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Developer Diary


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Part 1 - First developer diary note: about game setting; possibility of ground controlled vehicles; technical details of the project (DX 10/11 compatibility, Windows 8 support, graphical quality); official position about clickable cockpits; first screenshots of LaGG-3. Published on December 14th, 2012.
Part 2 - Plans about skins and map editor; multicrew aircraft gameplay in multiplayer mode; multicore compatibility; main map size discussion. Published on December 21st, 2012.
Part 3 - LaGG-3 model's first flight; swastica question solution; user mods availability and compatibility; multiscreen and force feedback compatibility; some thooughts about technological potential of the sim. Published on January 11th, 2013.
Part 4 - First part of interview with test pilot Vladimir Barsuk, about flying IL-2; early plans about multiplayer mode; decision about random aircraft system failures and about external instruments compatibility; plans about playable AAA units. Published on January 18th, 2013.
Part 5 - Second part of interview with Barsuk, about MiG-3; SLI and CrossFire compatibility; Rise of Flight content compatibility; flight model complexity and differences with the old IL-2: 1946. Published on January 25th, 2013.
Part 6 - Third part of interview with Barsuk, about I-16; fuel system and oxygen equipment  implementation; mid-air collisions and head-to-head maneuvers; turret gunner gameplay; first screenshot of the Bf.109 F-4 model. Published on February 1st, 2013.
Part 7 - Forth part of interview with Barsuk, about IL-2; radio comms and audio environment in general; reasons of not going to KickStarter; screenshot of the Soviet pilot wearing winter equipment. Published on February 8th, 2013.
Part 8 - Fifth part of interview with Barsuk, about I-153; temperature's influence on engine performance; two main assault planes revealed; max players in multiplayer; model of famous Stalingrad fountain. Published on February 22th, 2013.
Part 9 - LaGGs cockpit is finished and shown; two main bombers revealed; devs' decision about planes wearing out, about search lights and navigation lights; first info about difficulty settings. Published on March 1st, 2013.
Part 10 - Final episode of the interview with Barsuk about I-16 piloting and taxiing; German and Russian radio chatter recorded; temporary internet connection question; general discussion about what a simulator is. Published on March 8th, 2013.
Part 11 - Training dog fight on sport planes; testing vapour trail; resolving the issue with leaving combat area; chance of using BOS technologies and content in ROF; T-34 tank model revealed. Published March 15th, 2013.
Part 12 - First steps in tuning LaGG-3 and Bf. 109 F-4; setting difficulty levels for AI planes; plans about refueling, fixing and rearming on the airfield; AAA capabilities; first screenshots of IL-2 cockpit. Published on March 22nd, 2013.
Part 13 - First mention of Oculus Rift compatibility and support; details about blast wave and damage model; perspectives of GPU processing; screenshots of the German PzKpfw III. Published on March 29th, 2013.
Part 14 - Video teaser about the team visiting a training airfield; wiki page for IL2BOS; perspectives o a dedicated "nix" server; plans about presentation on Gamescom and Igromir; first screenshots of IL-2 3D model. Published on April 4th, 2013.
Part 15 - Turret gunner AI implementation; successful cooperation of 1C and 777 Studios; problems and technologies of terrain features; first demonstration of T-70 tanks model. Published on April 12th, 2013.
Part 16 - Unified stat system plans; second pair of fighters revealed; reconnaissance modifications possibility; defense circle issue; first screenshots of JU-87 model. Published on April 26th, 2013.
Part 17 - Mikoyan, the WWII fighter pilot as our guest; team visiting Volgograd (ex-Stalingrad) on the Victory in Europe day; discussing number of vehicles and buildings on the map; reasons of choosing winter setting; performance on NVIDIA and AMD cards; anti-cheat security; first screenshots of Bf. 109 F-4 cockpit. Published on May 24th, 2013.
Part 18 - Full version of the video with dogfight on sport planes; new stage of development; increased forum activity; our methods in source picking; question about the pilot's body modeling; AI algorithms when getting damaged; horizon visibility distance. Published on May 31st, 2013.
Part 19 - Rewarding challenges in piloting LaGG-3; unplanned leak of a gameplay video; details about flight assistants and automated systems; a few details about future business model; screenshots of LaGG's and Bf 109's cockpits with night illumination. Published on June 7th, 2013.
Part 20 - Beginning of the story about IL2BOS gameplay: goals, missions, basic game mode description, historical setting, campaign structure; first official video - Bf 109 fly by sounds. Published on June 14th, 2013.
Part 21 - Speaking about gameplay: missions sequence, mission making algorithms depending onn plane set; internet connection requirements; video with to Bf 109 flying in multiplayer mode. Published on June 21th, 2013.
Part 22 - Speaking about gameplay: difficulty setting and score multipliers; mission editor, user missions and skins; first video showing LaGGs flying online. Published on June 28th, 2013.
Part 23 - Details about aircraft modifications, obtaining and applying them; in-game rewards and achievements; structure of multiplayer and stat system; types of mp servers; screenshots of airfield buildings and a video with LaGG, cockpit view. Published on July 5th, 2013.
Part 24 - Big news coming soon; short video with two Bf 109 maneuvering around each other. Published on July 12th, 2013.
Part 25 - First game demonstration for virtual pilots in Volgograd (ex-Stalingrad); Chief producer Albert "Loft" Zhiltsov goes for a business trip to the USA; IL2BOS gets revived in social networks; video about the dev team traveling to Volgograd for archive assets and references. Published on July 19th, 2013.
Part 26 - Game is shown on presentation in the USA; pre-order programs is launched; pre-alpha stage of development is successfully completed; short videos from the presentation; game video with ground vehicles including tanks and firing Katyushas. Published on August 2nd, 2013.
Part 27 - First pair of fighters is almost complete; IL-2 goes to the testing stand; how FW 190 and La-5 will get their modifications; first details about early access; minimal system requirements; idea of cooperative mode; screenshots of IL-2 cockpit and exterior view. Published on August 9th, 2013.
Part 28 - First live stream with Albert Zhiltsov (Chief Producer) and Andrey Shumakov (Community manager) about LaGG-3, its engine, take off and landing. Published on August 16th, 2013.
Part 29 - Albert Zhiltsov aka Loft presents the game on GamesCom'13, Cologne; waiting for big news in September; long waited screenshots of Pe-2 bomber. Published on August 23rd, 2013.
Part 30 - August 30, 2013 Bonuses for everyonee who bought the game before September 1st; one extra month of the pre-order program; number of starting planes increased from 6 to 8; llive stream abbout Bf 109 F-4. Published on August 30th, 2013.
Part 31 - A brief report from the IL2BOS demonstration on GamesCom; Rise of Flight and IL-2: 1946 release on Steam; team hires new specialists; the swastika issue; preferences for Intel and AMD processors. Published on September 9th, 2013.
Part 32 - Live streams with Andrey "Petrovich" Solomykin, the Lead engineer who develops the flight model, speaks about physics and aerodynamics in the project, flies LaGG and explains how it's engine works; game keys distributed to pre-order owners. Published on September 13th, 2013.
Part 33 - Daniel Tuseev, the Project manager reveals details about modern flight models and describes FM  features in IL2BOS; first vote for Founders exclusive skin for LaGG; screenshots of ground vehicles in development. Published on September 20th, 2013.
Part 34 - Plans for showing the game on Igrromir-2013; results of the vote about the exclusive skin and a short "making of" video; record of the stream about night flights and corresponding features. Published on September 27th, 2013.
Part 35 - Team's work on Igromir'13 game exhibition; positive press feedback; screenshots of the German assault bomber Ju-87 cockpit and Soviet Yak-1 exterior view. Published on October 4th, 2013.
Part 36 - Daniel Tuseev, Project manager tells about game's AI system in IL2BOS and our previous project Rise of Flight; wallpapers with LaGG in founders skin. Published on October 11th, 2013.
Part 37 - Pre-order program last day is revealed, Early access dates and prices announced; video showing multiplayer in current version; vote for the exclusive skin for Bf 109 F-4 started. Published October 18th, 2013.
Part 38 - First information about early access: game sessions, approximate client size, login procedure, confidentiality recommendations; video with IL-2 firing various weapons; results of the vote for the exclusive founders skin for Bf 109 F-4. Published on October 25th, 2013.
Part 39 - Approximate dates of early access and game session availability; what plane and map get to be the first in early access; plans for nearest future; wallpapers and screenshots of Bf 109 -4 in the gift skin. Published on November 1st, 2013.
Part 40 - Early access date of beginning unveiled; development progress on AI planes; decision about 20mm gun pods issues; video showing brakes and exhaust flames on LaGG-3. Published on November 8th, 2013.
Part 41 - Live stream showing the early access version of the game; details about interface, difficulty settings, graphics and controls, and a mission launch guide. Published on November 15th, 2013.
Part 42 - Early access started successfully; plans for the nearest session; change log; AI-controlled planes soon to be presented. Published on November 22nd, 2013.
Part 43 - Second stage of development starts; a few words about feedback and criticism; weapons are available in early access session. Published on November 29th, 2013.
Part 44 - New dog fight missions in early access; details about modifications system and key differences from MMO analogs; unlockable modifications trees for IL-2 and LaGG-3; change log. Published on December 6th, 2013.
Part 45 - One year since project announcement; new in early access - track recording; live stream about this new feature; date of start of early access for Standard edition owners; change log. Published on December 13th, 2013.
Part 46 - New bombs available for LaGG-3 and Bf 109 F-4 in early access; nearest releases: Stalingrad map, IL-2, Ju-87; screenshot of La-5 exterior view. Published on December 20th, 2013.
Part 47 - Closed test participants to be gathered soon; first prolonged early access session; all modifications unlocked for the session; screenshots of Stalingrad map. Published on December 27th, 2013.
Part 48 - Late holiday greetings; teams gets back to work as planned; game development and bug fixing procedures; screenshots of IL2: exterior model and rear gunner. Published on January 10th, 2014.
Part 49 - Big news - Stalingrad map in early access; goals and purposes of graphical presets; details about optimization measures; multiplayer and launcher soon to be release. Published on January 17th, 2014.
Part 50 - Graphical settings presets; closed tests starts; game's full compatibility with Oculus Rift HD; Ju-87 unlockable modifications tree published; screenshots of Pe-2 cockpit. Published on January 24th, 2014.
Part 51 - Russian frost and Russian developers; weather conditions considered by engine performance; live stream of multiplayer announced; spotters added to early access; screenshots of vapour trail left by LaGG-3. Published on January 31st, 2014.
Part 52 - Further graphical improvements; increased draw distance and added AAA; IL-2 announced for the next early access session; unlockable modifications for Yak-1 revealed; screenshots of AAA in action. Published on February 7th, 2014.
Part 53 - IL-2 finally added to early access; improvements in AAA, radio messages and blast wave efffects; search lights added; record of the stream with Loft and Zak devoted to the IL-2 release in early access. Published on February 14th, 2014.
Part 54 - Development goes faster; short-term plans; additional IL-2 missions; new launcher and resh game build guide. Published on February 21th, 2014.
Part 55 - German ground attack plane Ju-87 D-3 added to early access; new screenshots of Pe-2 - navigating officer animations; we ask for users' screenshots for media section. Published on February 28th, 2014.
Part 56 - Development status report; two more planes being tested now; specific Pe-2 flight moddel features; working on Quick Mission buildder; first multiplayer session date announced. Published on March 07th, 2014.
Part 57 - Had to change plans - multiplayer tests postponed out of necessity; the Soviet fighter Yak-1 added to early access. Published on March 14th, 2014.
Part 58 - The long-awaited multiplayer test begins; readd about servers, technical features, recommendations, etc.. Published on March 21th, 2014.
Part 59 - Reporting about the first multiplayer mode public tests and plans for the future; Quick Mission added to early access; early access sessions prolonged from 3 days to full week for the first time. Published on March 28th, 2014.

Part 60 - Customer support helpdesk added to the site; multicrew feature enabled in multiplayer; first stats data enabled; AAA were reworked; live stream record about Pe-2 published. Published on April 04th, 2014.
Part 61 - Early access servers are available 24/7; first double engine bbomber added - Pe-2; AA corrections and LaGG and Yak stability fixes; wallpapers with Pe-2 and screenshots of La-5 in the newly added clouds. Published on April 11th, 2014.
Part 62 - Answers to players' questions: DM readiness; front line visibility; summmer duel map; AMD technologies support; savegames in progress; chat moderation; we ask for your help - sking suggestions for campaign rewarding unlockables; list of unlocks for Bf 109 G-2. Published on April 18th, 2014.
Part 63 - Bf 109 G-2 added to early access; Yak-1 gets available in multiplayer; SLI and Crossfire enabled; new clouds added; La-5 unlockable modifications list announced. Published on April 25th, 2014.

Part 64 - Beta is on the way to early access; game official release date announced; Standard edition is back to the Store; all early access owners get the Founders tag; the game will be published in Steam; La-5 added to early access. Published on May 8th, 2014.
Part 65 - Bug fixes and improvements in the current version; Pe-2 bombsight graphical guide; network settings and optimization guide; FW 190 A-3 unlockable modifications list announced. Published on May 23th, 2014.
Part 66 - Answers to players' questions: features and basics of the singleplayer campaign; pillot exhaustion modelling decision; FMB readiness and release details; in-game stats system; opportunities for modders; new info about dedicated servers. Published on May 30th, 2014.

Part 67 - New changes and updates in the fresh early access version; flaps performance tweeks for Yak-1 and IL-2; compas issues fixed; Stats being improved and optimization applied. Published on June 11th, 2014.

Part 68 - Standard edition remains available in the store; Founder status for all until September; ILya Muromets project announced; Stalingrad map added to the multiplayer mode; physics and balistics improvements; screenshots showing new vegetation being developed. Published on June 20th, 2014.
Part 69 - A short story about the studio's daily life, about its key departments and the progress in development of He 111 и Fw 190.. Published on June 27th, 2014.

Part 70 - Campaign mode is in developmet; the official site it to be updated on July 7th and will have La-5 available for purchase and instant access; we're gathering best of your screenshots for the new website. Published on July 4th, 2014.

Part 71 - Important fixes ready for the new early access weeek; syren on Ju-87 added, vertical rate indicators, horizon indicators and fixed loop radio compasses are now working; radio beakons placed on the map, individual key bindings for rockets and bombs added; new vegetation on the level. Published on July 11th, 2014.
Part 72 - Updates for the new early access week: ammocounters on Bf 109 and Ju-87, damagable guns and bomb racks; vapour trails are now shown; a video showing Fw 190 A-3 is published. Published on July 18th, 2014.

Part 73 - Logn-awaited Fw 190 A-3 has been added to early access and to the official store at il2sturmovik.com; several screenshots showing the fighter's interior shown; new game trailer revealed. Published on July 25th, 2014.

Part 74 - A brief review of studio's press trip to the US and Europe; middle ground decision regarding Focke-Wulf's cockpit model; early access and sales started for the ILYA Muromets project; first screenshots with He 111 bomber have been published. Published on August 1th, 2014.

Part 75 - IL2BOS in early access on Steam; it's now possible to upgrade from Standard to Premium; new FM changes for several planes; maneuverabily modeling is complete for all planes. Published on August 15th, 2014.

Part 76 - Long-awated He 11 H-6 bomber is now available in early access; multiplayer experience improvements; Novosokolniki map developed by a community group is in MP map rotation. Published on August 22th, 2014.

Part 77 - The list of fixes and improvements in the new early access version: ground crews are now running away from attacking planes; automated procedures of starting and stopping the engine were improved; DM fixes; dedicated server given out to more player communities. Published on August 29th, 2014.
Part 78 - Game development is on it's final stage; final beta version is being internally tested these days. Published on September 5th, 2014.

Part 79 - New fixes and updates. technical chat added; rod damage added; manual radiator controls on Bf 109 added; nVIDIA releases drivers with  IL2BOS profile includded; record of the live stream about single player campaign. Published on September 19th, 2014.

Part 80 - Newest  Oculus Rift arrived to the studio; compatibility announced for release; new fixes and updates; fixed armament convergence added; several AI and GUI improvements; aim helper added to rocket weaponry; selected fan videos shown in the blog. Published on September 26th, 2014.

Part 81 - Campaign released to the Early access; game release set to be in the beginning of November 2015; a manual to the update published. Published on October 03, 2014.

Part 82 - Plans about the future of the offline campaign; progress on pilot stats; the possibility of adding Ju 52 to the game; Manuals, Tutorials, Guides and Tips section added. Published on October 10, 2014.

Part 83 - Interview with Syndicate's MP mission creator SYN_Vander, telling about the history of ROF and BOS server hosting and mission making. Published on October 17, 2014.

Part 84 - Story about the up-coming major update to the early access version - command system operating with wingmen and gunners, it's interface and controls. Published on October 31, 2014.

Part 85 - Plans about expanding MP server limit to 48 players; working on the Ju 52 transport aircraft; the long-awaited synchronization of nicknames on the forum and in game; Campaign stats page launched; first Campaign chapter released; WIP screenshots of Ju 52. Published on November 28th, 2014.

Part 86 - The team is back to work after the winter holiday break; Q1 seems to be rich in updates; table of techno chat contents. Published on January 16th, 2015.

Part 87 - Modifications can now be instantly activated on all Premium edition owners; fresh info on the full mission editor and dedicated server; plans about developing two extra seasonal maps and campaign chapters for BOS; Zeus the community map maker joins the dev team officially. Published on February 06th, 2015.

Part 88 - IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Moscow project announced; the plane set, early access program and pre-order details reveiled; announcing version 1.009; started working on the summer and fall maps for BOS; a week-long sale for BOS premium planes stared. Published on February 13th, 2015.

Part 89 - Full list of the version 1.009 up-coming improvements and fixes published; details about the new WIP oxygen supply system. Published on February 20th, 2015.

Part 90 - Polishing the 1.010 version before public release; event map for a Campaign mission is to be added soon; the table of al Campaign rewards; 50% discount off all editions both on the site and on Steam. Published on March 06th, 2015.

Part 91 - Transport Ju 52 aircraft (AI controled) and the Velikie Luki map are going to be released in April to be free for everyone; a video showing Ju 52 aircraft. Published on March 20th, 2015.

Part 92 - First screenshots of MC.202 and a story about it from the plane's model FM engineer; FM Discussion subforum established; official BOS servers are from now on under sontrol of the -DED- squad. Published on March 27th, 2015.

Part 93 - First screenshots of the BOM premium plane's 3D model P-40 E-1. Published on April 03rd, 2015.

Part 94 - Working on new seasons in IL2BOS and the BOM expansion; first WIP screenshots of Bf 109 E-7 3D model; new screenies of summer map in BOS. Published on April 10th, 2015.

Part 95 - Announcing optional transition of a IL2BOS license to Steam; version 1.011 slightly postponed; first WIP screenshots of Bf 110 3D model. Published on April 17th, 2015.
Part 96 - Official IL2BOS screenshot contest started; major update to version 1.011 released earlier that week; first model screenies of the Volga navy forces shown. Published on April 24th, 2015.

Part 97 - Each and every day is getting us closer to the Early access program of BOM and the time has come to decide what camo patterns each plane gets; a pack of fresh screenshots with I-16 type 24. Published on May 22th, 2015.

Part 98 - New chapters of the Stalingrad campaign are to be released along with two extra seasonal maps; first screenshots of P-40 E-1 on the winter map; BOS screenshot contest is about to end. Published on May 29th, 2015.

Part 99 - First Bf 110 screenshots and one summer shot with new grass and a good old LaGG-3. Published on June 05th, 2015.

Part 99.99 - First screenshots of the Bf 109 E-7 cockpit; our map artist have generously shared us screenshots with a test version of new river technology that is being developed for the summer Stalingrad; the big sale for all editions and additional paid content for Battle of Stalingrad started. Published on June 12th, 2015.

Part 100 - All BOS Editions are becoming more affordable; we’re announcing the start of BOM Standard Edition sales; Early access to BOM is scheduled to begin in July; here’s what to expect from the first months of early access; first screenshots of the I-16 interior. Published on June 19th, 2015.

Part 101 - Full list of the version 1.101 up-coming improvements and fixes published; this version is the major preparation to the Early access program for Battle of Moscow; . Published on June 26th, 2015.

Part 102 - A detailed description of the changes and corrections in the compaign for the free BOS add-on; we've practically finished work on the summer map; several screenshots of the summer map. Published on July 03rd, 2015.
Part 103 - MC.202 Series VIII is the next aircraft in our list of early access releases; a few fresh screenshots showing the plane's cockpit and a new summer gear for the German pilots. Published on July 17th, 2015.

Part 104 - MC.202 entered the final stage of beta-testing; several features of this new plane and screenshots on the background of the summer landscape. Published on August 07th, 2015.
Part 105 - We've completed work on version 1.102; the list what we're working at now; some screenshots of ground equipment on the summer map of Stalingrad. Published on August 14th, 2015.

Part 106 - The new BOS seasonal map will soon be complete and we've started to work on the Moscow map; a few fresh screenshots from the autumn Stalingrad. Published on August 21th, 2015.

Part 107 - Our FM engineers started flying on Bf 110, some features of the implementation of the crew and weapons; several screenshots of Bf 110 on the summer map. Published on August 28th, 2015.

Part 108 - P-40 is coming really soon in BOM early access; several screenshots of P-40 on the summer map. Published on September 28th, 2015.
Part 109 - Summer and Autumn maps of Stalingrad and Bf 109 E-7 fighter development are in final stage. Pair of videos showing summer map, river ships and the new fighter. Published on October 1st, 2015.
Part 110 - 1.104 comes to Beta. Screenshots and videos of Campaign, Bf 109 E-7 and a Surprise. Published on October 16th, 2015.
Part 111 - 1.104 comes to Release-Candidate. A video of a new gear physics feature. Published on October 23th, 2015.
Part 112 - Bf 110 E-2 comes to beta. A video of a new airplane and some screenshots of MiG-3 fighter. Published on November 05th, 2015.
Part 113 - Tanks comes to beta. Changes in armour penetration. Changes in cockpit view. A video of tanks gameplay and some fun screenshots including Ju 88 A-4 WIP. Published on November 12th, 2015.
Part 114 - Mosue control in IL-2 Sturmovik. Tanks gameplay notes. A video with mouse control over Bf 110 E-2 fighter. Published on November 20th, 2015.
Part 115 - 1.106 comes to beta. A video with first flight of MiG-3 interceptor in the Battle of Moscow. Published on December 4th, 2015.
Part 116 - Some notes on MiG-3 features, geographic map of the Battle of Moscow. Published on December 10th, 2015.
Part 117 - Changes in multiplayer lobby map. Some words on upcomming Bf 109 F-2, Il-2 model 1941, Pe-2 series 35. First screens of Moscow map unique buildings. One story about flight model develpment. Published on December 17th, 2015.
Part 118 - Many screenshots of Moscow map, Ju 88 A-4 cockpit WIP screenshots. Some words from map developers. Published on December 29th, 2015.
Part 119 - 50 screenshots of 50 official airplane skins - a half of 100 skins which will be in Battle of Moscow. Published on January 15th, 2016.
Part 120 - 1.107 comes to beta. A list of estimated changes in airplane physics and systems. Published on January 22nd, 2016.
Part 121 - Ju-88 development is going to be finished soon, screenshots. Battle of Moscow Campaign - list of unique scenario missions. Published on February 5th, 2016.
Part 122 - News on game stability improvements. First screenshots of the Moscow city. Published on February 11th, 2016.

Part 123 - Airplane flight characteristics. Published on February 26th, 2016.
Part 124 - 50 screenshots of 50 official airplane skins - a second half of 100 skins which will be in Battle of Moscow. Published on March 4th, 2016.
Part 125 - Ju 88 A-4 first video and cockpit screenshots. Published on March 11th, 2016.
Part 126 - "Battle of Moscow" comes to beta, map screenshots. Published on March 17th, 2016.

Part 127 - Moscow city model, story of development. Published on March 24th, 2016.
Part 128 - Battle of Moscow development is at home stretch, new trees, frontlines. Published on April 22nd, 2016.


Part 129 - New features are coming in 2.003. Published on July 28th, 2016.


Part 130 - We plan to unlock all modifications for all planes; we're forced to take action with regards to players using cheat tools; about encrypting all un-activated key-codes. Published on August 19th, 2016.


Part 131 - Results of work on Flight Model improvement in 2016. Optimization and new landing gear physics. Published on September 2nd, 2016.


Part 132 - Battle of Kuban development have started. Some details of upcoming Career game mode. More notes on landing gear physics changes. Published on September 22nd, 2016.


Part 133 - Ju 52 3mg4e and Yak-1b series 127 development update and screenshots. Published on September 29th, 2016.


Part 134 - Kuban map parameters and notes. Upcoming 2.004. Career development assist forum topics. Published on October 6th, 2016.


Part 135 - An article about upcoming Multiplayer features in Battle of Kuban. Anouncement of new 72AG-DED "Random Expert +" multiplayer game server with new cool features. WIP screenshots of development of 3D models of airplanes of "Battle of Kuban". Published on October 13th, 2016.


