1. 1. How many you ready donate for generator develop

    • - I support the idea and i am ready to pay from $ 3 to $ 10
    • - I support the idea and i am ready to pay from $ 10 to $ 20
    • - I support the idea but not yet ready to pay
    • - I do not support the idea, I am satisfied with online which is implemented at the moment.

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Dear pilots, administration of server's -DeD- make conducting a survey about the generator of combat missions and website with pilot's and squad's statistics for servers BOS.
The generator will create all day (24h) online war, automatically moving the front line and with advanced economies. Generation each of the following missions and units on the map will be automatically generated in the generator depending on the results of the previous mission. The war will go over a certain number of cities on the map. The winner is the side that captures all the town.
For the server to the war would be made the registration site, and the statistics for pilots and squads. A similar project was successfully generated in the simulatorIL-2 FB, he called Air Domination War (ADW).

But in order for a team of programmers started to work, they want to be sure that the pre-idea financially supported by at least 200 people - this is purpose of the survey.

In the Russian-speaking forum a similar survey - supported the idea at this point at least 92 people.
When the total for the English-speaking and Russian-speaking forum reach 200 people who ready to support the project, developers start to work.

Important detail, payment for the work of programmers will only be after they finish, that is, no pre-payment will be. Payment method: Once programmers will finish the work, you will be able to register on the site of "the war to a generator missions" to pay a monthly user cost from $ 3 to $ 20 depending on how much you do not mind spending to support the project. After payment of monthly subscriber, you can participate in a war with a generator missions during the month. Payment will be a monthly subscriber for each new month to pay. The money will be used to support and improve the site statistics generator missions.
P.S. We, the Russian-speaking community of IL-2 BOS are asking you to support this idea, because the game at the moment are need a serious project with a war. For english-speak pilots need 100 votes




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I´am willing to pay for such a project but I fear that the need to pay even 1cent on monthly basis will limit the player base a lot.


Is 1CGS somehow involved in this project as there are a few open questions like contact visibility & max player count / objects on map & performance of the missions which need to be addressed before running such a project.

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Greatest news of 2015.


3-10 is fair enough but on some conditions.


You pay, you play, you decide. In other way people will stop funding the project IMHO.


All the problems with campaign like planeset, limitations are solved by fair voting.

Team commanders who participate in project will have voting rights.

No more forum flame war where louder shouting idiot supported by other idiots will have any influence on the vital parts of the online war.


All the problems connected with campaign have to be solved in closed forum available only for campaign participants.

This project will bring a lot of frustration and problems. It would be nice to avoid as many as we can. 

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Dear pilot's, 19 votes on you'r forum it's very little. Please tell about this poll more pilot's, becouse now in russian forum vote YES 128 people, you'r forum only 18 :( Together need 200 or more vote YES.

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I'll have to play from my office location.....because of connection...but count me in on this....Depending on where the server is based though....connection quality might not be that good for some other continental locations...

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Sounds good and I've pass this info onto our European pilots. Online wars are for many the reason they fly, join squadrons and train. It's what made il2 and hyper lobby the place to fly. A ground war is essential to this imho.


Good luck!!

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Look example what is the war create generatror. It's project called Aviasibir Mist of War in old IL-2FB 4.13 Our generator will be create similar war.







Question about donate not solved. Maybe we all donate 1 pay in 3 month, maybe every month becouse need pay the rent server for this project. And I remind, interrogation will continue until sunday 23.08. Now total vote yes 187 pilot's.

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I'm curious how a multiplayer war campaign is going to look like wiht current player limitations. With 100 possible participants liek for example in Clod I could see definetly more potential than our current 64.


he idea is great though and probably the best way to make MP interesting for the low playerbase we currently have.

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maybe) english is not my native lang, sometime i'm use google translate, sorry if my word's something is not correct.


We know what you mean and that's all that matters. Good luck with project.
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Do to distance there is just too much lag to play overseas or on a North American

server with off continent players.Too much delay and stutter.


I know we are talking mil/secs but that is all it takes is mil/secs to get hit and fall from the sky not knowing

why/who/what/where hit me.


No problems offline though.


I have a 30mbit/sec line with 3.5MB per sec download and 2MB upload.


This is the only game that causes me to lag out of all of them I play



online with my connection.My connection is very good.



Maybe someday.

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Thanx all for you'r vote's!  :)  Survey is finished.  In the near next day's developers team write here detail about this project. Total rus + eng 427 vote yes. I think it's enough for begin work.

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