Part 136 - 2.004 is released. A-20B and Spitfire are started. Community meeting at airstrip at Battle of Moscow map. AiRussia is a virtual pilots competition. Ju 52 paint schemes screenshots. Published on October 20th, 2016.


Part 137 - A german paratrooper WIP screenshots. DirextX 11 development notes. Some words about immersion of simulation. MiG-3 flight practice example. Published on October 27th, 2016.


Part 138 - Some "insider" news from physics engineering division by An.Petrovich. Yak-1b series 127 airplane details and painy schemes screeshots. Published on November 3rd, 2016.


Part 139 - DirectX alpha-testing is finished. Yak-1(b) series 127 comes to beta-testing. Screenshots of Bf 109 G-4 official paint schemes. Published on November 10th, 2016.


Part 140 - Fw 190 FM changes announcement. New skins of Fw 190 A-3. Published on November 24th, 2016.


Part 141 - Ju 52 3mg4e, Bf 109 G-4 and Battle of Kuban Early Access, New Sripted Campaign game mode and 10 Days of Autumn, DX11 transfering results and closest future plans. Published on December 8th, 2016.


Part 142 - Some notes how to do your own Scripted Campaign. Published on December 23rd, 2016.


Part 143 - Results of 2016. Work in Progress information. A story of one sortie. Published on December 29th, 2016.


Part 144 - Bf 110 G2 coming soon. First screenshot of He 111 H-16 cockpit. News on AI airplanes flight model optimization. Published on January 13th, 2017.


Part 145 - Fw 190 A-3 Flight Model updating news. Published on January 20th, 2017.


Part 146 - 2.007 coming soon. He 111 H-16 review. Published on January 27th, 2017.


Part 147 - Fw 190 A-5 development news. M-82F engine for La-5. Il-2 model 1943 WIP screenshots. Published on February 3rd, 2017.


Part 148 - Kuban landscape development update. Published on February 10th, 2017.


Part 149 - A-20B Boston Work in progress screenshots. News on VR and Career development. Published on February 16th, 2017.


Part 150 - VR comes to Alpha. IL-2 model of 1943 first in-game screenshots. Published on March 3rd, 2017.


Part 151 - Kuban map mountain rivers and valleys. Type 7 destroyer. Published on March 10th, 2017.


Part 152 - Virtual Reality Information and 50% Off Promo Codes. Published on March 17th, 2017.


Part 153 - News on aerodynamics research and improvements. Published on March 24th, 2017.


Part 154 - VV-1 sight manual for IL-2 model of 1943. Published on March 30th, 2017.


Part 155 - Some details on Hs 129 B-2 arnament and WIP screenshots. Video of VR testing by Jason. Published on April 6th, 2017.


Part 156 - Development news. Yak-7b WIP screenshots. Published on April 20th, 2017.


Part 157 - IL-2 model of 1943 goes to final. Mirrors. Proper gun hits visualization. SLI/Crossfire. Published on May 5th, 2017.


Part 158 - WIP screenshots of A-20B bomber. Some news on new realization of grass fields on Moscow and Kuban maps. Russian submarine WIP screenshots. Published on May 19th, 2017.


Part 159 - Jason's adress to the community. First WIP screenshots of the Hs 129 B-2 in the game engine. Published on May 26th, 2017.


Part 160 - Development news. Spitfire Mk.Vb paint schemes screenshots. Published on June 1st, 2017.


Part 161 - A great list of Flight Model changes upcoming in 2.012 in August. Hs 129 B-2 paint schemes screenshots. Published on June 16th, 2017.


Part 162 - An article by Gavrick about Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Vb. Published on June 22nd, 2017.


Part 163 - Development news from Jason about new shadow technology and pics of the cockpit of the Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Vb. Published on June 30th, 2017.


Part 164 - News on upcoming features in 2.012. Published on July 14th, 2017.


Part 165 - News and images from Jason of the upcoming Kuban map. Published on July 21st, 2017.


Part 166 - News on Career game mode development. New ships physics video. Published on July 28th, 2017.


Part 167 - Development news. First "live" in-game video from Kuban map including new shadows, sea surface and ect. Published on August 10th, 2017.


Part 168 - New official skins for Bf 109 F-4 and Ju 87 D-3. Kuban map landmarks. Published on August 18th, 2017.


Part 169 - Version 2.012 goes to release-candidate. Hs 129 B-2 features. Published on August 25th, 2017.


Part 170 - Career and P-39L-1 development update. Published on September 8th, 2017.


Part 171 - First in-game screenshots of Yak-7B series 36. Published on September 15th, 2017.


Part 172 - Renders of A-20B cockpit. Published on September 22nd, 2017.


Part 173 - New details on Career development. First WIP screenshots of Bf 109 G-6 3D model. Published on September 28th, 2017.


Part 174 - Career newspaper feature. German awards. La-5FN announce. Published on October 6th, 2017.


Part 175 - Increasing landscape rendering distance from 40 to 150 kilometers. Published on October 13th, 2017.


Part 176 - Development of the Coop game mode have started. P-39 in-game first sreenshots. New Rain on Canopy feature. Published on October 20th, 2017.


Part 177 - Update on Battle of Kuban development. Screenshots of A-20B rear cockpit and in-game Bf 109 G-6. Published on October 27th, 2017.


Part 178 - Improvements in clouds and sydome. New metal skins. Published on November 3rd, 2017.


Part 179 - New winter sky and light. Gavrik's notes on A-20B Flight Model. Published on November 10th, 2017.


Part 180 - A list of Bf 109 G-6 paint shemes made by III/JG2_Gustav05 and I./ZG1_Panzerbar with stories of pilots of these airplanes. Published on November 24th, 2017.


Part 181 - A story about upcoming Battle of Kuban scripted campaign by Alexander 'BlackSix' Timoshkov. Published on December 1st, 2017.


Part 182 - A story about upcoming Battle of Stalingrad map improvements by Evgeny '=FB=Isay' Isayev. Published on December 8th, 2017.


Part 183 - A list of La-5FN ser.2 paint shemes made by I./ZG1_Panzerbar with stories of pilots of these airplanes. Published on December 15th, 2017.


Part 184 - News on new Career development. Cooperative game mode completed. Game statistics changes. Some details on new technologies of Tank project. Published on December 22th, 2017.


Part 185 - More news on new Career development. Introducing video for new 5 airplanes upcoming in 3.001. Published on December 29th, 2017.


Part 186 - Some notes from =AnPetrovich= on Yak-7B flight model. P-39 official paint schemes. Published on January 26th, 2018.


Part 187 - Unpdate on how 3.001 beta is going. First news on Bodenplatte development. A-20B official paint schemes. Published on February 9th, 2018.


Part 188 - New 4K textures for IL-2 mod.1943. Published on February 16th, 2018.


Part 189 - New Career development update. Published on February 22th, 2018.


Part 190 - P-39L-1 cockpit first in-game screenshots. Published on March 2nd, 2018.


Part 191 - Bf 109 G-14, Spitfire Mk.IXe, Po-2, Tiger, German WW1 pilot - first sreenshots and sketches. Published on April 6th, 2018.


Part 192 - First WIP sreenshots of Bodenplatte map - first sreenshots and sketches. Published on April 27th, 2018.


Part 193 - Bodenplatte map, Career time limits and other details. Published on May 17th, 2018.


Part 194 - P-47D and Fw 190 D-9 WIP screenshots. Published on June 15th, 2018.


Part 195 - IL-2 STURMOVIK: Tank Crew - Clash at Prokhorovka announce. Published on June 22th, 2018.


Part 196 - Gyroscopic sight physical modelling article. Published on June 28th, 2018.


Part 197 - Flying Circus announce. Published on July 5th, 2018.


Part 198 - Jason shows screenshots of P-47D-28. Published on August 2nd, 2018.


Part 199 - Jason shows screenshots of Me-262. Published on August 17th, 2018.


Part 200 - News on projects development. WIP screenshots of M4A2 3D model. Published on August 24th, 2018.


Part 201 - An article from -DED- squad on Online Campaign development. Published on August 30th, 2018.


Part 202 - WIP screenshots of P-47D and Fw 190D cockpits, Bf 109 K-4 fighter, Bodenplatte map town. Published on September 7th, 2018.


Part 203 - New graphic effects. WIP screenshots of PzKpfw III Ausf.M. Published on September 14th, 2018.


Part 204 - List of graphics effects improvements. Notes on guns spreading changes. WIP screenshots of Me 262 and P-47D cockpit. Published on September 21st, 2018.


Part 205 - WIP screenshots of Clash at Prokhorovka scenery, American pilot of Bodenplatte, Sopwith Camel of Flying Circus. Published on September 28st, 2018.


Part 206 - WIP screenshots of cities of Battle of Bodenplatte map and Pflaz D.IIIa of Flying Circus. Published on October 5th, 2018.


Part 207 - WIP screenshots of Fw 190 D-9. Published on October 12th, 2018.


Part 208 - WIP screenshots of Pfalz D.IIIa cockpit, 1944 Luftwaffe pilot, M4A2 and Pz.IV gears. Published on October 19th, 2018.


Part 209 - Jason's diary. Published on October 26th, 2018.


Part 210 - Some details on upcoming 3.007 update, WIP screenshots of Tank Crew crewmans outfit, P-47D-28, Bf 109 K-4, Pfalz D.IIIa, Sopwith Camel, RAF pilot. Published on November 9th, 2018.


Part 211 - Jason's diary. Published on November 23th, 2018.


Part 212 - Tank Crew project development update. WIP screenshots of crewmans, tanks, map. Info on campaign scenarios. Published on November 30th, 2018.


Part 213 - Fw 190 D-9 cockpit and P-47D-28 4K external screenshots. Video on new detailed buildings damage in Tank Crew. Published on December 28th, 2018.


Part 214 - Screenshots of Me-262, Sopwith Dolphin, Fokker D.VII, Tank crewmans, Prokhorovka map. Published on January 25th, 2019.


Part 215 - First in-game screenshots of PzKpfw III Ausf.M and M4A2. Published on February 9th, 2019.


Part 216 - A large overview on Tank Crew project features. Published on February 15th, 2019.


Part 217 - An inside from An.Petrovich about P-51D development moments. Sopwith Dolphin and Fokker D.VII cockpits, Arras map screenshots. Published on February 22th, 2019.


Part 218 - A large development update on Battle of Bodenplatte: Map, B-25, P-38, Me-262. Published on March 07th, 2019.


Part 219 - WIP screenshots of P-51D-15, Tempest Mk.V, Fokker D.VIIF. Published on March 15th, 2019.


Part 220 - WIP screenshots of Me-262 cockpit, M4A2 crew, new in-cockpit GFX. Published on April 4th, 2019.


Part 221 - WIP screenshots of Albatros D.Va, S.E.5a, T-34-76-UVZ-1943, Willys MB, Bodenplatte buildings damage models. Published on April 18th, 2019.


Part 222 - WIP screenshots of cockpits of Albatros D.Va, S.E.5a, PzKpfw. IV Ausf.G, AI AAA Sd.Kfz. 7/1. Published on April 30th, 2019.


Part 223 - Announce of upcoming 3.101, screenshots of Albatros D.Va, S.E.5a, Me 262 A, T-34-76 UVZ-43, US summer pilot. Published on May 17th, 2019.


Part 224 - Me 262 A in 4K. Published on May 31th, 2019.


Part 225 - Tempest cockpit 3D, Bf 109 G-14 in 4K, Infantry and RAF summer pilot, Pz.Kpwf.IV Ausf.G and Campaigns art, Halberstadt CL.II and Bristol Fighter F2B. Published on June 27th, 2019.


Part 226 - Tempest, Pz.Kpwf.IV Ausf.G, Halberstadt CL.II and Bristol Fighter F2B in-game. Fw 190 A-4 in 4K. Published on July 05th, 2019.


Part 227 - P-38J-25, Tempest Mk.V cockpit, Summer 1944 German Pilot. Published on July 26th, 2019.


Part 228 - New pilot physiology and latest screenshots. Published on August 16th, 2019.


Part 229 - Our Tempest saga. Published on August 30th, 2019.


Part 230 - P-38 and P-51 shots. Published on September 13th, 2019.


Part 231 - Rheinland map details. Published on September 20th, 2019.


Part 232 - Arras map announce. New 4K skins for BoS planes. Tank Crew new features. Published on September 27th, 2019.


Part 233 - Extreme clouds setting. Su-122 and Pz.Kpfw.V screenshots. Published on October 11th, 2019.


Part 234 - Release candidate of Battle of Bodenplatte, FLying Circus and Campaigns of Tank Crew. Published on November 1st, 2019.


Part 235 - Update 4.002 announcement. Su-122 and Pz.Kpfw.V WIP screenshots. Published on November 15th, 2019.


Part 236 - Update 4.004 announcement. Pz.Kpfw.V WIP and improved Rheinland screenshots. Published on January 17th, 2020.


Part 237 - Hurricane Mk.II WIP. Published on January 24th, 2020.


Part 238 - Yak-9 WIP. Published on January 31st, 2020.


Part 239 - Tank Commander Binoculars WIP. Published on February 7th, 2020.


Part 240 - MiG-3 and Bf 109 G-4 in 4K. Published on February 13th, 2020.


Part 241 - New vehicles and soviet pilot WIP screenshots. Published on February 21th, 2020.


Part 242 - WIP of Sd. Kfz. 184 "Ferdinand" and SU-152. Published on February 28th, 2020.


Part 243 - Airframe Damage Model improvements. Published on March 6th, 2020.


Part 244 - C-47A WIP screenshots. Published on March 13th, 2020.


Part 245 - Updated damage model video. Published on March 20th, 2020.


Part 246 - Hight Explosive and Fragmentation improvements. Published on March 27th, 2020.


Part 247 - Deferred Shading - New Reflections. New russian pilot model. Flying Circus video by =HH=Pauk premiere. Published on April 3rd, 2020.


Part 248 - WIP screenshots of SU-152 and new pilots. Published on April 17th, 2020.


Part 249 - WIP video of instrument glass, canopy and external skin reflections. Published on May 1st, 2020. 


Part 250 - Victory in Europe Day. Yak-9T and german pilot WIP screenshots. Published on May 8th, 2020. 


Part 251 - Details of 4.006. WIP screenshots of new reflections in airframes and water. Published on May 15th, 2020. 


Part 252 - Details of 4.007. WIP screenshots P-47D-22 and Ju-87 D-3 in 4K. Published on June 5th, 2020.


Part 253 - WIP screenshots of Hurricane Mk.II cockpit and U-2VS new pilot. Published on June 11th, 2020.


Part 254 - About "Ferdinand". Published on June 19th, 2020.


Part 255 - About P-47D-22 "Razorback". Published on June 26th, 2020.


Part 256 - About Spitfire Mk.XIV. Published on July 3th, 2020.


Part 257 - Typhoon WIP, Early American Pilot, Female Pilot, Tank Features, Velikie Luki. Published on August 7th, 2020.


Part 258 - P-51B/C WIP screenshots. Published on August 14th, 2020.


Part 259 - C-47A WIP screenshots. Published on August 28th, 2020.


Part 260 - "Wind of Fury" campaign synopsis, Hurricane and new haze WIP screenshots. Published on September 11th, 2020.


Part 261 - Hurricane screenshots. Published on September 25th, 2020.


Part 262 - Mosquito and flak crewmans screenshots. Published on October 2nd, 2020.


Part 263 - An article about new pilot's G-resistance model. Published on October 16th, 2020.


Part 264 - Mosquito and flak crewmans screenshots. Published on October 23rd, 2020.


Part 265 - Bf 109 G-6 Late screenshots. Published on November 13th, 2020.


Part 266 - Tank Crew - Clash at Prokhorovka - Official Release Trailer. Published on November 27th, 2020.


Part 267 - Soviet mobile AAA WIP screenshots, U-2VS rough terrain touch and go, new pilots for P-39L-1. Published on December 4th, 2020.


Part 268 - German mobile AAA WIP screenshots, I-16 in 4K, Typhoon WIP screenshots. Published on December 25th, 2020.


Part 269 - Typhoon and soviet mobile AAA WIP screenshots. Published on January 22nd, 2021.


Part 270 - Fw 190 A-6 and Tac.Codes WIP screenshots. Published on January 29th, 2021.


Part 271 - WIP screenshots of Normandy project AI ground vehicles. Published on February 5th, 2021.


Part 272 - WIP screenshots of Normandy project landmark objects, Spitfire Mk.XIV, GAZ-MM with 72-K. Published on February 20th, 2021.


Part 273 - WIP "teaser" screenshot of Normandy map and screenshot of new BoBP railyard. Published on February 26th, 2021.


Part 274 - WIP screenshots of Typhoon and LCI(L). Published on March 5th, 2021.


Part 275 - Dynamic Visual Damage announce. Published on March 12th, 2021.


Part 276 - WIP screenshots of GAZ-MM with 72-K AAA and new railway junctions for Bodenplatte. Published on March 19th, 2021.


Part 277 - WIP screenshots of the Spitfire Mk.XIV, Me 410 and Ar 234. Also shots of corrected Bf-109 tail sections and WIP Tactical Codes. Includes special Mc.202 and Ju-88 posters. Published on March 26th, 2021.

Part 278 - WIP screenshots of Nieuport 28 and Battle of Normandy U.S. paratroopers. Published on April 2nd, 2021.


Part 279WIP screenshots of Dynamic Visual Damage and Tactical Codes for Tank Crew, V-1 'Buzz Bomb', Normandy Towns, New Railyards for Rhineland map, Spitfire Mk.XIV and Nieuport 28. Published on April 15th, 2021.

Part 280WIP screenshots of Fokker D.VIII for Flying Circus: Vol. II and objects, vehicles and ships or Battle of Normandy. Also, video about GAZ-MM 72-K and GAZ released on Steam. Published on May 14th, 2021.


Part 281 - WIP screenshots of Typhoon Mk.Ib, First Ju 88 C-6 Pics and 380mm Todt Battery. Published May 20th, 2021.


Part 282 - WIP screenshots of Pfalz D.XII. Published May 27th, 2021.

Part 283 - WIP screenshots of Sd.Kfz. 10/5 Flak 38 Pics, Pfalz D.XII and Bf-109 Drop Tank. Published June 8th, 2021.

Part 284 - WIP screenshots of Hs-129 4K Skins and IAR-80/81 Collector Plane. Published June 25th, 2021.

Part 285 -  WIP screenshots of UK Paratroopers, Steel Birds Campaign and New AQM GUI screens. Published on July 2nd, 2021.

Part 288 -  WIP screenshots of P-51B, SPAD 7, D.H.4, Sd.Kfz.10/5, Normandy facilities. Published on July 30th, 2021.


Part 289 - WIP image of US Bomber Pilots and general update on all aspects of current development - SPAD VII, Pfalz DX.II, DH.4, Sd.Kfz. 10/5 Flak 38, Fuel Systems and Drop Tanks, AQM, Air Marshal, Steel Birds Campaign. Published August 6th, 2021.


Part 290 - WIP screenshots of the Mosquito. Published August 20th, 2021.


Part 291 - A narrative about developer's multiplayer fighter experience. IAR-80/81 WIP screenshots. Gleaves Class Destroyer WIP screenshots. Published August 27th, 2021.

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  • 1CGS




Hello! Hopefully this will become a tradition, and we regularly will answer some of your questions on Fridays. It's nice that the information that the project will be developed, has already attracted many users on the forum. Of course, we still have no enough materials to interested core audience, and work just started, but we think that we have gathered here the most interesting and enthusiastic people, so you are interested in everything that happens. So be it.


We say at once that we will answer the questions slowly, choosing only some of them, but regularly. Therefore, we ask that you remain comfortable with the fact that some questions may remain unanswered, even a long time. This means we are simply not prepared to answer it.



1) Which aircraft are planned for release?


We will announce this in February. Now we can fairly be said that the aircraft will be at least ten, and among them will be fighters, attack planes and bombers of the Soviet Union and Germany.


2) Will be the BOS and ROF compatible?


No, they are different technically at the code level, but the models from ROF can be moved if the need arises.


3) Will be alpha and beta tests? Where can I sign up?


Of course, there will be beta tests and we will give testing a lot of attention. We are not nearly ready to begin beta sign-ups.


4) Where exactly will be your campaign, what their timing and other details of historical interest?


We'll start with "Operation Uranus" - Soviet counterattack and finish with liberation of Stalingrad. Between these events you will see the surroundings of the 6th Army and the attempt of its unblocking - "Operation Winter Storm."


5) Will the new graphics engine used Dx10/11?


No. We believe that the DX9 features more than enough. Just a good result requires more skill from programmers and artists.


6) What is the bit in the application - x32 or x64?


This issue is still under discussion now. We don't want to abandon support for 32-bit systems. Will closely follow the reports of various companies that understand what percentage of our potential users may already have switched to 64-bit systems.


7) What will happen with the engine CLOD? Does the options to transfer or sell the teams of enthusiasts (like the old "IL-2" was delivered DT), or in any other way?


Transfer of the technology is not planned.


8) Will the project to focus on Windows 8?


The project will be good to work definitely on this operating system.


9) Will the developers host an official server? If so, whether the official draft of the war, the servers with other regimes, organizing tournaments?


No. Establishment and maintenance of servers - is the cost that we don't plan. We are not MMO project for which the creation and maintenance of the servers is the main tool. Carried away by the audience itself can create for yourself  "project in the project" use of this opportunity.


10) What size is assumed map "Stalingrad"? Compared to the "IL-2".


It will be more.


11) The question about economic side of the project. What exactly are we waiting for, purchase a single aircraft like in the ROF or normal paid add-ons like in the good old "IL-2"?


We are planning a hybrid system. This will create a line of products that can satisfy different groups of players with different financial capabilities and preferences. Those players who are committed flight simulation hobbyists can purchase additional content in the online store. In the future, if such a model is successful; we will be releasing regular additions that feature other famous air battles of World War II that contain the planes that took part in them.


12) Is there support for the project at the state level?


No, this is a private commercial project.


13) Can we expect the clickable cockpits?


No. We create a simulation of air combat (this includes attacking ground targets). The pilot will only receive critical systems, propeller pitch, boost, altitude control, different mechanization, weapons and more. Procedural training device it will not be, it will be a game simulator. We would like to return to the original idea of the "IL-2 Sturmovik", because we believe that it was great.


14) As an interactive cockpit is not forthcoming, I have a question for clarification: will cockpit controls (not just the throttle and stick, but all kinds of toggle switches, buttons, etc.) are animated?


Yes. But we cannot say to what extent this will be implemented.


15) Do you plan the level of graphics cockpits like in basic models in CLOD (Spitfire/Bf-109)?


No. You will not see this. The reasons are simple. The creation of one such cockpit takes a year, sometimes more. The popularity of the genre has to be phenomenal for such expenses were justified. If we are not careful, the budget ends and with it the end of the project. It is also not too wise to use more PC than necessary and use twenty textures, where it was sufficient to use three. Not being smart with resources can result in serious performance problems. We hope to find a balanced solution. Good performance with nice looking cockpits.


16) Is it possible in the future the introduction of a controlled ground vehicles / ships?


Technically, yes. But now we are ready to only talk only the present. To implement these ideas need substantial funding and significantly larger staff and a longer period of production. It all depends on how popular our project is. The more users willing to pick it up, the more possibilities we will have in the future.


Sometimes we run experiments in the team, what would happen if we did ... Tanks. Here is a short video of the experiment. It shows that any technology - is only a tool, with which you can create a great deal and that it will depend on the authors and the audience for which it is intended.





17) Will the crew of vehicles (cars, guns, searchlights, etc.) to be able to incapacitate their individual members, and whether its impact on the movement and rate of fire?


No. That level of detail involves a lot of time to create and is too complex for the time we have to make BOS.


18) Will be infantry (in any form)? It's important for the Battle of Stalingrad (for example, in air strikes on urban areas).


No. You are a bloodthirsty :)


19) Do you plan more user-friendly full mission editor? By the principle of WYSIWYG


No, instead we provide you great features very quickly create any type of missions through the game interface. Those who are working on a campaign with the script or the story missions, they have the knowledge and perseverance to work with complex systems.


20) Will be use a mission editor from ROF (rather complex, but very interesting piece) in a new project?


Yes, in full.


21) CLOD is a fairly large by modern standards project. For out of it will go into BOS? Model aircraft / ground objects / maps / sounds / algorithms etc?


Only some of the models and textures may be used. Here's the result of test aircraft exports to a new project (not showing the final quality, just model export).


1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg


22) How can we help? What information is needed primarily designed to accelerate progress in the creation of the sim?


In the special threads in this forum we'll ask questions and seek information or photographic materials that we need. Thank you very much for wanting to help, your help is invaluable.


23) Do you plan to create a series of simulations in addition to BOS on the one platform, which covers at least WWII - a campaign in France, Battle of Britain, Battle of Moscow, the Pacific Ocean, Spain, the War with Finland, North Africa, etc.?


We would very much like this. We create a complete platform for this kind of movement in the future. But, as we mentioned above, it depends on the demand.


24) Will BOS be available on Steam and Steamworks like the CLOD?


Unlikely. But will apply a similar system of its own design.



Thank you! We'll meet you next Friday!


You can discuss this news in this thread

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  • 1CGS




Hello dear friends!

Many thanks for your joining the BOS community and participating in the new forum. I ask you to be a little more reserved and cordial in your conversation. Sometimes comments are very disrespectful when there is a dispute that I think is not acceptable. All of us love the aviation and the flight simulation genre.  We all want to see a lot of new players, continued development and overall success, but all this cannot be achieved by engaging in ugly verbal battles; please remember this. In the pointless noise of endless personal disputes sometimes I cannot hear some very important voices and opinions. After all, we are trying to create a product, not only for veterans of the genre, but for all those who are interested in general aviation and military history games. This is a big task for us, so please don't ask us to be focused only on your exact desires. It's very nice when new players come into the genre and enthusiastically talk about the huge world that they discover. Endless arguing over difficult decisions we need to make only scares off new users. We don't expect every user to like every design decision we make, but once you we have stated your opinion it is enough and will remain on the forum forever for us to see. No need to endlessly vocalize your displeasure, over time it has a detrimental effect on the community. The flight simulation community has always been a wonderful example of friendship and mutual assistance; please remember this because this is what we need to build our common future.



1) What will be the system of skins in the game? I would not like in ROF, where I have to download the skin packs and I can use my skins only in special mode.


It will be similar to the ROF. We will give the tools and templates for skins. You will be able to draw them and see them in the game. But the custom skins will not available in all modes of play, but only in those where they don't affect the gameplay. Details will be later.


2) Do you plan to make a map editor? The fact is that in the presence of a set of the average aircraft in theory you can do a variety of scenarios for theater within the Eastern Front. There are enthusiasts certainly willing to make maps and static campaigns for them. In "IL-2" there was no map editor, at least for mere mortals. Can we hope for it to BoS?


No. There will not be a map building editor from us in the release. You already have the tools and available information on how to create a map with our DN technology today. If enthusiasts are interested, then everything will be just fine. The game has a special mode that allows you to easily run custom modifications and thus has no effect on the official game. Also, such modifications may affect multiplayer, such as maps.


3) If possible, please present the people who work on the project (presentation of the team) and talk about their responsibilities.


Maybe later we will do this.


4) Will it be possible to take the place of AI in the plane and to switch between aircraft operated AI (at any point in time, if it is allowed settings)?




5) Will you be able to leave the plane and then control the pilot (for example, to transfer to the other plane)?


No. Technically it is achievable, but we cannot at this stage to make it as good as it should.


6) Will there be implemented "multi crew"?


Yes, you can fly together in multiplayer on the multi-seat airplane.


7) Do you plan to fully animated pilot leaving the plane?


Parachute jump of course will be implemented, but how well it will do - we learn by the time the alpha version.


8) Do you plan to placement pilot's body in the cockpit similar to the display of the hands and feet of the pilot in DCS? We would like to see their boots on the pedals and gloves worn on the control stick.




9) Will career in BoS like a career in the RoF or it will be better? Personally, I'm at first glance at RoF impressed FM, the second - a career.


It will be similar, but not the same. It will be based on the same principles of the generation of historically correct and unique missions for each player's campaign. But the interface and game sense will be completely different.


10) Do you plan any rewards, notes in the newspapers (possibly achieve) and other pleasures in the game?


Of course there will be awards. Premium System (achievements) will be different. There will be historical rewards for fans of history and role-playing moments and achievements and badges for those who like to play in the multiplayer and to demonstrate their skills. But all this is only part of the global system of achievements we want to do.


11) Do you plan to improve visualization of a cloud as compared to those that are available in the ROF? If so, how this problem is a priority in the context of other tasks on schedule?


Some works are planned, but nothing drastic. We will improve what we have at the moment.


12) Will we see movement control planes of other players in the multiplayer?


Yes and much more.


13) What are the system requirements? Do I understand correctly that the system requirements are as in the ROF?


It will be known when we make an alpha version of the project. Now I can say that we don't focus only on high-end and expensive computers and we hope with help of the settings to create different versions of the load and after that the player himself can decide.


14) Will there be somehow refined and improved terrain in visually separate for BoS compared to RoF? Or the fact that we now see in RoF, will be at BoS to remain the same?


There will be some changes. But as I said earlier, we will make a simulator and our priority is to map the surface with a certain height and not the creation of every bush with berries.


15) Will there be implement height map of landscape and with what accuracy?


Yes, will be used rather accurate satellite data with a resolution of 16 bit and 50 meters per pixel. But we will need to change much there, since the data is too modern and some geographical features in 1942 did not exist.


16) Will be improve support for multi-core processors in the new game engine? My computer has 6 cores, but ROF uses only 2.


No, the implementation of multi-core remains the same. The best would be a 4-core processor.


17) Will there be a dedicated server in the public domain or the online game will be available only at the company's servers?


Yes, a dedicated server will be available to the public. Performance Monitoring with such servers will be united, but in order for your server to participate in a single statistics system admins will be presented certain requirements that we will describe later.


18) Will we be able to create online missions of any length (not strictly fixed time)?




19) What if I bought all the existing content in your ROF store, how I can promote the development of the project now or within 2013?


In 2013 we will open pre-order for BoS, it will be the best help for the project.


20) What is the length of the map from west to east and from north to south? It is known that the bombing groups of Luftwaffe in August 1942 flew on Stalingrad from afar, such as KG27 flew from the airfield Kursk. Then there is a map should be large, mission should be long (not as in Stalingrad map for "IL-2", where Pitomnik was on the west end of the map). If you make airfield Kursk, then get on the map and Kharkov and Saratov.


We are preparing a map from east to west length of 360 km (Tatsinskaya - Stupino / Kapustin Yar) and north-south 230 km (Kletskaya - Kotelnikovo). We would like to reproduce the story as accurately as possible, but of course some simplification is possible due to technical limitations.


21) How do you plan to make airfields - to reconstruct each "as it was in reality" or the like in ROF (8 historical and 4 types, large / small, blue / red)?


Now it is difficult to answer. This will depend on the speed with which the development will go. Of course, we will try to reproduce the airfields quite accurately.


Dear friends, our staff would like to congratulate you on the coming New Year and wish you all the best. More answers to questions will appear after the holidays. I wish you success in all your endeavors, and health and welfare to your families.



The IL-2:BoS Team


You can discuss this news in this thread

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  • 1CGS




Good afternoon. We congratulate you on holidays and the main holiday for us, happy to return to work. The process is going well, all conceived slowly begins to take on the features of the project. Moving work on the aircraft, the physics and graphics. Prototype of fighter LaGG-3 is already flying in tests of AI, I made only a couple of laps, but very happy with what happens. We have a good mood and we are ready for the long race to the result this year. Let's go back to communication and to answer your questions in the new year.


1) Will swastika displayed on German planes (according to the reality)?


This is a complex issue and more legal. We have always taken the position as an unbiased view of history. And we think that is not a graphic symbol is the reason the world wars, but human greed, but, unfortunately, in many countries think differently and we have to obey these rules. Therefore we can not answer this question, we need to better understand this aspect.


2) What about mods? Do I understand correctly that it will be about the same level as now in the ROF?


Will you be able to create and add mods (maps, aircraft, and machinery) without developers? If so - whether the game built tools to enable / disable mods and the ability to create servers with mods?


We never hindered creativity, contrary we support any initiative. Technically, such a system is ready, simply create your own objects and put them in the game folder. Top models can become official and will be added to the basic set. Of course we are always keeping a close eye for talented people to maybe invite them to our team of developers.


3) Will the game support multi-monitor mode?




4) Will the BoS also work well with the FreeTrack as CLOD and RoF?


Yes, it will work, we are not going to change anything.


5) Will the BoS maintain joysticks MSFF2? Can we expect the level of implementation of the feedback as in RoF?


Yes. The level of implementation will be even better than in previous games. But the quality depends on the device you are using. We will surely give its recommendations closer to the game's release.


6) Will the game support stereoscopic 3D, for 3D monitors?


Yes, we already have the technology works, where users put a high rating from nVidia. But of course it also depends on the specifics of the device, we have not performed extensive tests.


7) What will a bit axes? Basic and others. Thank you.


If I understand the question, we don't set limits and read the device directly through the Direct Input, i.e. if the device can hold 4096 points on the axis - we'll provide the same.


8) Implementing injured of the pilot will remain the same as in the RoF (very well implemented)? And will the added loss of consciousness, dizziness, temporary loss of vision from a painful shock, and so on?


The base implementation will be the same. But we can improve the system itself as a whole, adding fatigue loads. Later, talk about this in more detail.


9) Tell us more about the structure of campaigns and other attributes offline, i.e. how many planned missions in each company, etc., has announced the estimated number of aircraft for each side?


This is a very big question. We'll come back to it later with a detailed story is in the blog, because I can not answer it simply. Single campaign will be one of the bases in the gameplay and will be across the red line. All players, even those who prefer only online battles will go through several stages of the campaign. We hope to create a nice cross between the classic single-player mode and all the modern and interesting ideas that emerged after the original "IL-2".


Mission events for single player will be created on the server and is unique in the details each time for each player. This will always be a unique experience and fair play for all, as you will not know what to expect until you get to the map. The events on the ground will be developed as close to the historical realities in the different periods of the Battle of Stalingrad. Like the types of missions, everything will be made on the basis of real materials that we could find. And we hope that it will be interesting for both veterans of the genre, and for those who love aviation and history, but is not yet an expert in these matters. This will be especially exciting and very emotional.


I would not want to tell anything more, but as I mentioned above - full details will be in the future, as the announcement of the list of aircraft.


10) How do you assess the potential (implementation of new technology 3D-graphics, work with scripts, better detail of the world, etc.) DN engine for the next 5-10 years?


5-10 years is a huge time in modern reality. 10 years ago there were no smart phones, many people play online with phone modems, monitors were CRT tubes, and we all watched the movie "The Matrix." The world is rapidly changing and we think over a short time. Any technology must be created with a view to not abstract. We believe that our current technology have everything necessary for the implementation of quality projects. Most often, when players ask about the technology they have in mind is not technology, but simply content. We pay enough attention to all aspects of the graphics in the project, so that you believe in what you fly.


11) Will the visual wear for aircraft (aging textures)? Will the physical deterioration (optional) with the consequences in the form of breakdowns and unreliable work systems?


No. Only if this wear is drawn on the texture of the plane.


12) Is it possible to introduce and exchange information with the developers of on-line wars behind closed doors at the design stage? In order to jointly search for the best solutions to meet the wishes of the players?


Yes it is possible, but at a later stage.


13) Will there be adequate online statistics for bombers?


Yes. The system of global and personal statistics will make very well for all roles.


14) Are there any plans at the start of the game modes of online battles as RoF, for example CTF?


Statistics of CTF are not very popular, I will not plan to move it to a new project. It is better to focus on something more massive.


15) Will the game be released on the discs? Will there be a collector's edition?


We know that some of the audience would like to buy just the disc and I think that we will be able to satisfy this desire. But now I'm not ready to tell the details. The disc is a value in our digital world.


16) LOFT, it's not even a question, but a small technical request. If the authentication mechanism in the game will be similar ROF, then please make a more robust defense of the saved game profile user password.


The system will be improved. Thank you, I'll definitely remember this. We are very attentive to everything that is related to the security and confidentiality of any data transmitted to us players. We understand that responsibility.


17) Will made other maps (smaller) for online except map of Stalingrad?


We hope that we will have enough time to do them. Or you can make them.


18) AFAIK, from October to January, the weather was often non-flying - this will be taken into account?


Weather conditions in general will mimic certain features of each of the periods of the battle. Probably the bad weather (to the point) will be better if there is historical evidence of strong winds or snow. Now I'm not sure how much detail we can do it, but it will definitely be reflected in the creation of each mission.


19) Will ground equipment have advanced animation (work of suspension, coasting)?




20) Are there any plans to create a project covering WWII from its beginning - from 1939 until the end of 1945? (and make the planes of the countries that participated in the conflict).


This is our dream and goal for the team. But this is an extremely ambitious goal, unattainable at the moment. We hope that the first project in this series will be successful and we'll start that way and pass it along to you. All we can do is to make every effort so that this dream has become reality. There is always a chance, you only need to raise it. We have already decided to take a chance and take this path and that in the end, the success or oblivion - I don't know, but I really want to know, and then we will move towards this answer every day.


You can discuss this news in this thread

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  • 1CGS




Hello pilots! Many thanks to all for the activity on the forum and for such a large number of questions. They are many and they are all very different. This is the fourth diary of answers, and we still respond to questions only from the Russian-speaking part of the forum. I will pick from the English side next time. Many of the questions are difficult to answer at this early stage of development. Some issues bring a smile and some make me check to make sure I don't work in a shop with a magic wand from the Harry Potter films.


In this diary entry will still not be any interesting "pictures", but only answers. But we would like to begin to develop our channel on YouTube. We have some very interesting material removed during restoration work on some unique Soviet aircraft period WW2. Come and see. We will make a regular appearance of such materials. Of course, they are not directly related to the work on the project, but it is closely linked to the history of aviation and hence relates to what we are doing for you. Please, use English subtitle.





1) Are there any plans to allow voice communication over the radio on the planes in the game?


No. Developments that have been made in the past require a lot of changes. The main thing in these systems is the interface and usability. I believe that we cannot make anything during this period better than the programs that already exist, and are free to use.


2) Would it be possible to determine the engine speed according to his sound for work effectively with propeller pitch?


Yes. The sounds of engines will be made very detailed and reliable. We have extensive experience in previous projects in which users are very appreciated the quality of the sound modeling and especially the sounds of the engines. But we are always willing to help, for example, sent by samples, if anyone has such a great and rare opportunity.


3) Will the simulated speed of sound waves in the game?




4) Will the ability to output devices on a separate monitor? Including when playing online?


No. We don't plan it for release. Technically possible, maybe we'll make it later.


5) Will you model the random failures? If so will it be possible to indicate their likelihood?




6) Do you plan to implement damage control cables and rods aileron elevator and direction?


Yes. Or damage rods or loss plane of aircraft.


7) Will realized a smooth change of the daily cycle of light in BoS (or in RoF)?


Yes. This is a long and successful working.


8) Will there be a more advanced weather in BoS compared to RoF? Or snow will go all over the map?


No. Weather in general will remain the same as it has been implemented in previous projects. The best we can do is increase the number of ways to weather systems.


9) How do you plan to simulate the height of the landscape? Or landscape is mostly flat?


The landscape will be made mainly as it was at Stalingrad. We use a rather accurate data.


10) Will the direct control of a dedicated server as in CloD?


No. Will be given separate specialized software to manage a dedicated server.


11) Would mode of coop- missions make in that (or similar) form, as it was in the old IL-2?


We still don't have the exact answer. We believe that it is necessary to make everything well and we don't want to create unpopular modes. Mode of playing together in a modern design should be comfortable. This means working on the servers provided by the operator, this means a convenient system of the mission, and invitations to her friends, statistics and much more. We are now thinking about this game mode, and calculate the opportunity to make it. I cannot answer whether it will be at release or later, but we would like to create something similar.


12) Would it be going to the server with the settings "full realism" and change the settings only for themselves, including, for example, infinite ammunition, automated engine, markers, immortality? Or all of this settings will be set by the host for all the players the same way?


Server setup, of course, sets the host and they are the same for all players on the server.


13) In the old IL-2 and CloD we would frequently see players breaking rules server (obscene language in the chat, the attack of taking off planes, the deliberate destruction of the players of his team). Punishment of such players was associated with some problems, IP is dynamic, you can change the user name, etc. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? For example, the binding of the game to a permanent account or to a number of purchase.


Yes, that is how it will be done. Each player has a single account through which it comes into play. If a player breaks the rules or interferes with other players to fly, he will be punished by denying access to the game for a certain period of time. However, the experience of previous projects, such cases are rare.


14) After the announcement of the list of aircraft, if there will not be a desired plane, is it possible in principle to make a "kickstart" of a unit and expect to integrate it into the game?


Don't worry. If the project is popular enough, it will always be developed and there will be new airplanes. But we would like to do all together in this project. Each aircraft is part of the theater, and so much a part of the gameplay. Therefore, the input sequence of aircraft in the game is just as important. But thanks for such a desire.


15) Explain to view from the cockpit, the questions have already been made, I'm sure you've seen them in all ways. Can be succinctly - no change, practice in ROF.


I love brevity. Nothing change, train in RoF.


16) I'm interested in the point of view of developers on the so-called anthropomorphic control, as well as the view from the cockpit.


It was a bad idea.


17) We already know that BoS will not be procedural, and the player will not have to perform all the actions, such as starting the engine. Therefore, my question is: will the automatic engine start to take a real (or approximately true) time relative to the plane of the maximum available to the player settings realism? Will this process accompany the corresponding animation controls, as in RoF and CloD?


Yes. We just want to reduce the number of necessary keys and don't overload the player with unnecessary actions, but try to make it so that as little harm to the realism.


18) Will realize radars on aircraft, ground radars and etc in the game (maybe in the future)?


Rather, in the future, but it is a very interesting topic.


19) Will realize anti-aircraft artillery controlled by player?


In the release will not be player-controlled AAA.


20) Will the revised logic of AI? Namely simplification physics calculations for AI aircraft or other tricks in order to increase their number in the missions and to reduce the load on the processor.


AI pilots in BoS will fly on the same FM as the players, without any simplifications.


You can discuss this news in this thread

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  • 1CGS




Hello. One more week has passed. We finished two units of ground equipment (2 tanks), and also worked more on the technology. Some of these technologies have been graphics based and some physical. So for example, as we have mentioned in the forums, was extended speed range. More precisely those aspects of physics, which are related to the collision of objects at high speed (1200 km/h). We got a good result, but we have to make more tests in the online. Improved display of system damage of the aircraft, it will become more diverse and will look more realistic. Progress continues with the map, but it's still at the stage of assembly and processing of all information. We have already decided on the lighting and the general perception of how it will look like "that" winter.


Today we publish the second part of the video interview, which focuses on the MiG-3. For me this movie has provided quite a lot of new information and some moments I was frankly surprised. As it turned out, the reality presents many surprises. Look and you'll see what I mean.




1) One nice addition for IL-2 1946 made by Daidalus Team is radio navigation with beacons/AM stations, we can expect this in BoS?


No. But it's an interesting idea. Let's talk about this in the future. We'll try to make a step forward in the development of radio communications in comparison with the original "IL-2", to make them more meaningful and add a connection to ground units.


2) How do you plan on balancing the game. I'm sure you and the Devs have had alot of discussions about this. Didn't the Germans have quite an advantage in aircraft back then? Thanks.


There will be no forced balance. We build aircraft as they were. Of course, in popular games, built on passion or F2P model, balance is needed. But we're working in a different genre, the value of this genre is just the lack of balance. Will the German planes have an advantage or not - we'll know only after we'll create them. And with such precision and detail which will be recreated for the first time, so I expect surprises.


3) Will be this sim of yours just another joystick twister or you actually want to show to the rest of the world how different Soviet - German war was.


You're just part of the battle. You will control one plane or a group that performs a specific task, which was performed daily on the Eastern Front. The player will be just one of person who involved, not like Bruce Willis who saves the world alone. You take on the lead role for yourself, but on the scale of the operation you are extra.


Imagine a huge movie, which involved thousands of actors, each playing a role. We put the film on pause and suggest you choose the role of one of them in one of the missions of this battle. This is how I see it. But, of course, it will largely remain a game, interesting and exciting, but just outside the cockpit window - you will see a war.


4) Will BoS have Sli/Crossfire support? From a recent poll at 1C forums there were about 30% of the members who use multi card setups.




5) The Channel map has been released and looks fantastic. But I read it won't be compatible with IL2. Why not?


Thanks for such a review of our work. In this new project we change many of the modules which are responsible for virtually all aspects of the simulation because we want to make a really modern and quality product. Some technologies are not compatible directly. If it's time to create a "Battle of Britain" in the new series, we'll transfer the most important thing - the experience that we received.


6) I would like to know if admins would be able to limit the amount of fuel, types and quantities of weapons available and types and quantities of certain types of aircraft.


I think yes. We have not yet made this. And it may not be that easy as we and you would like but we'll definitely look forward to. Multiplayer is an area in which we would like to leave space for creativity community. We know and see that there is a very interesting scenario played out and you need freedom of action for these scenarios. We'll try to keep it. Unfortunately, I can not yet give details.


7) What's the plan for pilot's field of view changing? Will it be continuous like in RoF or there will be the stone aged Il2's three steps settings?


This will be made as in ROF. You can move your head slowly and smoothly.


8) Will Battle of Stalingrad include "dumb" static objects (trucks, tanks, aircraft,...) that can be used to form potential targets for bombers and such without taking up as much resources as would a bunch of AI enhanced objects like we have in RoF?


Yes, we want to create scenery that has minimal impact on performance but can make a scene saturated. I understand what you're asking. We'll surely try. I don't know just how many 3D objects and textures we have time to create in this period. But we'll continue to make this after the release.


9) Will there be ground lighting at night in BoS?


Only what was acceptable during the WWII. I think that even in Paris turned off the lights at the Moulin Rouge.


10) How does the complexity of the FM compares to Clod and what sources will be used for the performance data? Factory numbers or test flight data? Or can it be calculated?


Flight model will be much more accurate and harder. We'll use all possible sources of data. We already have a lot of experience in previous projects. The integrated approach allows us to avoid mistakes. For example, after the completion of the aircraft and the calculation of its characteristics, we have clear data to begin to comparisons with the sources. Sometimes situations occurred when we thought that the sources had an error and after checking out the different sources we received confirmation that in the records included mistakes and sometimes blunders. We will try to make the FMs as good as possible, but I'm confident that no matter what we do, disputes over the FM will be your favorite entertainment on the forum.


11) How important is it for you to get close to the historical plane performance values such as level speed, rate of climb, turning rate?


We create the aircraft as accurately as possible with our resources. And as we have stated before "historical" believe it or not can be a subjective term as many factors affect performance and tests.


12) Is there a plan or did you spare a thought about something like this:

"Not only can BoS include modules developed internally by 1CGS, but it can also include those by certified third party developers." thx for answer


This may be possible and both Jason and I we have sort of done this before in ROF. But it's very much dependent from the quality of which we can be produced by these teams. There are many pretenders out there. We can even offer good talent a legitimate income with us if their product will interest the audience, but nothing comes to mind of yet. This is not our initial concern, first we need to make the release product.


13) Over the last few iterations of the IL-2 Series they have been including a 'Black Death' track to show of the highlights of the sim and show game engine under a bit of stress. (It also gave the Dev's a chance to show off their flying prowess!) Is there any chance of having one included in BoS at release?


I'll remember this offer, thank you. Single benchmark for all it is very comfortable, I understand that.


14) In regards to 3D modeling guidelines for BoS development, what will be the maximum poly count for optimized aircraft models used in the sim? How does this compare with titles like RoF and CloD?


More than RoF and more than CloD. Optimization does not mean a decrease. It means redistribution of load, as well as the need to even think about the little things.


15) But what way or how will the BoS be better that original IL2 (including mod) other than graphical and special effects? as it is stated that "Would like to return to the original IL-2 [1946] idea. (LOFT)"


I don't know. "IL-2" with all the additions and modifications was a great product. It drew attention for more than 10 years. If ever we can approach the same result I'll be very proud. But BoS is not ten years old and we still don't have many talented assistants. So we're at the beginning. Of course, much will be done initially and it will be brighter, better, more detailed than the original "IL-2", as we have more technical capabilities. However, we have a long way to go to achieve the same amount and in some places the quality.


When I said "would like to return to the original "IL-2", I didn't mean graphics or physics, I mean only the perception of the players. We would like to make a project that would be difficult and realistic from the inside, but clean and easy on the outside, which you would want to go back and play over and over. Here is an analogy, my homeland is able to make things such as the AK-47 assault rifle  :) It's worse than many advanced weapons systems with a heap of options like Jason's AR-15, but it has one distinct advantage - reliability. I would call it "friendly" submachine gun for the user. We want new IL-2 series to be the reliable and user friendly sim for WWII pilots that delivers much fun. :)


You can discuss this news in this thread

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  • 1CGS




Hello dear friends. The guys in the office already know that if I sit and smile then the screen has a lot of text and tomorrow will be Friday and I read your questions. A smile is an integral part of these diaries.


February begins, so one month of development of BoS is over. Of course, this is a very short period to draw conclusions, but I think that we have everything that we need to make a very good product. We are moving purposefully and steadfastly towards our goal. Amongst the team there is a mutual understanding, the atmosphere is working and it is safe to say that the team that was formed at 1C Game Studios is off to a very good start.


In this diary we publish the third part of the test pilot interview, which will be dedicated to the I-16 aircraft. Once again there is some interesting information and unique shots.




And I put in this post the screenshot of Bf-109. This is the first import to the engine, we still have a lot to do with it. As you can see it is already visible in our simulated natural world.





1) What is planned for the sound? Will it be some kind of "average sound" as in "IL-2" or something very similar to the sounds of real prototypes of aircraft?


I already answered similar questions. We make sound serious as it was in our previous projects. The sound is very good and informative.


2) Which layout is planned by developers for different modules: "button or axis" or "button and axis"? This refers, for example, for the flap will only be a button or axis, or both? If you can, please give at least a rough layout (radiators, brakes, superchargers, etc.) to know how many buttons, switches and axis I need.


Now we make a button and the axis. It's too early to talk about the final layout. We still have a verbal battle for it to provide only the necessary options for the average pilot, but professional pilot could adjust to a maximum of possible options. This refers to a decision to create a main interface.


3) Would it be possible to shoot a parachutist? Would it be possible to break the aircraft in a collision with him or roll the parachute on the plane? Or they will be made as ghosts in CloD?


If we ignore the brutality of this question, technically it can be done. I.e. they will not be "transparent" for collisions.


4) Will implemented the change in the psychological state of the pilot (fear, panic, stun, shock) when hit or close the passage of bullets, or at near tears flak, or the death of a comrade in his eyes as in RO2?


This is an interesting topic, but we have no plans to address this issue very seriously. Overload and injury, of course, will be visually displayed and it will have an impact on the gameplay. But we don't want to create complex logical system because it's not very obvious. It's all such features "at once", ie causes a wow effect, and then begins to irritate.


5) Will there be an option as the airdrop of paratroopers? If so, what extent it will be implemented.




6) Another question is about gunners accuracy: in CloD use the gunner position was a lost of time, in RoF we have a free movement of the gun (although moving the mouse seems to me a little uncoordinated). As I enjoy very much to play as a gunner I would see again something near the IL2 approach in this issue. What is planned for BoS?


We don't know yet. We'll consider the mistakes that we made in the ROF and the experience that we got, but of course, it will be make more interesting than it was in the original "IL-2". I would be very grateful if community to share your thoughts about this question in a separate thread. Try to answer the question: "What really made the game interesting in the role of the gunners."


7) Will ram attacks be possible? In the original IL2 series it was possible to chew the tail off an aircraft with your propeller. This was stopped with a patch after complaints from the Dogfight servers regarding deliberate collision once someone was out of ammo. It would be good to see this modeled once again for historical reasons in BoS.


Yes, we work with physics and it will allow you to perform ram attacks more accurately and damage system will react to midair collision more adequately.


8) If possible, please describe what progress has been made in the optimization of the engine DN, in which direction, whereby, etc.? In general terms, please.


This is the big question. Quite a lot of parts affected. Physics, graphics and system of interfaces. Wherever we can, we use our experience to improve. Speaking of technology, it's very difficult to be specific. We need some completely new technology and parachutes and damage in the cockpit. For the map, we would like to apply some new techniques to make the landscape more plausible. Give specific examples too early, because they need to illustrate. There are global issues that we are discussing, such as moving to 64-bit systems and not support 32-bit systems.


9) Whether additional configuration is implemented for the course weapons (in addition to the existing in the "IL-2", RoF)?


We think about it, but it is certainly not a priority.


10) Will there be open hangar or museum in the game menu as in the release version of RoF (and not a museum as it is now)?


This question applies only to graphics. I.e. that we draw in a hangar it will be. These items will be in production much later. But share ideas, what would you like to see, we'll read. Snowy airfield? Parking? Hangar?


11) Tell me how will be implemented view through the gun sight and how will be made an option "cling to the gun sight"? This will be done as in "IL-2" or as in CloD: unfasten straps/fasten straps?


I already answered about the field of view changing, the head moves freely, and you can customize it as you see fit. There will be no actions with straps. The pilot will be fixed in the optimum position.


12) Will there be an adequate fuel system? Pumping, feed tanks, fire hydrants.


Fuel management system will be make correctly and optimally for each aircraft. But the players don't need to manage this system, everything will happen automatically. Of course, the damage will be to make amendments.


13) Will realized oxygen equipment and the need to use it in BoS?


Only if in the form of a graphical features. We'll not let you die if you forgot to press the button. Maybe fatigue loads at high altitudes made stronger.


14) Will realized the "real" time to work systems? For example, the flaps on the Bf-109 can be extend in 30 seconds, while at this time (for example) can not work with the throttle (for example) or you can work with the throttle, but the extend of the flap stop. Will this implementation?


I still will not talk about the exact rules, but in general, yes. The player starts the procedure for some, for example flaps and all systems begin to operate as a working reality, moving some animated knobs, etc. The process itself will take as much time as would occupy in reality. Let's try to be accurate, wherever we can.


15) Will detailed ground equipment (better than the level in BoS) and ships?


Ground equipment will be made well enough for flight simulator. Later I'll show you pictures. But the ships have not got in the Volga due to its size. Carriers don't fit the width, battleships don't fit on the length and the December ice serious obstacle to conduct operations for submarines. But the subs in the ice of the Volga definitely not lower quality than in CloD.


You can discuss this news in this thread

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  • 1CGS




Good afternoon.

Everything is going according to plan, which pleases me as a producer. If the producer is happy with the results then this is a good sign for those who are waiting for the project. Literally every day, something changes and there are new elements and results. Now is a very active phase of our work which will last probably a month or so. After that, we will configure specific parts and begin to move to the alpha version.


Today we show another part of video interviews. (We want apologize. English subtitles are not yet ready. Too much specific technical, piloting words and senses. We plan to finish to translate video ASAP)




And I want to show you a model of the pilot. This guy will suffer for all your mistakes and flying experiments. Don't give him name or you cannot easily watch when he falls in flames to the ground, knowing exactly that you condemned.





1) Who will make the sound, I hope Valery Kornilov?


Yes. Together we are planning a lot to get done.


2) How will be modeled the system of radio communications and control the AI? Will it be done as in "IL-2" or it will be something new?


This will be done as in other aspects of the game. We rely on the "IL-2" as the necessary minimum, but almost everywhere trying to add some new elements. This is evolutionary movement. Radio commands to the AI will be duplicated voice and AI itself will report some information. For atmospheric we'll add voices for the front ground gun players who will communicate with you, while your group will reach the target. Airfield services also become more sociable. Of course, details and examples will be in the future.


3) How much attention will be spare to music in the future game?


Attention will be spared to the music for the first time. We're working on a unique track specifically for BoS, but I'm not ready to tell you the name of the composer or any details. We're planning to make the design consisting of video tapes and they will talk about the different stages of the battle. In general, everything will be at a high level, and I hope this will be interesting. We entrust the job to professionals and all will be done qualitatively accurate regardless of whether it aligns with your personal taste.


4) Will there be support for external devices? Will these devices to work in online? In ROF this is not enough.


I don't know. Technically, it is achievable, but we'll start to talk about these things with you only after the alpha release, when it will be clear how much time and resources we have left and how much we can give to such features.


5) Will support vibrating cushion in the new game?


We won't do any special coding to support it, but if it works with existing sound output then that is cool.


6) Can we have the chance to see BoS, modeling the pilot out of the cockpit that he ejected?


Yes. More details will be in the future.


7) For lovers of aerobatic aircraft were added pylons in the latest patch for CloD. Can we expect something similar in the BoS (map for racing / flags / pylons / visual platform etc.)?


Only if you make it yourself. We'll give you all the necessary tools and information.


8) Will fix a situation where the wreckage of the planes on the ground disappear over time in RoF?


Write letters to Intel, NVidia and other manufacturers of computer accessories, demand lower prices for their products. We cannot afford to store as much data without sacrificing performance. But I don't know what exactly will be the lifetime of the wreckage, the tests have not been run.


9) How the image will look like in the new game, as in CloD, RoF or in old "IL-2"? Also, there is the question about the effects. Effects are quite adequate and they look realistic in CloD, will we not see the cartoons as in War Thunder?


Regardless of what I write, you will still expect something different. It will not be like anything of the above, it would be something new. Cartoons, of course, will not, we're boring naturalists. But it will not be boring.


10) Please tell me have you a contract with 1C only for this project or you have agreement for a long-term relationship?


(Albert) This will depend on how well we'll make our work. I think that 1C will find a way to keep us if we're really good developers.


(Jason) We have a long-term partnership with 1C as we have announced. It is more complex than just a publisher ???��??? developer relationship, but we are not going to go into details. If this product is successful there will be much more content and products coming.


11) Stated that the development of the game has a limited budget, which will last until the beginning of 2014. Have you thought about the Kickstarter as possible to increase the budget? You refused it or remember about this opportunity?


(Albert) We remember about this. But we have our own idea of how to use this site. I personally don't want to take the money just for the promise to do something. "The promise does not mean that the act will be committed" as we say in Russia.


(Jason) As we have shown the past 3 years, we are always looking for new ways to ensure that this genre does not die, but we do not take promises we make to the community lightly. Using crowdsourcing options is not something we would do flippantly. However, as the market continues to change and demands of the community evolve we will seriously consider all options available.


12) If Albert is a general producer of the projects RoF, CloD, BoS and even the original "IL-2" now, then will results of work with AI of DT be used in the BoS?


I've already checked. My position in the company does not have any effect on the game code. I took the hard drive with code written for example in Java, and swore at it and demanded, threatened with dismissal and motivated him and even offered money. Unfortunately, Java has not turned into a C++.


13) Will organized full-fledged bug-tracker for users and beta testers?


We have our own methods of working with testers. And they are very effective.


14) Will I be able to land safely a real plane after flying in the new simulator?


I don't know. And I ask you, if you decide to try then do it in deserted places. This was the best question in this series so far :)


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  • 1CGS




Hello dear friends.


We missed a week in our diaries. The reason was the lack of proper technology to teleport people over long distances. Of course, there is a certain romance to write about our game, dedicated to airplanes when you are actually on board an airplane. But I'm too often distracted by the view from the window.


Soon, we'll show you some new screenshots. You already know about a pair of planes from the project; the LaGG-3 and Bf-109F-4. The IL-2 (1942 year's model) and Ju-87D-3, two major aircraft for attacking ground vehicles, will be the next pair we show you. Work on them is already under way and cockpits for the first fighters will be ready soon.


And of course will be pictures, video and more details about the map and ground equipment. In this diary we publish the fifth part of the test pilot interview, which will be dedicated to the I-153 aircraft.





1) Will realize two different radio frequency (own and enemy) as in IL-2 FB or will be heard on the radio the Russian and German speech at the same time?


We'll implement different radio frequencies and you'll be able to listen to radio of enemy under certain conditions.


2) Will the features of RoF use in BoS? For example: gestures of the pilots, signal pistol, skinspacks and mandatory reloading before opening fire?


BoS is a very different project. We'll use the experience gained in the development of RoF for work with BoS. Of course, there will be similarities, but to the same extent as with the original "IL-2". In the spring we'll be prepared to discuss the details of the gameplay.


3) Is the pilot from your videos (the guy who flies the Il2 and the MiG-3), involved in the FM testing? Is he a consultant for BoS?


Yes, we'll consult with pilots at the various stages of development. We hope that we can get the highest rating of the parameter "plausibility" from the pilots who fly now. We will necessarily represent anyone who will advise us.


4) It's possible to have in some point of development to see the low temperatures of the Russian winter affecting the performance of the engines? I mean, in a sunny and hotter day, the engines would run better and star up easer than in a bad weather frozen day. This aspect was crucial for both sides during the battle.


This was made in our previous project RoF. There was an opportunity (in the difficulty settings) to start the game with a cold engine. In winter, it gave a big advantage to rotating engines. But this possibility does not become popular among the players. Even those who thought he was ready for an uncompromising realism. Oil quickly freezes. And if you don't start the engine just in the first ten seconds, then the probability of a successful start is dramatically reduced. Perhaps this is too much, but we can do it. :)


5) Will we be able to crush and break the models of planes from CloD as the planes break in ROF?


Modeling principles remain the same. But the speeds and the materials from which to make the planes is changed. So it will look different, but always spectacular.


6) Will we be able to open the cockpits (on the ground / in mid-air)?


Yes, of course. This will occur with very good sound effects and even have an effect on the aerodynamics of the aircraft.


7) Will the normal electrical fuses make for German aircraft bomb?


I'll check personally to setup the normal fuses. :) We are responsible for the quality of our fuses.


8) Opponents will have the same color as in "IL-2" or in RoF?


The enemy will have red color always. On the other side is always the bad guys, but on this side of the comrades-in-arms, regardless of the selected side.


9) What is the maximum number of players can take part in multiplayer?


This will depend on the capacity of the server. If we would open our server, I think there would have been 100 or more pilots in one dogfight session. We'll pay attention to optimization and improvement of all parameters associated with the work of the network. We would like to build the servers for you, including a common for all scenarios, but it will depend on the success of the project on the market. There are concerns that it is too hardcore for the MMO project. But I'm an optimist and we consider this possibility.


10) How will Stalingrad look like? This refers to the different degrees of destruction of certain areas.


The town will be recreated quite accurately. The historical component plays an important role. We really want the world remember about these events.





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  • 1CGS




Hello everyone! We're fine, thanks for asking. :) We have finished the work with the first cockpit of the LaGG-3. This required us to create models and new technology for the engine. A closed cockpit is a new element and we needed to solve many issues associated with the effects of an enclosed canopy. We would like to make it so that you get a good experience, so we needed to work with sound and graphics. In the sound stage, each object must sound different in a closed cockpit than in an open cockpit. In terms of graphics rain falls not on the pilot's goggles, as in an open cockpit, but on the glass of the cockpit. We want to make this element true and interesting. So when I write that we finish the first cabin, I mean the whole set of different issues were solved.


In parallel, we are working with models for the city. Yesterday I saw a general model of the tractor plant, damaged by bombs. We'll try to recreate the city center quite exactly as it looked from the height of the flight of the airplane, or rather what was left of it after the previous phase of the battle. Soon we can imagine what the pilots watched from their cabins in late 1942. Also, we'll be able to recreate most of the large and medium-sized settlements on the map. Small settlements will be presented in a less detailed manner, but they will be in their historic places.


The last time I said that we plan IL-2 and Ju-87 as the main strike aircraft. I know that today is spring, but I still can not write a complete list. It is unprofessional and not interesting to show nothing. So, I'll present a couple of other bombers instead - He-111 and Pe-2.


The answers to your questions:


1) Do you have the desire and capacity to make such a feature in the game as "wear and tear on aircraft."


No. Our goal, of course, is to evoke emotions, but more positive emotions. Worn virtual planes and random failures - all these ideas evoke negative emotions.


2) Will realized the famous, often mentioned in memoirs, black smoke trail of Bf-109 in forcing?


I think so. We have the opportunity, even when you playing in online mode.


3) Will the aircraft control surfaces setup to neutral position or the game will remember their last position after the death of the pilot in the cockpit and the plane will make random shapes flying as in IL-2 and CloD?


No, after the death of the pilot we are putting the aircraft rudder to a random position. So, unruly plane will behave differently.


4) Whether animated units on the airfields and ground objects (moving airfield service personnel)?


No, the future is not yet come. :( But it's close. Technically, this is achievable, but the volume of work is comparable to the production of a good mobile game. So the future is not yet come.


5) Will we have the opportunity to place in the cockpit of the aircraft photos of our girlfriends? Many players are faced with the problem of the perception of their interests other people. Imagine that the wife or girlfriend comes home and watches herself in a photo in the cockpit of your plane. Her first thought will be "he thinks about me always!" With the introduction of such features some of the women will be more friendly to our hobby and maybe they want to take part in the game, for example a rear gunner.


This will be the ultimate prize, the most elusive achievement in the game. :) For the sake of a beautiful lady should really commit heroic acts. We also assure that we'll do everything possible to make your hobby is not complicated family life, and we'll display a message on the screen is bright, "Remember, they are waiting for you on earth," every hour.


But seriously, while we did not think of this, but thanks for the idea, maybe one day we'll realize it in the way I presented. ;)


6) Will the options of control the aircraft in a single game make as in "IL-2": "easy", "hard", "as in reality"?


It's a simple question, but the answer is not so simple. Different game modes will be made in different ways. For example, the career will have only 2 options "normal" and "hard." It's like two sports disciplines. Since the statistics of your career will be considered passing game, and despite the fact that you're playing alone, you will be able to see the results of all players. But in the "quick mission" where you will make the conditions of the fight, you will be able to set your own difficulty mode, as the statistics in this kind of fighting is not considered. Multiplayer rules are the same. If the owner of the server wants what the players involved in the world ranking, he should set one of the two modes of play "normal" or "hard." If the server is an event, tournament, training or just the script, then the server administrator disables sending of statistics and then be able to adjust the complexity of the very flexible.


I understand that you have a question, what exactly is included in these two global modes of difficulty, but it's a different story for another update.


7) Signal flares wonderfully realized and look in RoF. Will any use for them in BoS?


I think so, yes. Airfield maintenance and supply service and ground units will use flares. I agree that it is very atmospheric.


8) Will we see the truly massive battles in the game, for example, 50-80 bombers raid to Stalingrad? Or it will be the small battles as in RoF?


No, alas. We have to choose between detailed development or scale events. This choice is still standing and still relevant, despite some progress. We certainly make optimizations based on the experience gained and an increased capacity. Once we get the results of the first tests, I'll write the exact number of aircraft in the frame at a reasonable fps.


9) Will be concrete airfields in the game? If the concrete airfields will be made, I would like to feel the difference when landing on the ground or on concrete. I ask, of course, under the impression the interview with Vladimir Barsuk.


We have the ability to make it, but it's not in our scheduled tasks. Hopefully, the work will go faster than we expect or we'll make it in the future.


10) Will the searchlight of air defense use at night in BoS?


Yes and aircraft landing lights will work very effectively. We are working to improve the light sources.





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Hello dear friends. Today is a holiday in our country. On this day all the men clean shave, buy flowers, gifts and congratulate all women. Mothers, wives, sisters, girlfriends and often any girl they met on the street. We also want to join in the congratulations and want to remind all of you that, of course, the real men are fighting at the forefront, but every day they live with the thought of home and loved women. Leave all your emotions in virtual battles and always behave like real men at home. I don't know yet if there is a girl among our readers, but in any case, I congratulate you. You're a rare guest in our complex and all-male genre, and from this we appreciate you even more.


From Jason: Yes, we have several very nice women who fly ROF on a regular basis.


Let's turn from the holiday to our project. Another week completed. The most interesting was the process of recording audio samples for use in the radio system. A huge thanks to the guys from Germany, who are helping us with this. We like what we are getting. While I'll not tell all the details, but I'll say for the sake that besides the usual communication between the pilots in the air and communicating with the ground airfield services we will introduce a new role. It's the ground troops at the front. This system will communicate with you a voice in Russian or German, and will carry out the correction of your actions in a combat zone.


Today, you will see one more episode in a series of interviews with V.Barsuk. This unique video was shot at the air show MAKS, held near Moscow. The last video was a lot said about the difficulties with the taxi and landing an I-16. And we have a unique record of the accident, which occurred at the air show just in time for landing. No one was hurt except for the aircraft. Video camera was mounted on the pilot's helmet so we can see what happened through the eyes of pilot.




Answers to your questions.


1) Will the bombers and attack aircraft need in the strategic plan or they will just as prey for the fighters?


Each class (fighter, attack aircraft, bomber) will have their own mission in the main campaign. So, whether they are needed, it depends on the players. Gameplay for each class will be unique in many ways. I think that of course you need to try everything.


2) Whether you considered opportunity to make the map of Gulf of Finland in the future, as in "IL-2"?


It's almost standard issue. I'll no longer respond to such questions, because the answer is always the same. About the future we need to talk in the future. Of course, we dream to make all theaters for all the wars in which the aircraft used. But after the dream work starting and we're working to make this future a reality. It is a matter of probability.


3) Loft, I have a question. Very often we can find on the forums arguments to players about what is a "simulator" as a game genre. Tell me what you mean by "simulation"? Is this some kind of an objective entity or it depends on the needs of the target audience? If this is the first, what characteristic features should have the game and on which the principles it should be built so that it can be called a "simulator"? Thank you.


This is a great and very personal question. I'll answer it, speaking only for myself. I.e. let's assume that my colleagues may not agree with my opinion.


The definition of the genre can be found in Wikipedia. But the question was about something else; Where does the simulator end and where does the game begin (and vice versa). The border is very unsteady. And for the audience it is also very shaky. Simulations can be divided into two global camps:


1) Simulation of equipment

2) Simulation of situations and events


Both types can be part of a whole, or they can be completely independent. I was always more interested in the second type. Every day I drive my car, it's available for me, as many other people do. But, nevertheless, I have no opportunity to participate in the Dakar Rally. This example describes my attitude to the subject. I've flown in different aircraft, propeller-driven and jet, but I never took part in a dogfight. I've also never killed a dragon, didn't shoot an arrow at an Orc, never driven a space repairman, not fought with swords under the walls of Troy and in general I try not to expose myself to danger without the need.


The question is about the depth of the simulation, as you rightly pointed out, depending on the target audience (including age). In general, this is a huge question and answering it is like defending a doctoral dissertation. The quality of the simulation should be evaluated according to the result (without regard for what audience it's directed). You need to look as far as the result is correlated with the data that we see in the real world. If the planes are breaking the laws of physics then the simulation is shit, but it does not say anything about how the way we obtain the result. You have created a million lines of code to get a good result in the simulation or you wrote thousands lines of code. I think this is Chinese proverb: it's easy to draw the gods and demons because no one has seen them, but it's hard to draw a rooster and a dog because all seen them.


From Jason: This is the biggest problem for any flight-sim development team. What systems to create faithfully with full realism and which to compromise on. Albert has touched upon the big issue. Are we going to just simulate the systems and machinery or also the external situations and events with extreme accuracy? Unfortunately, it is impossible to do both in a PC simulation, especially when you have a finite amount of resources and time. Albert likes to create the overall illusion and experience of flying an airplane in combat, which he does very well. Some in the community want every button and knob to work as it did in real life. I am more inclined to that approach since I love to learn about systems and machines and that can be a challenge itself. But if we try to do both "situations and systems" to the extreme, will only end up killing the project. We are confident that in the end we will have a simulation, not an arcade game that the large majority of flight-simulation enthusiasts will enjoy.


4) Do I need a permanent connection to the internet? Or everything will be done as in RoF: I once logged in and then I can always play in offline mode.


Connection required for activating the game or installing any add-on. Also, some game modes (including the main mode) will require an internet connection. But we also make a mode where you can play even disconnected.


5) Will criticisms from CloD taken into account for BoS?


Yes, they are already taken into account. And for this reason, this forums has a lot of dissatisfied people J


6) What would you do if you see that you don't have time?


I dismiss myself and dismiss all who believed me. J More seriously, we need to take into account too many factors to answer you. You can not keep up in different ways. But if we don't have time and it will be a critical influence on the quality of the final product then I'll insist on the postponement of the release. I promise you that I'll say this openly and loudly.


7) Now enthusiasts from ATAG themselves correct CloD (copyright for this game belongs to you). Whether any cooperation with this team?


So far none of them have tried to contact with me (or with anyone else from 1C-777) and discuss this possibility. This is a bad sign. They don't respect us. If there is no respect for other people's property, any dialogue is impossible. I hope that this is due only to the fact that this boys don't yet know what they want and what they have done. Therefore, they are shy.


8) Will there be special and elite bonuses for registered and paid for pre-order, intended to stimulate teleporting money out of our wallet in your wallet?


Yes, of course. All details will be disclosed in a future announcement, but I'm sure that we can thank those who help us in the most difficult first step.


9) Will there be reflections from scratches in the canopy glass?!

IMO this would look absolutely great as it really gives you the feeling that you are sitting in glassed in surrounding. It doesn't have to be disturbing and should maybe be visible in certain angles only while maneuvering...




10) Instead of answering the 10th question, I'll show you a video from Youtube.


It accurately reflects the situation with simulators at the moment. And it's very similar to our "questions and answers" from the series: will be...? Imagine that this box is your different wishes and the cat in this video is our command. J Just remember that my interesting answers are always dependent on your interesting questions.




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  • 1CGS




Hello dear friends. Spring has come, but here is heavy snowfall in Moscow. Perhaps nature wants to help us and provide us the opportunity to study the types of snowy expanses as long as possible. Many thanks to the nature and the weather, but we still want to see the spring. Tell that forecasters possible.


The work is productive in the office and any delays is still insignificant and they are within the norms. This is encouraging every morning. The time is coming when images come more often than texts in our diaries.


But this will be in the future; right now we have a lot of affairs and concerns. Work with such large projects often leads to the need to experiment and change something when we see the result. For example, a small change in lighting requires a fix for already-made textures and a change in the details of animation requires a change in the models. At the moment, your help is very valuable in the search for materials and blueprints. Finding them is getting harder every year as well as data about the battle. Every week we go to the archives, looking for any information that might help. Help us; many of you demonstrate your knowledge in your verbal debates, but actual documents help even more, maybe that can be a key to unlocking something we are missing.


We planned some interesting events and experiments, they will be interesting for us and for you and they will be implemented in the near future, if the weather will allow it. We'll leave the office and go to the airfield to make a dogfight with sport airplanes and conduct tests of turbulence and wake forces. We'll surely shoot all on camera and turn it into interesting films that later we'll present to your attention. Funny, that work on a completely virtual project sometimes requires very real risk, but that's what makes our job so interesting.


And I can already say with confidence that we'll meet with the Russian community in Volgograd (Stalingrad) in May and it will be possible the first presentation of our work. I'll let you know the details later when we'll know our plan exactly.





Answers to your questions:


1) Do you think that the situation is normal when at full realism settings (as an option on the same game server) can use various assistants (such as an automatic machine for the system on the plane where this automatic machine was not)?


For the maximum settings realism this situation is not normal. This just means that all the players are professionals. But I want to say that even if the other players will use assistants, it will still allow the experts to win. Each assistant has a considerable error in the work and if you operate the system manually then you will have the advantage. Preference will be small but enough to win the battle.


2) Will realized continuity of terminology from the new game with the IL-2? For example, IL-2 has a setting "cling to the gun sight", in CloD this parameter is called "unfasten straps" and in RoF this parameter is called "Zoom."


Too early to talk about this. The interface is in the process of prototyping. I can say that we'll choose the most intuitive and easy terms, regardless of what particular project they are taken from, because all three projects are now under one roof. Take a vote, it will be interesting to hear your opinion, but try as we leave feelings aside and really imagine what would be best.


3) Do you plan to test some small innovations arising in the process of developing BoS in RoF?


We would like to make it, but it depends on many factors. To a large extent it depends on the interest of the customers of the game of course. While it was there, we try to develop RoF. We have done this for almost 4 years and I hope that we can celebrate the fifth anniversary. We have many different ideas.


4) Hello! How do you feel (when flu virus is walking across the country), no one is sick? (Some teams stopped work for a month or more because of the illness of one person). How well do you eat in the dining room 1C? And all interested in the question: do you get the "combat" 100 grams of vodka?


Thank you very much that you're interested in this issue. It's all right, though the disease as a "non-combat losses" really affect our work. The guys are working a lot, and often leaving work, we realize that today was again twelve hour day. But we strongly believe in the result and so none of us are frightened and panicked. 100 grams is a constant tradition, although it's always difficult to stop. They feed us well and dining room workers believe that skinny employee is they personal fault.


5) Will BoS have a points system similar to what we have in CLoD?


No, the gameplay will be built on a completely different system.


6) Would it be possible for AI and the player's aircraft to exit from the parking (as it implemented in the IL-2 by DT)? Now DT completes a program that will allow aircraft to enter the runway and take off in turn. Will you make something similar in BoS? Would it be possible to specify the path to a concrete parking for AI?


This is in our plans. But while I don't know how well and thoroughly we can make it. I just can say "no" about the idea of control it using the editor. If it's implemented, it will be done only by our pre-script.


7) Will we still have disappearing ai planes like in RoF, or are there plans to change this issue?


They disappear because they have departed too far from the player's aircraft. This is one of the optimization methods. After removal of these aircraft that you just will not be able to catch up, we can create new objects in your way. We make flight simulator, not a strategy. Of course I understand that you're interested to watch the battle and the "life" of AI behind the scenes. I hope we can think up something that you're not disappointed when you "look behind the scenes."


8) Will new game have protection against the occurrence of epilepsy?


Required warnings will be placed on the box. You don't need to go through a compulsory medical examination, access to the flight will be provided to all. All players still "sick flight" and pills for the treatment does not exist.


9) In the old "IL-2" when the plane left the borders of map then starts to create a primitive landscape and plane can fly infinitely far away. How it will be implemented in BoS?


I think we'll make a loss of control and the forced return of the aircraft to the map. Able to fly outside the map allows you to receive an unfair advantage sometimes. But the map will be huge and I don't think that you will often see its borders.


10) Will realize the possibility of separately (or doubles) launch a rocket missile or it can be fire a volley only?


It depends on the particular aircraft. For example, AFAIK IL-2 can launch two, four or eight missiles in the volley.


11) Will synchronized machine guns fire when the engine is not working as in the old "IL-2" and CloD or they will not shoot as in RoF?


Synchronizers will be modeled accurately as in RoF.


You can discuss this news in this thread

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  • 1CGS




Good afternoon. Today's diary will be pretty short. This is due to the fact that we're working to complete a new version RoF which will be published soon. And of course, we have many tasks for BoS, so we didn't have much time for questions.


First, I want to respond to the great indignation of the English-speaking community of course. Your accusations are true and we do much more to communicate in Russian. Partly because it very easy for us to speak Russian and partly because the Russian-speaking part of the community is very quick to respond to diary and asks a big number of small and specific questions which we pretty easy to answer. But of course, we understand that we're working with an international group and we should not give rise to the impression that communication with us definitely need to know Russian. We'll try to pay more attention to everything. And Jason has been busy with ROF and other business matters and recently traveled to Russia to meet with us in person so he will also be more active in the English side as the project progresses.


The main news this week we started setting up the first pair of planes. The entire engineering department switched to this task and soon we'll be able to tell you about the results. I expect a lot of discovery because nobody has made these aircraft with such precision and with our approach. We're very fascinated and intrigued by the opportunity to get answers to the many questions we ask ourselves before starting this work. I'll definitely talk to you about what will happen.


I enclose a couple of pictures of the IL-2 cockpit. This is not the final stage, still in the process of being finalized. Next time, we'll show an external model.


IL-2_1.jpg IL-2_2.jpg


Answers to some of your questions:


1) Do you plan to implement the refuel, repair, replenishment of ammunition, etc. at the airfield?


In the future. Technically, we're ready to make it but it's part of the gameplay. There is no point in spending time on the production of features if it's not integrated into the game if it is not done tightly.


2) Do you plan an opportunity to give some aircraft as add-ons for RoF (possibly paid) that the community can test them before release BoS?


It's quite difficult. You want to give the whole system the player can test them. That's why we'll do it traditionally. Those who will participate in the pre-order or in any such actions will be able to play the game before release.


3) You have said that AI will follow the same FM as human pilots.  What level of complexity will you be giving AI pilots?  Will you make it like the full variety of human pilots, from novice to ace, or will it be very simplified?


Yes, we'll try to create a different level. And it will be really different. The lowest level of AI will present a flying target, the average level will make some mistakes and it will not create a big problem when you fight one on one, but in the group it can be dangerous. And of course, aces are made for those who really believe that he wants to get a good sparring partner. I can not yet say exactly how many shades of the AI plan, but they will be different and they will be created for different purposes. And of course, sooner or later you will find all the weak spots, I'll not promise you a perfect AI, because I have never seen such.


4) Will the accuracy of the air defense system depends on the time of day, weather conditions and other factors?


Accuracy will depend on the time of day. At night, they can not see you, but they can hear you. AI of air defense systems has "ears". System is based on the actual speed of sound and other important parameters. Searchlights respond to sound in the first place; they turn on and begin to search for targets. Once the target captured by at least one searchlight, others tried as soon as possible focused with the target and then the anti-aircraft guns opened fire. I'm not going to make any promises about the weather, but as you can see, we have everything you need for this, other than the availability of time and money.


5) Can you pay attention to the visibility range of tracers? I don't want to see them from thousands of miles away as in "IL-2".


Ok, we'll try.


6) Do you plan to add new 3d technics to RoF engine? For instance, do you plan to implement bump mapping?


We'll implement bump mapping but trenches are not, for example. You'll see all in the first screenshots, when we're ready to show them.


7) Will the technology of drawing smoke from explosions, fires (on the ground) and etc progress in the new game?


Yes, of course. We cannot invent a system of particles again, but we'll use it to maximum benefit and of course we'll pay attention to the implementation of the artistic part. We have not started it yet.


8) Will the clouds move?




9) Will the machineguns have the same efficiency as in CloD?


We'll check it when we make it.


10) Do you plan to make a mode (career or campaign) where death of pilot will be final so that we can feel the "fear of death."


This is done in our other project RoF now and it's not a very popular idea, alas. In IL-2:BoS we'll not make this. Playing Dead is Dead will be a decision of the user when to quit.


You can discuss this news in this thread

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Good afternoon.


I'm getting used to writing you these small articles, I already know many of the names; I can even imagine how and where there will develop a discussion. I think this is very good. Some of you will disagree with our decisions, ideas and concepts many times. Someone will agree and someone will not, alas. This is inevitable, as well as the release, but on the other hand if it didn't happen there would be no audience who will fight with us for the success of the project later. This is only possible if you will sincerely enjoy what we make and how we planned it. Your help will be needed when new participants will join to this community. They will bring thousands of questions, statements, opinions, videos, rumors and start hundreds of disputes. Only with a group of like-minded people will we be able to cope with this and really create a product known to the world. Flight simulators are a sophisticated game system, manuals for them don't fit on one page and small tutorials don't help the true beginner. The most valuable help is the guidance of more experienced community members. I believe in this approach and so I write for you these small articles.


Today is Friday, but I'm not in the office. I'm at the airfields along with some of the guys. We're shooting a short film which we promised to you earlier, the weather finally allowed us to make this. Alexander (BlackSix) will publish this article for you and he will try to answer your questions. Wish us luck.


The images of ground equipment for the project:


PzKpfw_III_Ausf_L_1.jpg PzKpfw_III_Ausf_L_2.jpg PzKpfw_III_Ausf_L_3.jpg


The traditional answers to your questions:


1) It's known that modern GPU have a good potential for the calculation and there are many API for calculation on GPU. It's clear that the implementation of such technologies is very hard. However, it would be interesting to know your opinion on the prospects for GPU computing in general in flight simulators (such as for the physics of flight and ballistics). What do you think about such scenarios? Can you solve the technical problems that arise in the way of implementation?


I'm not a great professional to respond to this global issue so I went to our lead programmer for the expert opinion. And this is what I've learned. This technology is very good in cases where you need to calculate a large (huge) amount of similar data (for example, equations of the same type). In flight simulators such tasks is not enough. Therefore, we're much more advantageous to use parallel threads on a processor instead of transmitting individual computing on GPU. Also as you know the creation of any new module is a complication of the system on a single link. And complication of the system always will give more negative factors than growth, which we'll obtain using this new module. And third, on the computers that you use for a dedicated server, there is usually no such GPU. This means that where the growth is so necessary, it will not.


2) That the developers think about the contrail? It will be implemented as in the old "IL-2" and will appear at an altitude of 7,000 meters or its appearance will depend on certain conditions?


Quite simply, it will be. It will depend on the parameters of the engine.


3) Question about the damage model. Imagine the situation: fighter attack the bomber from the rear hemisphere. Will the fly off parts of the bomber (planes, antennas, access covers, chassis, etc.) somehow damage attacking aircraft flying behind?


Yes, of course. All parts that come off the aircraft will be separate objects with which the player will be able encounter in flight. On the server all will be done the same way.


4) Will the blast from bombs modeled historically and physically correct? In memoirs often written that the 100 kg bombs dropped from a height of 300 meters. There was even a chance of damage the aircraft which dropped a bomb at low altitude.


Yes, this technology is ready.


5) Will realize such situations when the pilot will not be able to bail out? For example, if the plane took off the wing and quickly rotates.


Yes. This module will consider the forces that act on the pilot and the aircraft. But only after the test we'll be clear how much detail we can do it.


6) How do you plan to implement the collision of aircraft in the frontal attack and the deliberate ram attack only with the help by the propeller? Would it be possible theoretically to cut into pieces the pilot of another aircraft by the propeller of my plane?


I'm not sure in such formulation of the question as "to cut into pieces the pilot" (I'm a person with great imagination and such questions terrify me.) But the ram attacks will be interesting. I.e. you'll be able damage an enemy aircraft with only the help by the propeller. But don't expect miracles, network lag often makes it difficult.


7) Will the exploding wing ammunition magazines part of the damage model?




8) Which airfields will be on the BoS map. Can you already give us a list with the names?


We already have a list but we'll be updating it by the summer. We plan to make all the major airfields needed for historical accuracy of events of the battle. Some airfields such as Pitomnik will be made accurately even in terms of the location of ground structures.


9) Do you follow the development of the project a virtual reality helmet Oculus Rift http://www.oculusvr.com/? Do you plan to include support of this device into the game for release (and even better to test this in ROF) and to adapt the gameplay to the features of this device?


We're also very curious. Now we wait for a sample of such device from Jason in America to draw conclusions.


Jason has tried this device at GDC this past week and likes what he sees so far. It is not a perfect device he says, but we won't know how well we can implement it until we have an actual device in-hand and their SDK.


10) Will the "cheat" device for auto level flight make for all aircraft as in RoF or your decision will be more complex? If such device was installed on the aircraft or the crew had more than one person (i.e. a second crew member theoretically could control aircraft) then this device will be present and on the single-pilot airplanes this device will not be present.


In addition to the simulator it's also a game. And it has to be comfortable. Imagine that phone call or knock on the door or something else requires your attention or if you are just tired to keep a hand on the control stick. Each time for all these questions, I'll answer the same way: if you personally for yourselves want more complexity then just don't use such assistants. But you cannot demand to prohibition enjoy for all users for this idea.


You can discuss this news in this thread

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Hello everyone! Today is Friday again and that means another week is behind us. Management of this Diary helps organize me and it seems that the time flies very fast. If it's time to write this post for you this means that the release has become the 7 day closer. In the initial period we make such decisions that will be critical in the final stages. If we make an error in the assessment of our strength now, so then we'll need to postpone date of the release. We already have a lot of experience in the development of flight simulations and it helps to soberly assess all progress, but a big part of each development member is a player, which is always pushing to add something else, some kind of feature or idea. There is a constant internal struggle and the key to successful implementation of all planned items in time is a victory in this personal struggle. I'll not deny that the fights so far offer mixed results. But on the basis of the third month, we're still going according to plan and just let see that will be around the corner.


Last week we went to an airfield and held organized dogfights. First, of course, it was cool and secondly we got some great experience. Later we'll make a movie about it. In the meantime, let it be a short teaser. Only IL-2, only hardcore! :)




We're often asked if we're not afraid to make hardcore games, when all signs point to the fact that the world wants lighter fare. We're afraid, of course, but we're men and don't show fear. We try to break through.


I promised images of IL-2 last time so here it is. Light is in the process of setting and is a test.


il2am38_1a.jpg il2am38_1b.jpg il2am38_1c.jpg il2am38_2.jpg

il2am38_3.jpg il2am38_4.jpg il2am38_5.jpg


Answers to your questions:


1) Would it be possible to convert the models aircraft from RoF to a new project? Not by developers, without outside help? I was just wondering because the engine is the same. Suddenly the possibilities in the project will be larger! Do it, please. This can combine projects somehow.


Let's make good new project at the beginning. Let's focus on that and then we'll see.


2) Do you plan to create a single Wikipedia "from the developers"? RoF-Wiki great helps me and many others. Thank you! I think that the new project will need to Wiki.


This is an important factor for success. Flight simulators are difficult to master and for new players accessibility of information is often critical. I don't know yet that and how we'll be able make but be sure we'll think and remember about this. I believe that it's no less important than the game itself. But as it has often happened in the past, the community can always do a lot more than the developers as has happened with the current ROF User Manual which is quite huge and full of good information. Without your help to create these information resources is impossible. I hope very much that you will help new players to fall in love with this genre, they want to do this but they often don't have the simple explanations.


3) Servers and commanders for the old "IL-2" have been made on the Windows platform and were not friends with *nix OS. If you make a dedicated server, will it work and support * nix OS?


Unfortunately, no. But I understand why you ask about it. Never swap horses while crossing the stream; current technologies are made for Windows platform. But if the online mode will be popular then we'll once again think about it.


4) The devs are doing a great job in getting first-hand accounts from pilots flying certain soviet aircrafts that will be part of BoS. Will first hand accounts from pilots flying axis aircraft be taken into account too?


That would be great, but so far we don't have such contacts. Maybe in the future, if the project proves popular, someone will take an interest in them and contact us to transfer video footage.


5) Will the game presented at the annual exhibition "Igromir 2013" in Moscow this autumn?


I don't know. Autumn is somewhere very far away now. We'll find the time to meet with the players and show our product before release. But I can't say now whether it will be done exactly at Igromir.


6) Will the flame or any explosions is a source of light? For example, if the fuel tank explodes at night will it light all around?


Yes, it's ready. But the number of such light sources is limited. This is not a shooter, territory and the number of objects is huge.


7) Can I ask your lead programmer about the acceleration of physical effects using GPU?


No, he's busy. After the release he will have time and he will answer all the ideas and suggestions without fail.


8) How do you plan to implement different types and sets of arms? Will we see in game all available variants for this type of aircraft (including the rarely applicable)? Or you plan to make only just historically present sets of arms at this theater or just a specific minimum sets and all the rest will be in the add-ons after release.


Planes will have different versions of arms in the release, widely applicable in the past or not, but they always will be historical and realistic. The player will independently decide to use them or not. Everyone creates gameplay for themselves, we only provide opportunities, and we believe that the more, the better.


9) Do you plan to implement a turbulent wake?


Just last week, we ran tests using measuring instruments and just tape attached to the aircraft. Engine operated in different modes and we measured how turbulent wake diffused. We got a lot of different conclusions. Turbulent wake, of course, will be present in the game, but we have yet to decide how it will be implemented.


10) About ground objects: can we have Katyusha (Катюша)?




You can discuss this news in this thread

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Hello! I blinked and the week was over. In development there is a moment when the end comes closer and things start to become be brighter and more noticeable. In the initial stages is always very hard to see the final product. Time is running, but we cannot see any final results because everyone is busy at his or her tasks and work. But there comes a turning point and things are starting to gather together. Often a whole group of us will gather around one of the jobs in the office and discuss, watch and criticize something new that has just been added. This is very positive and the team now has complete confidence in what we're doing. Each freely express opinions and now there is almost no debate. This means that you'll get a good result.


In a couple months we'll show you the first dogfights of the fighters. We ourselves are also very interested on how this turns out. Many of the ideas and solutions that we are doing now are implemented for the first time. We have called all this "unknown Stalingrad", there are many discoveries to be encountered. Of course, we have already made a lot of bets on the first couple of fighters. What LaGG-3 will look like? Is Bf-109 really so good? A lot of questions and we look forward to the answers. I'll share first impressions once we have them.




And the traditional answers to your questions:


1) Will BoS is available in the store 1C Online? Some users have encountered problems with payment in RoF.


Final methods of purchase are not yet decided, but we hope to offer different purchasing solutions for the community.


2) Could you imagine an online game type like "capture the airfield" or something like that which will make it possible to overtake enemy airfields by destroying a certain percentage of its AA and ground objects to use it afterwards for your own team?


This or any other game mode you will be able to make without assistance. BoS will be created primarily as a game for a single player. We'll closely monitor everything and develop precisely those elements that will be most popular. But we don't plan anything complex for the multiplayer at launch.


3) Does the impact on the project your superiors from 1C? If so, in what direction is this effect? Or you have the budget and you can implement your own vision of a new game?


1C and 777 Studios have agreed to the concept and 1C is entrusting design decisions to the development team. There is no heavy handed direction from 1C as far as design is concerned. We are only limited by our time, budgets and the market. Business decisions such as retail and distribution models are jointly decided.


4) Will allied AA guns fire in the located next to me enemy aircraft or at the dangerous direction for the "friendly" fire without fear of damage to allied units?


It's simple to setup. But the option to shoot "with caution" is difficult to create. We'll test this in the alpha and beta versions and listen to opinions of the participants.


5) How do you plan to make the skill of AI gunners? In the old "IL-2" theirs shooting could be better on the actual distance when the enemy plane is 300 meters and closer.


AI of the gunners is not an easy task. In fact, as you know, to teach him "beautiful" miss is the most difficult. By default, any AI has a phenomenal response and the ability to calculate point of prediction better then Siberian hunters. Programming AI to shoot in some kind of "human" way is a hard thing to do.


6) Not so much a question as a wish that the developers don't forget that there are people that suffer from color-blindness.




7) Do you plan to upgrade and expand the menu options of the graphics settings in BoS compared to RoF?


We don't have the final layout yet, but we are aiming for a simple and fast system for the most common user. Advances users will probably be able to adjust more settings by digging a little deeper. We are pretty confident that we know what kind of graphics settings is most important to the majority of users.


8) Can we expect a qualitative leap in terms of elaboration of the terrain in BoS?


No. Please do not expect gigantic leaps in this area. We still face the same kinds of challenges with hardware limits etc. as before. We are confident it will look just fine and as good as we can make it. There will be some changes like lighting and we have added bump mapping which adds some depth to the picture. In our opinion the terrain will be good.


9) Will we see dynamic shadows in BoS like there is in RoF and CloD?


Yes, of course, as well as a number of other new technologies in all areas, not just in the graphics.


10) What data do you use to create the rocket missile? Is this a technical "yellow press" or somewhere still have real characteristics?


Or somewhere still have real characteristics?


You can discuss this news in this thread

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I didn't write last week because there was no time to prepare and I didn't want to make it a pure formality. I ask you to understand because sometimes work is too much. But I have time this week.


Some of you know we have released a new system for the collection and processing of statistics for ROF. This prototype allows us to debug this idea as well as determine its weaknesses. The good news is it works. This means that we were able to combine servers, which are open the players and have a unified system of data collection. The system is large and complex with your performance is immediately recorded not only on the game server but at the server of general statistics. In the future this will allow us to respond to some problem almost immediately. In fact, we can monitor any action in any mission on the servers and have the possibility to change the player's experience as a result. We did something like this before, but never on such a scale and never with a distributed system of servers.


Of course everything is just beginning and in the statistics currently presents only the most basic parameters of the players and the overall rating. But now we can begin to develop it and to offer a variety of events, competitions, etc., which will occur in near real time on the one hand and on the other hand completely asynchronously. The possibilities are many. This system does work successfully with the single player mode. We have not yet shown results, but it is even more detailed and accurate accounting system of achievements and events. And of course I'm very happy that so far everything is going well and is such a complex system has been successful because it will form the basis for single player and multiplayer component of the "Battle of Stalingrad". How this is done I'll explain later when we're ready.


This is the final post from me before we leave for the May holidays. In May, a few guys from the team and me are planning to go to Volgograd (Stalingrad) and see with our own eyes the battlefields that we're working on in the project. We'll have cameras and video camera, so be sure that you will see a movie about this trip.


Some pictures of Ju-87D3. And I present a second pair of fighter which will be implemented in the project; it's Yak-1 and Bf-109G2.


ju87d3_1.jpg ju87d3_2.jpg ju87d3_3.jpg ju87d3_4.jpg ju87d3_5.jpg






And the traditional answers to your questions:


1) Would it be possible to use the actual flight manuals, instructions and educational films? Or aircraft modeled in the game will have their optimum speed of turn, climb, takeoff/landing, etc?


Yes you can use this if the documents are correct. In studying this issue we have repeatedly faced with the fact that the internet has a lot of not quite correct documents. We'll try to recreate the aircraft as accurately as possible according to the data of tests that we have. But the history of military equipment is a very controversial topic, like a page from the document.


doc1.jpg doc2.jpg


2) How many channels will be designed the sound by default: stereo, 4.0, 5.1 or 7.1?


The sound will be designed for stereo. All sounds and their sources in the project we place correctly in 3D space relative to the listener, even when you using a simple stereo you will perceive the whole sound picture. Supports multi-channel sound requires more work, but given the experience of RoF we have not seen much point in that. In the future this support is not very difficult to make.


3) What is your "vision" of the future game? As in, how will I feel when I will seat in my chair and start it?


Thanks for your question. But this is a topic for a very long story or even the presentation. I'm talking about the project but in small portions, every Friday. Over time, information is becoming more and more.


4) Is it possible to implement tactical formation "defensive circle" for the AI at all stages of combat flight: a flight to the target, a strike to the target (a strike from the circle), retreating from the target?


This is a very difficult task for AI. I can't say that it's impossible but extremely difficult. While active flights not begin, I'll not answer such a question. But now it seems to me that we'll not have time to make anything like that for the release.


5) Do you have the technical ability to create "ghosts" as in driving simulations? It would be very pleased fans of pilotage and the squads could create specific tracks for the education of their cadets.


Such technical ability is certainly there. We thought to use something like this, including for training. But now I understand that it needs some work, interfaces and some other modules. So it will not be in the release.


6) Will the temperature parameter that is set in a mission have an influence at the hue of sunrise and sunset?


No (it's a question of the week :) ).


7) Will photographic equipment installed on the aircraft as in RoF? Will it work online? If so, will the log file record the fact of air reconnaissance?


Such types of missions as reconnaissance or photographic reconnaissance will be added to the game with time. We'll start with simple and common tasks for pilots. But when they are added they will work similar to the system ROF.


8) Do you plan to make full-fledged gun camera rather than just the ability to record flight?


We don't plan this for the present, but the idea is very good.


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Hello dear friends!


Virtually the entire month of May I was out in the office due to frequent travels. It's good for the project because the producer who always sits in the office is a bad sign, you need to move, you need to learn and you should always look for interesting things to do and visit. Of course because of this I missed a few weeks of communicating with you. We'll catch up.


This month has been eventful. We're well advanced in the work on the project, a lot of new features and modules are introduced and functioning properly. I can't confirm with help of some pictures at the moment, so you'll have to trust me, I don't think I have given you a reason to not trust me. Please share with me the joy of what was conceived as a risky idea, but now shows progress and that we can really cope with such incredible challenges.


Lately, we had a lot of visitors in our office. Our pilot friend Barsuk came to visit us along with some of his fellow pilots with which we experimented with in air combat a few weeks ago. And recently we also received a very important guest, it was Stepan Anastasovich Mikoyan.


We're very grateful to him that he found time to come visit us (he is 90 years old and still drives) and really appreciated our work and promised to visit us a few times in the future and to give comments and suggestions. All these VIP visits were recorded on the camera and later we'll show videos with all these wonderful guests. We certainly got a lot of information, but most importantly a common response from all of them is "you're doing it right."


From May 9-11, we were also visiting our friends in Volgograd (Stalingrad) where we saw with our own eyes the battlefield. We pretty well know the city from a height but the first time we walked through the streets. It was a very intense experience and of course we spent two wonderful evenings in the company of our friends who came to these few days from different cities. We converged early in the morning because the topics of conversation were very many. Video about this trip we'll also show you later.


In these diaries we present you a cockpit of Bf 109.


Bf109F4_1.jpg Bf109F4_2.jpg Bf109F4_3.jpg Bf109F4_4.jpg


And the traditional answers to your questions:


1) What will be included in the list of ground targets? Will there be implemented army warehouses, defensive front, attack and supply columns?


We plan to make more than 30 types of ground vehicles, more than 500 different localities and objects. All columns or dynamic ground objects depend on the scenario of each specific mission and its type and goal.


2) What are the reasons behind starting the game at Operation Uranus, roughly three months after the outbreak of the battle?


This period fits well in our capabilities. We cannot create several types of seasonal textures and so many models of equipment in the available time and meet our deadlines. Initial and late periods of the battle are fundamentally different. The prequel may be full-fledged add-on, but not sure yet.


3) A pair of aircraft will be made in the same order in which they were presented community?


No. There's no magic involved. The production plan is completely independent from any diaries or sequence of announcements. It's formed on the basis of maximum efficiency.


4) Will AI leading plane fly at cruising or at full throttle during the flight to the target or to the home?


AI will act as a player for flight in the group, they will save fuel and engine life. In the original "IL-2" the problem was that the AI flew with the simplified FM, but the player flew with the complete and complex model. In BoS this problem will not happen.


5) Will there be a competent flight executive officer who knows how to land any group of AI without sending to the 2nd round?


In the real life it was also difficult to find competent men.


6) NVIDIA or ATI? What platform BoS will give preference??


There will be no any difference of principle. Usually, the difference arises only because of the mistakes that make the driver developer makes. Sometimes this allows one or the other platform to show better performance in some tasks. We don't make any distinction between them.


7) Will the engines refuse because overcooling on full realism given the fact that we'll have winter in the game? Let's say I glided for 3-4 minutes with the open radiator then I added the throttle but the engine refused because it become too cold. Will this done?


Yes. If you find that this is excessive realism, you'll be able to engage the automatic machine for the different systems that will not make such mistakes.


8) Will the game loader have built-in protection for the checksums to somehow avoid the possibility of replacing terrain texture or technique? Those which allow to find an opponent earlier than standard.


Yes, checks of the integrity of the content will be made in different places, not only before loading the game, but during etc.


9) Will the cartridge case fall down from the planes?


Yes, but only of those planes where they did leave the aircraft.[/size]


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There is only a week before the beginning of June. And in June there will come a very important turning point in the development. Until now we've been doing technology, creating the conditions for gameplay and finishing models. In June we'll begin to gather it all together. We'll see all of our highs and lows. By the end of next month we hope to have a stable pre-alpha version of the project. And this of course is a real milestone for us and if it happens it means that we'll make the rest.


Attendance of the forum has increased and we are pleasantly surprised by the growth at this stage. The prevailing thought is that simulators primarily attract the interest of only a small group of fans of the genre. But now we see that the audience of those who follow our news is growing even though we aren't showing anything "commercial" yet or any cool videos with dogfights or promotional materials. So our work is becoming more interesting to new folks. This is amazing and great news. Maybe we'll be able to bring back the legend to the sky together. We say thanks to all those who invite new members and thanks to the virtual squadrons who are active in the forum. With the Sturmovik community growing larger, maybe we can change the direction of the genre as the values of simmers and gamers may have not changed that much after all.


In this diary entry we publish below a video shot by us during our flying experiment in March. In it I recall our visit to the airfield outside Moscow to arrange a dogfight with sporting aircraft. We wanted to understand some of the feelings experienced by pilots in combat and conduct a series of physical experiments. Everything turned out very well. We got a lot of materials which we are using in our work. And at the airfield we decided that we should show some of this stuff to the public. We hope that you will enjoy.





And the traditional answers to your questions:


1) Will the flight model in BoS use some kind of linear compressibility correction to avoid the problems in 1946 where certain aircraft could be flown way too fast, and in some cases even break the sound barrier?


Yes, BoS will take into account the impact on the aerodynamic characteristics of the aircraft Mach number and the effect of the compressibility of air.


2) By curiosity what is the process applied if the devs find existing data to be inaccurate in order to determine the most correct value? How can it be determined that a value is inaccurate? Please don't understand this as provocative. I really want to know. I also think it would be smart if devs show the same transparency in how they choose and use the data as with respect to other aspects so that none can accuse them of twisting or selecting specific data to the benefits of a certain side.


Of course, it's hard. In the first stage we first try to find the maximum number of documents from a variety of sources. Thus at this stage we can see if the data sources are different. Working with such sources for the different aircraft we get used to them and we make out for them a "confidence rating".


Next, we create our own model. It's created based on 3D model and some data of the weight of liquids or equipment on board. Working with this model we derive our internal characteristics. Now we can compare them. Usually they are the same for most parameters, but sometimes there are big differences. Now that we've got our own data we again check for sources and find the one in which the indices are getting closer to what we received in an independent test. After a few such iterations we get our most accurate model.



3) Can you - for future development - imagine to include the option of a pilot body in cockpit view? Please note the "for future development". I know that it has already been stated that such a thing is not part of the release but I'm interested in knowing whether this is a no-go for the devs in general or if it might be possible in the future. I presume that it will require a huge load of animation work and possibly more detailed pilot models as well but to some people this would greatly add to the immersion of the game. Since many others don't want/need this, I imagine to have this as an option.


Yes, it's possible. We're not doing this now because we want to do everything we do include right and not release features in a broken state. And in order to make this feature good, you need to spend a lot of resources and come up with original technologies. Some day we'll return to this issue.


4) Will the leading damaged object in a tight spot affect to the change of course of the convoy (in the opposite direction or the other nearest road if they can not drive around it)? Or objects which follow will push it off the road?


At least the convoy will go around the obstacle. Also during the attack they will try to get away from the open space or off the road if possible. Phase of work on this aspect is yet to come.


5) How will slightly damaged AI plane behave in the dogfight? Whether he would continue fighting and will chase the enemy or it will come out of the fight and will go to the nearest friendly airfield or at towards the frontline? Il-2 had a big problem with this but I don't know how this done in the ROF.


AI is able to make the decision to return to base. This is due to a number of different reactions, for example empty of ammunition, the loss of the lead aircraft or various damages. But not all damages are critical and sometimes AI can continue to fight even after being damaged. This logic is implemented and we'll only adjust it in the future.


6) Will the visibility of horizon increased in the BoS?


At the moment the visual range is 40 kilometers. I don't see why you need a larger range. Visibility is much lower in real life quite often. Fly ROF and you will notice you can see quite far into the distance. We have had no complaints about our horizon draw distance in ROF.


7) Will there also be something like (dynamic) snow storms over the fields?


Yes, that would be cool. While I can not promise, we'll make these features near the end of development. Maybe we'll implement something like that.


8) Will the "Rustsatze" alterations be included for the Bf-109G-2 to carry drop tank, bombs and MG 151 pods?




9) Will you able to simulate combat damage in the cockpit? For example: broken glass and devices, damaging of the visible elements in the cockpit. And how this feature might be interesting (than willing to pay) in your opinion?


We planned this. The main question is now just how cool we can do it. Perhaps it will be just more beautiful than was done in the "IL-2" or we can take a new approach. Time will tell.


10) Will there be any improvements made to the damage modeling from RoF? I mean this in the sense that when you crashed at a very high speed, small components came off (wings, etc) but the fuselage typically stayed intact. Will the modeling be consistent all the way to the innards of the planes, or just on the 'most likely to fail' parts?


We've already done a lot of work in this area. As in ROF the damage model will be unique and complex. It will be both physical and dynamic. But also it will take into account the correction for the speed and of course to other materials that make up the aircraft. Some parts can be bent, others just break off. 


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As I wrote last time, the pace of development continues to increase. We try to keep you up to date, but of course we like the nice bustle when you see something new. I am pleased to announce I have mastered landing the LaGG-3, the influence of the glide path and keeping the speed for a successful touch is increased. Now it is clear that, for example, after the landing gear and flaps extension phase of the landing begins and it is most difficult to reverse it at low altitude. The plane starts to "fall" in the direction of the runway and you need to "hang up" the plane at the last moment for landing. Incorrect speed in the vertical and horizontal leads to bounces and often leads to the loss of control or impact of one of the landing gear and breaking of the landing gear and from then on you can only pray. Also the plane strongly "sags" during vertical maneuvers in the bottom of the trajectory and it does so unexpectedly and this must be remembered. It seems that everything is fine and the height is enough but when you start to pull the stick back, you realize that it needs at least 50 meters. But of course is foolishly to describe the process using words that you have to feel.


Most likely this week the hottest topic of discussion will be the video that has leaked from my YouTube channel. I'll be careful here. I'm not mad at anyone because I understand that you're interested, but we're not ready for such videos. We're not ready because all of the elements in these videos are just prototypes and they don't show the game itself, but only show the development process. The moment when we ourselves begin to show you the video is near, you've endured six months while we were working, be patient a little longer.


In these diaries I'd like to show you what we came up with for a night light in the cockpits. I'm sure that you would be ok with how it was done in the original "IL-2", but modern technology allows us to do everything better and more realistic, and we decided to give it a little attention.


Above all, indicator dials treated by phosphorus paint. It's not necessary to turn on because phosphor becomes brighter when it gets dark. This will happen automatically and smoothly, you can even notice this if you fly into deep shadow, for example in the shadow of clouds.




The second level is the illumination of instruments on the dashboard. This type of lighting is must be manually turned on and in the dark and the instruments are legible even in pitch darkness.


2.jpg 3.jpg


Also on many planes there is a third type of light, it's a small directional lamp. It shines on the whole dashboard and helps you to make out the position of the control arms.


4.jpg 5.jpg


We've modeled all three of these systems.


And the traditional answers to your questions:


1) Will it be possible to completely disable the auxiliary interface in the form of digits, arrows, markers, assistants, etc. on the server? What will be full "hardcore" mode?


I still don't have a complete answer; the work with the interface is still ongoing. But I'll try to explain you the essence of our approach. The most "arcade" is assistants to control. This is automatic control systems (ACS), the kind that is now installed on modern aircraft. The system really helps you to control, for example, it can completely take over control of the rudder. The incorrect work with the pedals is often the cause of getting the plane into a tailspin. ACS will not let you do that, it helps, fixed and directs you. But ACS - it's just a robot and the plane still continues to fully modeled and fly at full physics, this approach is different from the previous approach. Then there are automatic machines. It's also only a system, not magic wands, such as automatic radiator, automatic screw pitch or mixture. A comparison that I usually use is comparison of automatic and manual transmission on the car.


Automatic transmission allows you to be distracted from driving but you never get the chance to use the engine at 100%. To engage or not automatic assistants for each of the systems is the choice of the player. But every machine has small errors and performance is averaged out in their performance. It would be to your advantage to learn the manual system and get good at it.


And the last part is interface. You can see markers allies and opponents with the information about them and the markers objectives on the map and information about the speed, altitude and operation of the aircraft. This is of course a very big blow to the realism of the situation.


As I mentioned earlier, each owner of the server decides himself what kind of server he offers to the players. If it's the server that will participate in the overall competition then setting have to be installed strictly of the proposed and the same all over the world. There are two leagues: amateur and professional. If the server is set up just for flying with friends or to simulate specific historical events, the owner of the server can adjust the "complexity" of their own up and turn off all forms of assistance about which I told you.


This is a very flexible system and the players and the server operators will find exactly what they like from an uncompromising simulation of the operations of the pilot to just pure entertainment for a couple of hours.


2) I'm sorry if this is too early to answer or somebody else already asked. I guess you will follow the system used in RoF, where there were 2 planes for free. The main concern for me is how we will pay for additional planes? Because I really would not appreciate to pay extra for Bf-109G-2, then G-6, then G-6 late, then G-6 AS... but I'll pay for whole Bf-109G pack. For example.


We'll give a detailed response later. But it will not be the same system from ROF where we offered users to decide what content to buy for your collection. In BoS we take the best from the "boxed" sales system and add all the advantages of digital and online sales system. When receiving planes you also get with it a number of different modifications to it; you don't need to buy them separately; you'll be able to play to get them. The project will not be F2P, now we can afford for it not to be.


3) Regarding the new scoring system, can't there be a way to award more points for succeeding in a less capable aircraft?  It won't make sense to receive the same amount of points for shooting down a 109G-2 with a Yak-1 instead of a La-5FN.


Yes, it's possible. We can manage this fairly quickly and easily. We don't even need to change anything on your computer. We can all change on the server. As we get closer to release we'll start to polish such features. We'll take counsel with you how best to configure the system. This system will work only in dogfights; in historical missions reward system will be very different and will be based primarily on performance of tasks and orders.


4) Do you have immunity to the pilots and engineers from YouTube, who argue their case with the phrase "because I think so"?


To receive such immunity is not possible. But we have clearly announced rules of such communication. Opinions should be documented and such a person must have an undisputed reputation in the community. But getting such an authority is only possible if you really know something and you know how to present it to us effectively. Deceiving a single developer is still possible but deceiving the hundreds of thousands of players is almost impossible. We have excellent consultants on the project and argument with their opinion will not be easy.


5) Will there be more then one version each of the IL-2 and Pe-2?


Yes. Pe-2, for example, will be presented to the 87th and 110th series.


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How it works. Part I


Hello dear friends!


There is not much time until the completion of the first version of the project. So far we've been able to move without excluding ideas and wishes for inclusion into the product, but sooner or later we expect that we will have to start saying "no" to suggestions from not only you, but ourselves. This is definitely a difficult process to decide what to include, because all ideas without exception seem to be important and interesting to someone.


Since time is short, I think I can begin to tell you about the gameplay. First I want to remind you what goal we set for ourselves. First of all, we know that the audience is very heterogeneous and it has different groups of players often have conflicting wishes. Some players think that only multiplayer is worthy of attention, others would like to see the entire ground war modeled instead of focusing on missions, some folks just wants to know what it was like to dogfight during the Second World War and lastly, some will just get a disc as a gift and not know what he or she wants from the game. Realizing that our audience is so different, we came to a strategy of the gameplay that we call "Single Player Online".


As you can see, this term consists of two parts that usually are divided into Single - Single Player and Online - game over a network. It's believed that if you're playing through a network then this must necessarily be a game against other players, but it's not. The network gives us other possibilities for constructing the gaming process. For further explanation I use two more modern terms of the gaming industry: PvP and PvE (PvP - Player versus Player and PvE - Player versus Environment).


Of course PvP mode creates excitement because there is nothing that excites the nerves as the realization that in your gun sight of a human player. The first victory in the network is always memorable and then you can excitedly tell others how you won. But, alas, this excitement often means primitive gameplay.


PvE mode gives the opportunity to tell the story for the player and the AI plays the role of the statistician and the scenery in this process. PvE missions have a story and imply role-based gameplay.


In our new project we're creating PvP and PvE part of the game that will be linked. But PvE mode will be a little more important because this specific type of gameplay will allow us to recreate a complete picture of one of the most tragic and heroic battles that took place on the Volga.


In order to meet the needs of such different audiences, we decided to build the gaming process so that everyone can find exactly the style of gameplay that best matches his or her gaming requirements or time restrictions.


Missions represent 5 main phases of the Battle of Stalingrad (the list and the names of the phases are not final).


1) Phase 1 - On the eve of the counter-offensive

2) Phase 2 - Operation "Uranus"

3) Phase 3 - Fight against air bridge

4) Phase 4 - Operation "Winter storm"

5) Phase 5 - Operation "Ring"


The phases are placed in historical sequence and you'll get a general idea about the course of the battle when you'll go through them all. To move to the next phase, the pilot must successfully complete the necessary tasks of the previous phase.


At each phase, the location of the Soviet and German armies is unique and corresponds to the historical realities. This applies to the location of the armies themselves and airfields. The situation varies from phase to phase and illustrates the course of the battle. How does the logic of missions work? In this article I'll talk about the general logic and the next Friday we'll talk about the details.


Single Player Online allows us to create a unique structure which will form the basis of the game. Mission generator will be on the server as well as a template for the phase of the battle. A customer chooses a phase and some other conditions such as type of aircraft and makes a request. The pilot receives a unique generated mission. Every mission is unique and differs in detail from any other mission that is generated for any other players. Two missions identical in the details will be very rare (less than 5%). And no player knows what task he or she will be assigned until the request is made. This will ensure a fair and unbiased game for everyone involved. Of course, the most important factor is the performance of tasks in the mission because only such an outcome will bring you a real advantage. Destroyed enemy aircraft or equipment that is not the purpose of the mission, of course will be recorded in your stats, but it does not help you in advancing the story.


You'll find continuation of the story about the gameplay in the next diaries.


As a bonus, I want to show you a short video that demonstrates the capabilities of the sound engine. In the video you'll see a Bf-109 flying at a distance of about 100 meters away from the camera. You can hear that the sound engine is very complex and simulates all the sound effects from the real world.




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How it works - (Part II) 
When you begin the Historical campaign you'll be prompted to choose which one of operation's phases you want to start in. If it's your first time in Battle of Stalingrad only the first phase will be available. If you've previously made progress in the campaign then each of the previous phases will be available so you're not limited to just the current phase. All operational phases are unique in regards of disposition of troops, defensive lines, weather conditions, aircraft in theatre and squadrons taking part in the action. Your progress to the next phases depends on successful completion of missions in each phase. 
When you enter a phase you'll be asked to join a regiment. The regiments available vary from phase to phase the way it happened back then during Battle of Stalingrad: some squadrons leave, some come to the front lines, join other units or get renamed. Which regiment you choose defines which side you server with - Soviet Air force or German Luftwaffe. You'll be free to change sides before every mission. Thus, all your stats gathered in the game get bound to your account while specific data is split in two separate profiles - USSR and Germany.
Every regiment has a home base and specific aircraft in service. You can use any plane that your regiment has available. Remember, that a plane's design defines the type of mission you'll be offered to play. If you choose a fighter, ground attack or bomber the gameplay will be different which helps us bring you three different flight-sim experiences. The types of missions that are offered are very diverse and give you the freedom to choose one that suits you best. Some players prefer intense dogfights or ground assaults against armor or massive bombing raids hitting transportation lines or troops. 
Also our mission generator pays attention to the phase you're playing - i.e. stage of the battle. For instance, Luftwaffe bombers fly more supply missions than bombing raids during the aerial bridge period, while Soviet fighters try to intercept them more often. Such a situation is drastically different from what happened in the air during earlier stages of the battle. Thus, the variety of mission types allows you to see the operation from all points of view.
Weather is taken into account as well. We've preset certain rules for weather in every phase. For instance, some periods will have pretty bad weather simply because that's how it was in real life according to history. Wind speed and direction is taken into account as well. The time when the mission starts will be set depending on the specific regiment you're playing for and the period of the phase.
Along with you and your AI controlled enemies, a whole bunch of other AI planes will be active in every mission. You may meet friendly or enemy units flying by, scouting, bombing or fighting each other. Both the air and ground will be filled with action and your mission won't be fought by you alone, but with friendly AI crews. Should you engage a hostile recon unit? Will you try to help a pair of friendlies outnumbered by an enemy squad? Can you protect a group of ground assault planes from a sudden attack? It is up to you to decide, but remember - you're on your own mission with its own priorities!   
Online - Offline (or what to do if I'm at North pole)
Here's how internet connection requirement works. 
1) To download the game and update it you'll need to be connected;
2) To register a personal account right after you buy the game you need to be connected;
3) To activate your copy you need to be connected;


4) To login (pass authorization) you need to be connected;


5) To play Historical campaign and obtain all bonus content we're preparing you need to be connected. The network bandwidth requirements are really low and the amount of sent/received data is minimal. This is how we ensure that the provided experience in Campaign is absolutely original and everyone's progress is fair;


6) Until Offline mode is available, QMB will also require internet connection;
7) Multiplayer mode obviously requires a connection. 
It's up to you to choose between Online and Offline modes, however the Historical campaign is only available Online, it is the key component of the initial game and it brings you over 70% of the overall new IL-2 Sturmovik experience.
Offline features mentioned above will be described in my next diary as well as some notes about mission difficulty and player's progress.
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Long - Fast, Hard - Easy.


I remember 2004 when I was playing IL-2 a lot with my friends. We used to be a really cool gaming team called =FB=. Now, as the producer of this new title in legendary franchise I can't help thinking about my squad mates trying to understand our future players.


My friends changed a lot in the past 9 years - each of them went their own way and now has specific gaming demands and habits. Some still can spend the whole night playing online, some prefer to spend more time with their families and don't give games more than an hour. Attitudes and preferences of both categories are important to me and both are eagerly waiting for our game to be released. So what do we do?


Solving this issue we came to conclusion that we need specific tools to let different players find equally convenient conditions for earning achievements and progressing in the game. So we've created a unified system that joins together the whole gameplay.


First criteria - time spent playing. Prior to starting a mission in historical campaign you'll be offered to choose between:

1) go the full route

2) go to battle now


A full route mission will take one hour or even more of your time (of course, you could speed up time, but if you do so some significant details can be lost). Such mission starts on the airfield where taxi to the lane, then takeoff, proceed to certain points, reach you mission target, accomplish it, return to base and land.


If you decide to go to battle without hesitation your mission will take about 30 minutes. Your plane will spawn in the air already on the route to the target and in a few minutes you'll get to it. Landing is not required at all too - just get back to your spawn point and consider the mission complete.


Thus, 1 fulltime mission equals 2 quick start missions. The same equation expands to pilot's score. Successful takeoff and landing would give a player additional points that equal to 1 quick start mission bonus. So, my friends will be able to compare each other's results even spending different amount of time playing the game.


Second criteria - complexity. And here we follow the same principle and establish two leagues: Normal and Hard. In normal, a player will be allowed to use markers, automated system controls, markers on the map and other elements that make gameplay friendlier. Meanwhile, all parameters of physics, weapons and AI remain unchanged (i.e. 100% realistic). Hard mode leaves you in more challenging conditions: no markers, no navigation assistance. Of course, we're going to offer a whole bunch of optional settings: increased projectile damage, simplified flight model, etc.. But these settings will only be available in mission editor and user missions. Using them in historical campaign will make your mission results vague, and even if you complete it your progress won't change.


Thus, the complexity criteria help us equalize players who prefer different difficulty settings. Hard mode brings twice more score points than normal mode does. That's why 1 full route mission on Hard equals 4 quick start missions on Normal. 1 hour of challenging experience versus 2 hour of less intense gameplay - it's fair and convenient. 


Quick mission editor and user missions.


In addition to historical campaign we offer you two more game modes that provide you a more varied gaming experience and even help to implement your creativity.


Quick mission editor will allow you to reconstruct any combat situation - easily, intuitively and quite precisely. First, choose aircraft for yourself and your squad mates, as well as number of squads. Then do the same with your enemy and don't forget to specify mastery level for each AI-controlled pilot. Then level conditions follow: choose map and target location, add ground AI objects if you want, be it friendly or enemy ones. Tune weather, time of the day and wind direction - and you're ready for a fight.


Generally this mode is perfect for basic training, improving your flying skills and simply for fun. It's completely up to you to decide how much time you'll be spending playing it - any results of your playing here won't be taken into account and won't be included into global stats. This is your personal sandbox.


User missions are scenario missions created by you personally, by your friends or anyone who made and shared them for public use. Such missions are created using full mission editor which goes along with the game for free, or can be downloaded from our site. Free your imagination and recreate any battle or raid, any scenario or training sequence - in this world you're the creator. The editor is powerful and once mastered it opens up a world of possibilities for you and your friends. Once you've got a scenario saved as a file, just put it into the corresponding folder on your local storage and the mission will appear in the game's menu. Make new missions, share them and play alone or together with friends. Your stats won't be influenced by your wins and losses in this mode, which gives you complete freedom for all sorts of experiments.


Both these modes allow players to use user-made aircraft skins.


Both of them are 100% available for playing offline without limits and restrictions.





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Planes and modifications


The key difference between our new project and the previous one is that all additional content can be obtained for free.


All planes that participated in the Battle of Stalingrad had various sorts of weapon and equipment modifications and even global design modifications. All of them will be available as un-lockable rewards. We've selected the five most interesting modifications for each aircraft in the game. Some are significant, others - typical. For instance, Soviet air forces soon realized how vulnerable an attack plane (Sturmovik) is and started installing gunner-manned turrets in the field. The German Luftwaffe used lots of standard issue modifications: drop tanks, under-wing gun pods. And of course both sides used such typical mods as different bombs and rockets. And we add other exciting opportunities like removing head armor plate if it limits your view.


Possibly it could be simpler to allow linear upgrades that only improve an aircraft and make it better with every next unlocked item. However we prefer to keep it realistic, so every modification has its advantages and disadvantages, strengths and weaknesses which puts you in a situation where you need to make a thoughtful decision when and how to make the best use of it. What would you choose? It's up to you because all mods are very different, historically correct and interesting as gameplay features.


How do you obtain mods? That's simple. Like in every other game, a player shows some level of effectiveness in completing missions. In real life, WWII pilots were rewarded with bonus payments, leave passes, higher ranks and medals/decorations. You'll see that in IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad we're joining gaming and history together.


The whole reward system in the game is divided into categories:


1) Effectiveness Points

2) Levels (Ranks)

3) Medals/Decorations

4) Achievements (Badges and Insignia)


Effectiveness points are given for different sorts of actions that you perform in the game: takeoff, landing, completing a mission, damaging or taking down an enemy plane, destroying a ground unit or bailing out, etc. This score depicts your virtual life in details. Playing on Hard difficulty setting grants you the option to earn more of them, Normal mode gives less. These points index your overall skill and define your level.


Skill level shows your advance through the game. Obtaining a new level grants you an ability to unlock new modifications or a plane, until you get them all. This entire development system is pretty much typical for most games these days, it's popular and simple. You decide what plane and what mod to use. We know that a part of the community only flies fighters and attackers, other guys only stick to bombers - the choice is yours, anyways we're sure that each aircraft that we put in the game will be a great machine worth your time and attention.


Players will have one rank indicator for all their profiles while these profiles may have different levels depending on pilot's progress in German and Soviet campaigns. For instance, you may see a Rank 5 player meanwhile his level on the USSR profile could be higher than on the German one, and it would be shown on his badge.


Historical medals/decorations will be given for players' progress through Historical campaign. Some of them will be pretty simple to earn - and they really weren't too hard to achieve in WWII; others will be very difficult to get and only a limited number of those will be given to players. Criteria of rewarding with these will be as close to the real ones as possible, as will their appearance. And every side will have its own rewards.


Game achievement shows how good you are as a player. We invented them and they are not bound to any historically correct requirements. Some of them are cumulative; others are more complex and call for your mastery and skill. They are all diverse and we know a lot of players love to achieve them. For many of them, pilots will not only get special badges and insignia, but also rewards like more points and other specific content. An example of this would be aircraft camouflage skins. Every regiment will have its specific camouflage - exactly the same they used to have in the war, but you'll be allowed to put on a different one when you earn it. Such individual skin won't be absolutely voluntary, you will not be able to draw Mickey Mouse and etc. but be sure that we'll pick the most original and eye-catching camo patterns of real pilot in the history of the Battle. And every time another pilot sees you on the multiplayer server they will know you by those hard challenges you've came thru to earn this or that camo.


We hope that the balance between historical accuracy and exciting gameplay will allow many players find what they've been looking for in our project. At the same time all players - more or less hardcore - will share a similar experience and will perfectly understand each other.


Of course, there's still a lot to tell about gameplay, but since the game is not to be released tomorrow, I'll get lots of new blog notes posted on that topic.




We've got big plans for this game mode. We have vast experience in creating exciting systems allowing players to not only to fly together, but feel themselves as a part of a huge and live world too. We know that it's what most of you want. However we're unable to achieve that now and we hope to get to it if game launches successfully. Anyways, not to do something at launch does not mean to do nothing at all.


We're developing multiplayer missions. All servers will be created and maintained by players. To launch a server you'll need to download and install a special piece of software that runs dedicated servers. To play in multiplayer you'll only need to find a server in the game's interface and join it. The Full Mission Editor will allow you to create complicated online scenarios of your own, add scripted events and scenes, or you can simply play dogfight missions.


All servers are divided into two classes:


1) Global statistics ON

2) Global statistics OFF


If a server was created with global stats turned on then all the match results will affect your profile; if not - your stats won't be influenced by your combat performance. If the server is open for global statistics then the player will only be allowed to use the skins that they've unlocked playing the Historical campaign.


With global stats on or off, you'll be using only the planes and mods that you've obtained by purchasing the game or have unlocked by playing the Historical campaign (game SKUs and pricing will be described later)


For the stats to be counted, the server must fit one of the difficulty presets: Normal and Hard. If the server's owner does not want the stats to be counted (or the server has been created for a specific event) then setting can be changed in any possible way.


1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg




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Hi everyone. There won't be a lot to read in today's blog note. It's a hot time for us these days, and summer sun and girls on the streets are even hotter, you know. Everyone of us in the team, with full dedication keeps proving that development goes first and all the rest gotta wait till weekend.


We're preparing some really big news for you, and we're excited just like as you possibly are. And since I'm short of time for a full-size blog note today, I have made this genuine improvisation for you




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Hello everybody!


Today I, Andrey "Zak" Shumakov am backing up LOFT. You must be wondering what's the story behind it and how is it connected to the big news that we promised last week? A bit more patience, please :)

This spring Albert aka LOFT travelled to Volgograd (former Stalingrad) to examine ruins and other places of historical interest related to Battle of Stalingrad. Today he flies to the US: why, by what plane and where exactly - we'll tell you everything in a week or so.

By the way join us and follow as on Facebook and Twitter, and even Instagram - first photos from LOFT's trip will appear there.


Today's media update is special - this is a short movie about 1CGS expedition to ex-Stalingrad and a brief lecture about this historical battle. Directed by Deda. Don't forget to turn the subs on.



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Hello dear friends!


I've been away for some time and I think most of you know that I wasn't on an extended vacation or something. Although I did actually have a couple of simply pleasant days to enjoy myself on the west coast of America, most of my time was devoted to work. While I was traveling we opened the pre-order (still excited about it!) and presented the project of the press in the USA (another first-time experience for me). These were all big and significant milestones for us, and I can see that you've paid a lot of attention to them. I see new topics and discussions starting and much discussion. And I don't mean to sound rude, but remember a high level of respect for all forum members is necessary at all times and we all should care to keep it high. The moderators are always here to keep our forums clean from any possible disinformation, mysteries and manipulations and if someone is way out of line, write to them or to us and we’ll handle the situation. Please no flame wars or personal attacks on our forum. The forum should be a place of mutual enjoyment, engagement, learning and above all friendship.


All right, back to development. Speaking of emotional states, the whole team is excited. It was just 8 months ago when we first seriously thought about creating a WWII flight sim and to think then that it would have enough quality content to be shown to the public this autumn and essentially ready in 14 months, we concluded that it must be impossible. And judging by other studios' experiences, our conclusion seemed totally correct. Well, I figure, the world's experience doesn't take the power of wish or our stubbornness into account. Now, 8 months later, I start to believe that a technical miracle is about to happen. Note, that I'm a pessimist – as a professional this is the safest course in development and for me to start to believe it is a good feeling.


From our small dev team - to those who believed in our dream and pre-ordered any of the editions - thank you very much! You not only gave us money, but also more confidence that our path is true and correct.


Back to work now. Pre-alpha stage is now successfully completed and there are a number of new targets that are awaiting our focus. First up is to present the game in Europe at GamesCom 2013 in Cologne, Germany later this month. I hope that all visitors (press mostly) will be able to fly using the Oculus Rift which is now being tuned for optimal compatibility with BOS. Believe me, this is truly and awesome sight.


Well, today I'd like to fix one of my recent mistakes. Thanks to the presentation on USS Hornet a lot of camera gameplay videos popped up on the internet. Today I'm showing you all some of the moments that you could have seen if you had been there, but this time it's for all of you and in much better quality.




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Hi everyone.


I feel I need to answer at least some of the questions that became topical recently. There are quite a lot of them and I’m going to give answers only to the most important ones, not to each and every one of course.


Speaking of the development in general, we’re on a long and hard track that ends with a new build and the beginning of the early access period. The first pair of fighters is practically complete and the next planes in the queue are already being worked on. The IL-2 is now being tested and Pe-2 will follow. Now it’s time to create an all new GUI and implement some game modes. What’s also on the top of the list is a bunch of graphical improvements, FX, AI tweaking and massive AI performance. We’ve got a lot do as you can see. So he we go! :)


3.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg 8.jpg


Here come the answers.


1. Question is, how can people unlock mods for the FW 190? Or will that plane be available in the campaign, or will that plane not get any modifications at all, or will you be able to unlock mods for the FW190 by flying the Bf.109 (or other German planes)?


All mods for premium aircraft are obtained the exactly same way as it’s designed for all other planes – they are earned in Historical campaign. Since this aircraft did not take part in the Battle of Stalingrad, it won’t be available in any regiment – only you (and possibly your AI squad mates) will be able to fly FW in campaign.


Basically, we chose it for the following reasons: “this plane could be there, it was capable to fight in these circumstances and combat situation, thus the FW-190 is by all means a machine of that period”. This also goes for the early La-5. And we decided to make both planes because in some ways they depict the technical progress of the BOS era and they should be interesting to so many players. BUT since we refuse to misrepresent the history, we made them only available in the Premium pre-order edition.


Note that both planes will be available for multiplayer at launch.


2.  In autumn when the early access begins, will players be offered multiplayer servers and TS, or will it be all up to them? Or beta is for offliners only?


We’ll prepare everything for you.


3.  What do you mean by “sessions” of early access? Does it mean that it’s going to be time-limited or opened for short periods?


Possibly. This early access is also the very first public test. It’s for you to enjoy it and for us to analyze and examine it. We’ll plan everything with maximum precision to achieve these two goals. For starters, there will definitely be events. Some systems need to be tested, so there’ll be a program for every session: we’ll ask you to try this or taste that feature and to pay a bit of attention to something, etc. New versions will be frequently deployed, new content and gameplay variations will be shown: we’re creating a new Universe with you and it’s quite a complicated thingJ


4.  Has it been decided yet, what’s to be offered during early access this autumn?


Yes and these plans are already being worked at. All details will be released later by mid-autumn.


5. Can one buy Yak separately without leveling to get it?


Nope. We encourage players to progress in the game and we believe the pay-to-win approach could harm the community. That’s why planes are separated into Standard and Premium ones from the start. First cannot be bought, second cannot be earned. However, we receive enormous amount of requests from players who seek for a way to speed up the process of unlocking items, they point to other projects and complain about how short a life is. J So we’re thinking. Those who believe that there must be some content as a certain award for their skill are the majority at this moment, but we hope to find a way to satisfy both camps and keep them in peace.


6. Will the first early access release in autumn already include an early version of the single-player campaign? If so: can unlockable items already be unlocked by playing it? If so: will players keep their unlocked items or will there be a reset at the full release in spring?


Maybe, but we haven’t set any particular dates yet. Surely it’s not new bugs that we invite you to see. Some early access events will let you test and try unlocks, some will be all about earning them in a pre-determined way. Of course, we won’t save all your progress, but to those especially active and helpful players some presents and bonuses may be given: unlocks or even something totally exclusive.


7. My squad is toо afraid to commit to a pre-order due to system requirements not being posted, when will system requirements be up for display? so we know whose PC will or will not play this game, as it is we all can fly ROF with minimum problems. Please show system requirements soon, so we know, and then know to pre order or not.


I agree that system requirements are really important. We’ll announce them shortly. We are trying to make them reasonable and similar to what we currently have for ROF, but not all effects and programming are completed so a final set of specs is premature to announce. Thank you for your trust and enthusiasm.


•       Windows® XP (SP2) / Vista (SP1) / Windows® 7 (SP1) / Windows® 8

•       CPU: Intel® Core™ 2 Quad 2.6 GHz+ or Intel® Core™ i5/i7 2.6 GHz+

•       GPU: 1024 Mb+, GeForce GTX 260+/Radeon HD5850+

•       RAM: 4 Gb+

•       Sound: DirectX 9.0c/11 compatible

•       Free Hard Drive space: 10 Gb+

•       Internet Connection for Registration, Career Mode, Statistics Tracking - 256 Kb/s; for Multiplayer - 1 Mb/s and faster.


8. I know that future theaters of operation depend entirely on the success and sales of BoS. With that in mind would you consider making a Korean War expansion?


Korea is broadly discussed and asked about. We’d be happy to make it someday but speculating on it now is like seeing the future, but we’re not into magic here. Just real motors, gasoline and steel interest us at the moment. However, we do have dreams and Korean theatre of war holds a solid position among them.


9. Are you using the Russian documents to model German aircraft?


We use every document we can find. The Soviet docs that have been discussed recently have just been released from top secret archives, which make them a uniquely important source of data and we’re happy to have them. These papers definitely add to the overall picture.


10. How come there is no section "About us..." or "IL2-BoS Team", so we can see who works on what, and how many of people work on this project and so on... like it is on web page for RoF?


The website is still being designed and more info along these lines will follow.


11. A few people have asked this a number of times but I still don't think we have had a clear answer yet... Will BOS have IL2 style CO-OPs?


Obviously, it’s just hard to believe our answer, but it is no. And we hear your roar of indignation, but please let me explain everything first. Yes, we have all necessary technologies and yes, they work perfectly, but we have made a conscious decision not to release co-op at launch. The reason is because we want to make it good. And it’s much more than just technologies; it’s a certain level of service – convenient, reliable, and inviting. And this level of service we can’t provide at launch. It may become possible someday if the project is popular and develops with a positive dynamic. The good news is that the MP environment that will be available at launch can support squadron based missions and objectives easily and missions can be flown with your friends in a co-op style without much difficulty with just a little coordination between pilots.


12. Since single-player has the priority will AI pilots fight for energy?


As every patriotic AI does, our bots will fight for Motherland with a variety of techniques.



13. ROF has fancy FX with oil stains on pilot’s goggles when the engine is damaged. But in BOS there are proper canopies on planes. The question is will there be similar FX on the glass triggered by oil sprays, soot, hoarfrost, etc?


We’ll have it all.


14. Will Pe-2 and He.111 have cockpits? For the navigating officer and gunners?


Yes, every substantial member of the crew will have their own cockpit.


15. Can you provide unlockable field mods table/ladder along with requirements for every unlock?


They will be published pretty soon, stay in touch.


16. Will BOS feature pilot’s equipment customization as it is in CLOD?




17. How will flaps function on Bf.109? Some suggest to make the system similar to one used for I-16 in “IL-2 1946”


Every aircraft will have individual scheme and functionality for all mechanical systems. For instance, raising and releasing flaps will happen in real time and you’ll notice soon that LaGG’s flaps move significantly faster than Friedrich’s.


18. Please tell more about modeling engines for the first two fighters (LaGG-3 and Bf.109F)


Later, when there’s enough time our engineers will do so, and they are way more competent in these questions than I am.


You can discuss this news in this thread

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Hello Everyone,


I know that every Friday you're waiting for news about development. But this time Albert aka Loft is preparing for a business trip to Germany which brings him to GamesCom-2013 where he will koin Jason to show BOS to the press and a few lucky community members. It’s always a fun time to show BOS to more people.

As a dessert for today we offer you the recording of our first live stream. Now you can watch it without any technical connectivity issues that always happen during a live internet broadcast. And of course, the English subtitles have been added so our comments are now easier to understand.

And thanks again to the guys who helped us to set everything up properly for the stream and to all who joined Jason on TeamSpeak during the broadcast.




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Hi everyone!


Today's blog note will be brief, but I haven't come empty-handed.

Status report: everything goes as planned. Albert and Jason are working on GamesCom, Cologne at this very moment, and they'll definitely have some story for us to tell the next week.

In general, our plans for September are promising and we won't let you get bored.

Meanwhile, IL2BOS is developing and growing, and to prove this I'm sharing with you this pack of screenshots with a long-awaited Pe-2 on them. Meet, Peshka :)

And by the way, all the most recent screenshots can now be found on a special page of our cozy website here: http://il2sturmovik.com/media/


You can discuss this news in this thread










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Dear Pilots!


Today’s 30th anniversary Dev blog note is a perfect occasion for some presents, don’t you think?

It has been five weeks since we launched the IL-2: BOS pre-order program. We say thanks to everyone who pre-ordered either edition by September 1st! In appreciation of all who have pre-ordered by this date, you will receive two bonuses for your in-game IL-2 aircraft:

  • Weapon modification with a ShKAS machinegun in the rear.
  • Unique camouflage skin.
Both these additions will be available to you the very first day when IL-2: BOS is released. The IL-2 skin is unique and cannot be unlocked while playing the game.

More good news - we have decided to extend the early-access pre-order program for one more month until October 1st! Over the past few weeks we have revealed more and more information about the project, our technology, the team and our goals. Now many more potential pilots can make an informed decision about BOS and still participate in our pre-order program. We hope they will want to join you in the skies above Stalingrad this year.

In addition to extending the pre-order program, anyone who has already placed or will place an order before October 1st will receive a special skin for the Bf-109 F4.  This is just one of several other bonuses that will be announced for those that place a pre-order before the deadline. Stay tuned!

And finally the biggest news so far - both the Standard and Premium editions of BOS will now include all 8 flyable aircraft as a launching set of aircrafts! We always listen to our community’s opinion and we respect your input and concerns. Therefore we have decided to give all users the Yak-1 and Bf-109 G2 as part of the basic package. The dogfights will surely be epic fun for all.


And as promised the record of yesterdays live stream is now available with English subtitles on our YouTube channel




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  • 1CGS



Hello Pilots!


I'd like to answer some your questions today. Next week we plan to have a new live stream, this time with Andrey Solomykin aka Petrovich, the author of physics and aerodynamics in our project. These elements of development are his specialty so he can tell more interesting and deeper things about them.


Also a new important milestone has been achieved by the team recently. Rise of Flight is now available on Steam. This also means the compatibility of technologies: you can play ROF purchased on the official site together with players who purchased it on Steam - the sky is one for all. At the same we return IL-2 Sturmovik - 1946 to Steam. This version contains all up-to-date additional content and updates. And buying ROF before September 12th will give you free copy of IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946.



1) Will the alpha-version which is going to be provided to players during the early access period in Autumn have SLI/CrossFire support? I know that release version was announced to have full compatibility.




2) Premium pre-order gives a) premium planes, b) free unlocks, c) upcoming free unlocks. Will this all be bound to one activation key or, like in most DD stores, sent to us as separate keys for each bonus?


There's 1 key per account. You activate it on your profile and all other content packs and bonuses get bound to it automatically. There's only one exception for gifts which, as keys, can be transferred freely before they are activated.


3) A question to LOFT. Albert, what are you planning to show on GamesCom? What has been added to the version shown in the US?


I'm answering after the convention obviously. In Germany we worked with certain press representatives personally. Every meeting was scheduled in advance, and we had visitors without a single break. A guest was coming in to learn about all 1C-SoftClub most recent projects: RPGs, RTSs and the new IL-2, of course. Such personal approach allowed them to ask more deep and specific questions and get more detailed answers. Also, unlike during the US presentation, this time we had full Oculus Rift compatibility, and there were new planes in the game.


We have significantly updated versions every week internally.


4) A swastika question. Devs made and declared their final decision. What's your attitude to user-made skins that may have Hakenkreuz on them?


We have no intention to control players. Draw and use anything you want. There'll be only one exception for those cases when you demonstrate gameplay on some public event in a country that acknowledged the usage of such symbols illegal.


5) I'm wondering about the way you make your decision about adding new planes? Do the polls on the forums influence that decision? What do you prioritize: plane's potential to be interesting to players, or volumes of available technical information that make them simple for you to model?


Well, I won't give out all inside info on that matter. The polls surely do influence on the choices we make. It has never been declared that players decide for us, however if the results of these polls contradict our plans, we have to reconsider those plans. And when a poll confirms our positions, we're just glad that we're doing the right thing. But the global logic of choosing separate planes or theatres of war is a dense blend of our own interests, aspirations and of course technical potential and deadlines.


6) Are you hiring? If yes, what kind of specialists are you interested in most of all?


Yes. After the pre-order program had started we received this opportunity. This year we are gathering new colleagues. We want to improve visual FX in the game, so we need a professional in that field. Also we're started to search for one more engineer. And we'll need another level designer because our technical opportunities are huge and growing, and there are not enough hands to make good use of them. And of course we're looking for talented programmers specializing in graphics and networks. If you are one of these professionals, please PM me or Jason on the forum. If you can demonstrate your skill with real samples or a portfolio in addition to a resume, that could improve your chances for sure.


7) Dear developers, what would you consider as a success of your project? Reimburse the investments? 1 million players? How do we - ordinary users - know that you're doing okay? Only when you announce development of new theatres of war?


All right, I'll pick a more optimistic forum avatar :) And seriously, if and when something really big happens: be it good or bad news - we'll share such news with you. We've never secluded any info about us (to compensate the investment is obviously the minimal goal, and 1 million players is maximum).


8) Do you plan to allow adding additional user made maps for dogfight like it's done in ROF?


Technically it is possible. We only need to have creators who can provide us (and you) with such maps. We can't pay much attention to them being really busy with the development, but we hope that won't stop map-makers. Will such map become a free gift or a content pack for sale - the authors and the quality of their products are going to determine that.


 9) Multicore support. Jason mentions it is there. Does it work well on both brands of CPUs: AMD and Intel? Multi-GPU support. Jason mentions this as well and again implementation question: works on both AMD and nVidia?


Speaking of IL2BOS there's no difference between the two brands at this moment.


10) About the first stream with LaGG. The plane taxiing on the snow-covered plain didn't look realistic. There were no wheel tracks behind it, no trace of interacting with the snow at all. Is it because it's only alpha? Because the trucks and tanks do leave the tracks judging by the earlier video blog. Will planes leave tracks?


Yes, and we will show such effects pretty soon. Not because we think it's essential to a flight sim, but we've already developed the technology and it will be implemented to the aircraft as well. Also, the system of surface recognition will be applied so the planes will not taxi so easily on the snow, only on clean field or on tarmac. And landing with the landing gear on the snow-covered surface will make a chance for nose over critically high.


You can discuss this news in this thread

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Dear pilots!


You must have already noticed the changes on the forum – today's Dev blog update is mostly about these changes.

We’ve distributed digital keys to everyone who’s pre-ordered the game. You can check it out right away on you Profile page. Your personal key can be activated instantly, and doing so will add the founder’s badge to your forum profile. Also every key before it’s activated can be sent as a gift to any other user – this is the second new tab on the account management page.


And some news for those who have already pre-ordered the game – we’ve launched a special subforum called Founders Group.

For details, please, click here


And traditionally after every live stream I present you the record of the broadcast with it’s special guest Andrey Solomykin aka Petrovich.




You can discuss the news in this thread

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  • 1CGS




Greetings, friends!


While Albert is out for his short vacation Zak asked me, Daniel Tuseev, the Project Manager in 1CGS, to help with the new Dev blog note. I think I have lots of stories to tell you, but today I'm writing a couple of words about this pretty disturbing question: what's the difference between TRUE flight models and table-driven FMs? This one should be interesting because I bet you're wondering what's so special in the FM used in IL:2BOS (the improved version of FM in ROF) in comparison to all previously known FMs.

Let's start with dispelling the myth about "old", "table-driven", "scripted", or "rail-guided" flight models of the early days. Those myths turned out to be very sticky despite numerous explanations made by developers of different projects.


Myth #1: All old FMs are scripted


A completely script-based game engine can be used only for limited genres: strategies, check-mates and card games. These are games that have no objects which would need to move constantly and interact with permanently changing external forces. For instance, the recently released "Bad Piggies" mobile game - it is NOT scripted! After you create another wagon, continuous modeling of interconnected and interacting objects begin and every object in the system is described with numerous different equations, whose parameters keep changing with every interaction, every player's action and other events that occur on the wagon's path.


So, if even "Bad Piggies" is not scripted, then "Retaliator" and, of course, all other, more complicated games cannot be called a "scripted simulation".


Myth #2: All old FMs are rail-guided


First of all – what do you mean by rail-guided exactly? It's a flight model where a player using the flight stick directly controls plane's direction and speed. Take free camera view in ROF or DCS - that's how it works basically. To be more specific:  tilt the stick to the right for 10%, and the plane will start rolling with 10% of its maximum roll speed. Well, some additional index may be applied, so the roll may start with a certain delay from actual stick's position change (so that 10% speed will be gained over time, not instantly). And same story for the rest of the active axis.


As soon as a flight model receives calculation of forces, influencing the plane (aerodynamic force, gravity, thrust, reaction of support, etc.) and its speed is calculated as a result of these forces every next moment, taking into account planes mass and mass moment of inertia - well, you can celebrate because you've created a non-rail-guided flight model.


For example: "Top Gun" had rail-guided FM. "Janes-ATF", "Flanker 1.0" and "IL-2", and of course "Bad Piggies" - they all have a non-rail-guided flight models.


Myth #3: All old FMs are table-driven


And this is not a myth at all. The thing is that ALL flight models are table-driven: new ones, old ones, and those still in development. The question is what does "table-driven" mean? Every model of a physical object is described with a set of parameters, presented in a table or in a list. The more complicated and deep the model of a physical object is the more master data these tables contain. The next question is at what level is this data defined? The more complicated such a model is, the lower the stage where master data is applied, while parameters at a higher grade are calculated during continuous  calculations (ref. to description of "non-scripted" and "non-rail-guided" above) of their changes at every certain moment of time.


In the case of a simple table-driven flight model the data table will define max thrust of the engine depending on altitude and speed. In case of a complicated flight-model, the table will contain: heat generation level produced by combustion of a certain mixture density; temperature; compression index and so on, also aerodynamic indexes that define the force produced by every prop blade's segment on different speeds, altitudes, air temperatures and pressure volumes.


And what's the most important, a complicated flight model after calculating thrust on maximum and optimal engine rates would give same results as a simple FM, which only uses 1 basic table instead of a couple of dozen of tables and several difference equations. So, why would anyone need a complicated FM in this case? Let me tell you.


Advanced Flight Model


The term AFM was born a long time ago, in the early 2000s, when LockON was being developed, when users, despite that the recent flight sims were neither scripted, rail-guided nor table-driven, began to ask for MORE. Basic aircraft parameters such as max speed, altitude, climb rate, turn rate, roll rate and range were reconstructed quite precisely, however players started to feel the need for a much more realistic SENSATION of a virtual flight. The realistic sensation of flying combines the same components as realistic driving experience does in racing games: believable waggling on road bumps, suspension behavior, side slipping, engine revs control, etc.  - plus add to that realistic graphics of the plane and the world and plausible sound.  So, users started to request all that from new flight sims - new level of feasibility of planes' reaction in various situations such as bucketing, stall, spin, cross coupling (when a plane yaws left and right if you pull up sharply), engine response, correspondence of its rates to real engines' rates and modes, and other small and specific details in which the devil is hiding.


By that moment, LockOn already had very good graphics and sound and by these characteristics it was among the leaders in the genre. To achieve what community was intensively requesting from the in-game flight model the studio hired Andrey Petrovich Solomykin.


By 2004 when LockOn: Flaming Cliffs was released, Andrey had completed developing the new flight model for two ground assault planes Su-25 and Su-25T "Frogfoot". Who knew that working at ground assault planes (“sturmovik” in Russian) would be sign for the future? :)


So how was Frogfoot in LockOn: Flaming Cliffs different from the previous game in the series - LockOn: Modern Air Combat? It is that it received Advanced Flight Model instead of Standard Flight Model. Here are the general differences between then:


- In SFM all parameters that influence the aerodynamic force are set for the entire plane, and it’s calculated for the whole plane at a time. It used to be common for all flight sims of those days.


+ In AFM an aircraft is separated into numerous parts, and parameters are set individually for every piece; aerodynamic force is calculated separately for each of them, and the plane’s motion results from multiple indexes taken from these forces. It allows it to reproduce such delicate effects as irregular flap vortex on different portions of the airframe, asymmetrical airfoil flow while spinning, etc.. This allowed us to model quite precise reconstruction of how all parts of a real plane interact with air: waggle before stall, dynamic of a spin situation, spinning, reaction to sharp maneuvers, mush when recovering from a power dive, reaction to sharp moves with stick and levers – thanks to the much bigger depth of the FM we managed to make its behavior extremely close to the one in the real life. Also it helped us to get rid of additional physics model that was used to recreate plane beyond stall angle.


- SFM used 3 physics models: first for the flight itself, second for moving on solid horizontal surfaces, third for maneuvers beyond stall angle.  However some flight-sims didn’t even have the second model for moving on the ground.


+ AFM allowed having landing gears as an individual and properly working part of the plane. All forces were calculated including its own mass, shock absorbing, momentum of wheels and the absorbers, transitioning of loading from each gear to the plane, etc.. Firstly, it allowed us to remove the annoying switches from one physics model to another, secondly provided realistic taxiing, landing and take-off.

Also, modeling of devices and systems improved drastically: we began to create the planes from lots of separate parts with clamps and modules, like in LEGOs, which later allowed adding details and inner complexity of each system without significant technical difficulties caused by architecture limitations.  We got to work with lots of cause and effect relationships between faults: a break down in one system now is able to influence lots of other systems. The way this idea evolved can be tracked, for example, in Ka-50.


After LockOn: Flaming Cliffs released, Andrey decided to forge ahead, and he switched to another project – Rise of Flight. There he was able to further develop his ideas, but this time on a brand new level. AFM structure of ROF was particularly targeted at the damage model. In the earlier version of AFM only the plane itself had realistic damage system and all detaching parts were modeled as rail-guided. But ROF gives the same fair AFM even to those parts that were broken off of the damaged aircraft. This brought up the level realism of the aerial damage system to a whole new unprecedented level.


In addition to that a system of non-rigid links was added to the ROF damage model. As a result, damaged wings, airframe, fins were able to fracture and wobble  which allowed to model a realistic avalanche type of damage that accumulated and more and more influenced the entire structure: every fracture could turn into tearing and then breaking over time, and so on. And the visuals improved accordingly, so the way a wing was falling apart looked better than in any other flight sim.


ROF also featured a detailed model of the internal-combustion engine and the aircraft propeller, which turned into a great opportunity to let the player see and hear all the impressive aspects of that system: engine’s cough, cylinders missing a cycle, etc. Engine damage system details including those caused by oil leaks, water leaks and other sorts of damage like bullet holes were added. And we also included the difficulties of starting an engine in cold weather, overheating and overcooling; effects of combustion depending on the mixture quality and the overall condition of the power plant.


But what’s most important is the propeller airflow – for the first time ever in flight sim it has become not an index influencing the rudder, but a fully functional object in the atmosphere and every plane could interact with it properly (not just the plane producing this airflow).  And it removed all obstacles to realistic modeling of a propeller-driven aircraft on transitional states like stall and spin and other situations – because peculiarities of controlling a prop-driven plane (various wobbles, swings, pulls, etc.) are significantly defined by the prop airflow. And if we were able to find references for the engines, there was no way to find them for the propeller airflow effect, so this system is 100% our own development.


And finally, some words about Battle of Stalingrad.


Well, speaking of its flight models this is what we have now:

  • Huge experience in working with AFM from of SU-25 in LockOn to 40 WWI planes.
  • Unique and unrivaled (yet) damage model technology for the airframe including realistic fracturing and natural modeling of detached elements
  • Detailed model of a combustion engine allowing representation of various kinds of its typical and faulty functioning.
  • Realistic model of an aircraft propeller and propeller airflow able to influence not the plane itself but the atmosphere in the entire game world as well.
Having all that as a base we’ve started to develop more details for the flight models that we needed for WWII planes, trying to make them on the same or (preferably) higher quality level than in ROF. What we have achieved as of yet:
  • We studied documents and developed an engine model and its systems allowing automatic control on Soviet and German planes. Engine rates already match the existing references and you can be sure that visually the power plant will be at least as sweet as in ROF.
  • A new method of tuning flight models was developed that allows to tune aircraft as precisely as a WWI plane even thou there are much more parameters to pay attention to. Besides, this method allows tuning FMs and engines even more correctly than in ROF.
  • Landing gear modeling was reinvented from scratch because what we had with WWI planes was not even close to enough. We will implement key features of cushioning of gear legs, cushioning of pneumatics, dependence on friction and structure of the surface and so on.
  • All mechanization will be modeled for correct and realistic functioning of appropriate systems.
  • Overall approach to works on damage model was modified. Holes will appear on a particular side that was shot at (if it wasn’t penetrated thru); the quantity of damaged-parts has increased, details of damage model improved in general; more variation added to every part of the airfoil; damage of canopy and instrument panels was added.
  • Calculation of aerodynamic force on the airframe and propeller improved. Near sonic speed is possible in WWII setting and how this condition affects the plane was also taken it into account. Same thing about the airscrew which can work at trans-sonic speeds – this aspect was considered as well.
In conclusion I’d like to add that the most of the work on polishing FM technology for the WWII era requirements are now complete. All that remains now is to double check some details and complete the rest of the planes. Three of them are practically ready now.


Also I should add that a realistic flight model is an important part, but not the only part of a flight sim game that makes it realistic and provides you with a SENSATION of flying. Other important features are up-to-date and natural physics of in-game objects, modern immersive graphics, strong positional sound, exciting competitive AI, realistic weapon and damage modeling, a good storyline and a completely user-friendly GUI.


All these modules have already been worked on since the very start of developing IL2:BOS and a significant part of it is complete, however there’s still a lot to do. This time I discussed FMs, next time I’ll pick another topic. As you can imagine, we have a lot to tell you about our work. We’re developing a whole range of aspects simultaneously, we are not stuck on just one thing and as a result it allows us to get a quality, balanced game that you’ll be able to play soon. In general, we’re quite optimistic about the developmental aspects and we’re sure that we’ll deliver you the expected product in time and with all promised features. And of course we hope you’ll love it :)


ATTENTION! The final decisive poll has been launched in the Founders group - take part in it and vote for your candidate

Go to the poll now.


Also here's a small pack of fresh screenshots showing ground vehicles in the current version


september_20_en_1.jpg       september_20_en_2.jpg

september_20_en_4.jpg       september_20_en_3.jpg


You can discuss the news in this thread

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Hi everybody!


Today’s dev blog update doesn’t have much to read, but there is definitely something for you to watch!

First of all, I’d like to note that the biggest game industry event annually held in Russia starts next week. Igromir-2013 gives us a good chance to present IL2:BOS to the Russian press. This is another important milestone for the project, and of course you’ll see fresh media assets published when it’s over.


Meanwhile we have tallied up the poll that allowed all pre-order owners to choose themselves a special skin to be added to the game. More than two hundred candidates applied. We then offered you a short-list of 5 specially selected skins, and you – the Founders – voted and selected the winner.

So here is a video showing how this exclusive LaGG-3 skin was created just for YOU!




Furthermore, the skin has already been added to the game! These recently made screenshots offer proof of my words, and also confirm our previously stated principle – to give Founders the power to actually influence the development process.


prem_skin1.jpg  prem_skin2.jpg  prem_skin3.jpg


And I offer you the traditional record of the live stream that was broadcast on September 25th. Of course, it now has all necessary English subtitles. Please enjoy watching it!




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  • 1CGS



Hi Everybody!


As you may already know, the largest Russian video game exhibition is going on this week in Moscow – Igromir-2013. I’m practically writing this developer blog note here in the very epicenter in our own nice and cozy business booth. We'll be staying here for a few days talking to the Russian press and showing the game while talking up its features and of course flying, flying again, and landing with no brakes as usual :)


Maybe it’s because of your good luck wishes last Friday, but this event is turning out to be a success for us: the current game build works perfectly, and the editors only leave us smiling and being pleasantly surprised.


And though LOFT is not in the office during the show, the schedule is being followed and development goes on at full speed. Here is some proof we hope will cheer you up as the fall weather starts to turn chilly! Absolutely brand new and long-awaited pics of the development progress. This is the model of the Ju-87D cockpit and the exterior model of the Yak-1. Fresh and hot, straight from the artists' workbenches!


en1.jpg en2.jpg en3.jpg eng4.jpg eng5.jpg eng6.jpg


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Greetings Friends!


I've been told that you liked my previous story about the history and the principles of the FM in our game and that you'd like to know more about other aspects of the product. Well, it's hard for me, the Project Manager, to tell interesting stories about our work because it's very “technical”. It's full of complex definitions and dry topics, but I will try. Since the previous story of mine was about the planes' FM then this time it makes sense to talk about AI of the pilot flying these planes.


For starters, let's clear out several important definitions. Generally, it is pretty hard to find differences between AI systems in modern flight-sims because all effective and appropriate methods are widely known and used by the developers. AI pilots like every other AI controlling a vehicle is known as a state machine. This means that the entirety of tasks entrusted to the AI is split into numerous basic regimes (states) in which the AI behavior can be described with its own quite simple algorithm containing a minimum of conventions. For a WWII pilot we're speaking of 20-30 variations of such states including: taxiing, take-off, taking the point, following the leader, finding and designating targets, engaging an aerial target, aerial combat, and so on.

There are particular conditions for every state that determine its activation or deactivation.

Each state contains an algorithm for all plane controls, systems and weapons in each possible situation. For instance, the "engaging a ground target" has 5 basic decision levels:

  • AI constructs a flight trajectory and speed chart describing its changes on this trajectory depending on plane's and target's position.
  • AI controls stick, rudder and throttle to stay on this trajectory and keep appropriate speed, also taking into account current altitude and specific plane's parameters.
  • AI continues to evaluate the situation the plane is in all the time. In case if a threat appears, or if the target evades, or if targets of a higher priority appears - AI breaks the "state of engaging" and enters another state that would be more appropriate in the new circumstances.
  • AI keeps tracking commands coming from the mission scripts. When a new command comes, it will disengage and enter the state determined by the mission script.
  • AI is monitoring the condition of the plane. If the remaining fuel or ammo is estimated as insufficient to proceed to attack, it will disengage and enter the "return to base" state.
And, as I pointed out, this approach is used practically everywhere in flight sims. This brings up the question: why is the AI logics so different in different games? As always the devil is in details, even though the common approach to AI architecture has been set for several years. Inner algorithms of decision making within those "states", as well as circumstances that cause switching between states, are implemented differently in all projects - this is the level where you can see obvious differences between AI in flight sims and this is where AI achieves individuality.


Aircraft AI in ROF


When we were working on AI for ROF, we made it generally similar to all its predecessors; however we had to give it a zest that would set it apart when compared to earlier developed AIs. So we chose to add two key features:

  • AI-pilot in ROF flies exactly the same aircraft as the player, no simplification of physics at all. It pleases a player when AI moves like its alive - on take-off and landing, when maneuvering, dog-fighting and taking damage. Players don't feel like being cheated by the AI "moving on rails", and at the same time they find it challenging to out-maneuver an AI enemy because it's not using a simplified FM. Everything's fair for everyone.
  • Particular effort was applied to a complex approach to logics of states (such as "search", "target priority designation". The algorithm was made quite branchy, with multiple additional conditions aimed to boost the effect of the world on the AI-controlled plane, too make this influence really significant in situation when it makes tactical decisions like choosing a target or designating them for wingmen.
I've mentioned the first feature in my previous blog note, so I'm going to focus on the second one. So, how exactly do we create the algorithm of choosing a target? First of all, we started with an examining how it was done in real life; both for an experienced and a rookie pilot.

That's why we invited a couple of experienced IL-2 Sturmovik players and a historical consultant and spent hours asking them about key factors of combat that influence  the target priority designation. Obviously what we needed also was a reference system, a benchmark that would allow us to compare all the other factors of a combat situation. That reference would help us to evaluate them and then compare them with each other.


Closing time was chosen for the role of that reference. And then a whole bunch of questions came up: "Imagine you have two targets on your 12. You'll meet Target A in 1 min, and target B - in 2 minutes, but Target B is moving faster (so it's more dangerous). How much faster should Target B be so that you'd choose to attack it first and ignore Target A?"  And the expert said, "Well, I would attack the faster target if the difference in speeds would have been more than 100km/h." Thus we got reference showing importance of the difference in speeds and closing time. The very same approach was then used for other parameters, including:

  • Difference of max speeds of targets on their current altitude
  • Difference of max climb rate of targets on their current targets
  • Difference of altitudes the targets are at
  • Difference by number of enemy planes nearby the target
  • Difference by types of targets (fighter, recon, bomber)
We worked with those references and made necessary corrections regarding levels of difficulty settings and we got a standard method of priority target designation. For instance, a 60 sec closing time add "+1" to the priority counter, then 120 sec would mean "+2". Situations described by the experts also let us state that difference in max speed equal to 100km/h also means "+1" to priority, while 50km/h would mean "+0.5" and so on and so on.


After that the AI pilot needs to choose a target from those that it can see. First of all some targets are filtered out:

- Targets that will take too much time to intercept them (they may be too far, or too high, or too fast)

- Targets surrounded by more enemy fighters than the number of allies around the particular AI plane, which would mean suicide (this condition is mostly considered by Ace AI pilots)

- Target is higher than AI plane can possibly climb

- Targets are higher and their climb rates are bigger than those at the AI plane


After the unpromising targets are filtered out we start to arrange them by their priority. At this stage we take each target that passed the filter and compare it to other remaining targets judging by the categories listed above. We compare the priority parameters for pairs of targets. After every target receives its value we sort them by final sum from high to low.

And here we finally have a list of targets filtered by their priority. When it's done it is time to designate targets for wingmen. How this works depends on the level of AI and the number of targets.

A high level AI leader if it dominates by altitude and number of wingmen would order to attack but only to a few member of the team. The rest of them would stay and provide cover from above in case of sudden danger.

A low-level AI leader would designate 1 fighter per an enemy, starting from the ones with the highest priority; while a high-level AI would designate two per target and so on.

Furthermore, AI-wingmen are also observing the scenery all the time. It would attack a target designated by the wing leader, but when it's in danger the leader's assignment would be abandoned so the wingmen could protect themselves. Also, wingmen are watching after their leader and if it attacked by undesignated targets they would engage them and provide protection. And they would also stop the attack if it took them too far from the leader, and return to it.


As a result ROF got an algorithm for target priority designation performed by an AI-leader that was the most realistic and also unprecedented at that time. The system was transparent as well so we could easily tune it by just modification of those paired parameters. In addition to that, ROF has such AI behavior features as: AAA evasive maneuvers, system of visibility calculations considering lightning, cloud coverage, search light spotting, etc. The lighting parameter also takes into account light sources on the plane itself, like landing lights, machine gun flashes and fire on the airframe.

I must note that a part of the community took some of these features as bugs. For instance, when an AI squad leader used to refuse to attack a player when was outnumbered. Actually this AI-leader tried to evade a suicidal attack that would destroy him and his wingmen. Another situation that generated discussion was when AI-leader was not attacking a recon flying straight above their squad at a higher altitude. The reason is simple: AI-leader estimated the time it would take him to climb that high and realized that he would reach the necessary altitude too late, and the recon would escape to his home sector. In situations like these we had to explain to players that high level AI pilots are not dumb at all and that they'd never embark on such a venture. Of course such a high level of complexity of AI couldn't help but cause some bugs in the beginning, but we've been finding and fixing them over time. I'd like to say my special thanks to Alexander Patryaev, the AI programmer who created the program architecture and wrote the code that has been serving ROF for 4.5 years. This work will be the basis of the AI in our new IL-2 project.


Aircraft AI in IL2:BOS.


Let me admit that AI for a WWI pilot in ROF was designed with a long-term perspective to use it at WWII era planes. Basically we could just take it from ROF and with minimal changes implement it with IL2”BOS. However we decided to bring it to a new, higher level and made changes where they were expected the most. In ROF we focused on algorithms of searching for targets and priority designations for them. In IL2BOS we concentrated our efforts on combat maneuvers in dogfights. A ROF AI pilot’s typical decision in an “aerial target attack state” is to perform one standard issue maneuver – make a sharp turn to the target no matter where the target is located (to the right, to the left, above or below). For the WWI setting it made perfect sense – dog fights used to be very compact, with quick movements and tighter turn rates. However, maneuvering speeds were much lower (even less than 100km/h sometimes).


WWII shows a completely different face: combat requires significant space, distance between dueling planes is larger most of the time, speeds are much higher and turn rate is lower. In this situation it’s easier to draw a structure of the combat maneuvering and give it a specific form. This mission was put on our new programmer, Ilya “Naryv” Steshov.  Ilya first started with fine tuning and polishing the AI in Rise of Flight, so all the improvements there that have been made since spring 2013 are his achievements. Also, a requirements list was drafted with assistance of invited experts that consulted us about combat maneuvering: what tricks were used, when they were used, how did pilot’s skill influence the ability to perform particular maneuvers, what were the conditions for this or that maneuver, etc. With the rich expertise we obtained, we found a way to solve this task: “aerial target attack state” has been determined at a “macro-level” while containing its state machine on a lower level. So each dog-fight maneuver was constructed as an individual “state” of this state machine. Meanwhile the logic of the “macro-level” remained functioning in accordance with all input and output conditions, which allowed us to implement this update to ROF without significant architecture changes on the “macro-level”.


So, let's take an overview of various maneuvers AI can use in a dogfight in Battle of Stalingrad:

'Turn and Fire' – A basic mode similar to one used in ROF. Useful if a target is near the firing line and all AI needs to do is adjust aim by turning and then fire.

'Vertical Power Climb' - The Plane sharply climbs on maximum engine power, effectively converting aircraft speed into altitude. Usually this maneuver is used for saving energy in a situation where the AI has a higher speed over enemy and may fly past it.

'Immelmann' – The plane makes half of a loop climb. It’s useful in the same situations as Vertical Power Climb.

'Steep Upward Climb' - The plane sharply climbs, but not vertically. The general idea of this maneuver is the same as of Vertical Power Climb - converting speed to altitude.

'Combat Turn' - The plane climbs following a tight spiral trajectory, reducing its speed. This can be used after engaging a target from behind.

'Upward Spiral' - The plane turns around to a general direction of a target on maximum engine thrust, keeping the same speed and gaining altitude. This algorithm is used if a target is more than 100-200 meters above and to the side (not directly ahead).

'Downward spiral' - The AI engages in this turn if a target is more than 100-200 meters lower and not directly ahead. Can be used to shake a pursuing enemy from AI tail if altitude is high enough (downward spiral draws very high and prolonged positive G).

'Max Power Turn' - The AI turns in horizontal plane using maximum engine thrust (and drawing maximum G) if a target is in forward hemisphere and on roughly the same altitude.

'Standard Turn' The AI turns in horizontal plane using maximum engine thrust, measuring out excess G to achieve optimal turning speed. This turn is used in all other situations.

'High Yo-Yo' - During the turn, the AI slightly reduces the roll for a short time, trading a bit of speed for a bit of altitude. This is useful if speed is much higher than optimal during the turn and AI converts part of it to altitude to not squander it.

'Low Yo-Yo' - During the turn, AI slightly increases the roll for a short time, trading a bit of altitude for a bit of speed, reducing the time needed for a turn, but increasing excessive G. AI does this if angle to target doesn't reduce for a prolonged amount of time (this means that two planes can't 'out-turn' each other).

'Split-S' - The AI plane rolls over 'on its back' and follows with Immelmann with maximum engine thrust resulting in maximum excessive G. This can be used for shaking an enemy from AI's tail if it has a sufficient altitude reserve.

'Fishtail' - AI adjusts the rudder, simultaneously compensating for it to keep flying straight. This may lead an enemy firing at it from far distance into thinking that it is changing course and aim wrong.

'Rolling Scissors’ - The AI plane reduces speed and makes turns to left and right to shake a pursuing enemy, if altitude reserve is insufficient, but AI plane is more stable at low speeds than an enemy plane.

‘Tuck-under break’ - The AI pilot breaks the nose up and then starts a barrel roll. Just another trick used to drop the enemy off the tail. This isn’t a simple maneuver and it’s only available to AI aces.

 ‘Defensive turn’ - The AI pilot holds the enemy on a perpendicular course, permanently ascending or descending. It’s usually used to prevent enemy from precise aiming especially for attacks from a long range.


Apart from the new multipath system for the close combat maneuver that depends on the AI level, we have we worked on adding more realism to the AI fighter behavior in dog fight:

- We have implemented a system of limiting the visibility of a target for the AI depending on a specific cockpit construction. It is adjusted in a unique way for every plane and takes into consideration not only all pilots’ head turns, but all other possible moves as well (when a pilot half rises, ducks or looks over the shoulder).

- In the dog fight state we have introduced a new target seeking sub-mode when a target was lost for some reason (AI pilot banks the plane and tries to acquire the target once again. If this doesn’t help the AI pilot banks the plane in a counter direction until he decides that he has completely lost the target). 

- Also in the dog fight state, for the cases when the target is way too high we have implemented the mode of the most optimal climbing for the AI pilot to be able to could catch up the target.

- While deviating from enemy fighters, attack planes and bombers now not only make evasive maneuvers, but also nose dive when the altitude and the distance to the enemy allow them to do that.

- Evading fighter attacks, bomber and assault planes are not limited with the S-turns anymore, but they may also try power diving when altitude and distance to the enemy are appropriate.

- Later this winter we plan to add a forward air controller that would be evaluating the combat situation in the sector and direct planes to the targets using radio-comms. And right after that, AI-pilots will also be taught to coordinate their attacks with the air controller.

- Along with the existing system of attacking ground targets the AI planes will be able to use unguided missiles when diving, while the Ju-87 and the Pe-2 will get to drop bombs in a vertical dive.

- With the higher speeds and the variety of firearms, we needed to improve both the calculation and leading of the target for precise shooting. AI pilots are not just considering target’s motion parameters, but also have in mind the difference in ballistics for different cannons and machine guns.



- AI pilots were taught to exchange radio traffic with the airfield and with their leader/wingmen.

- AI planes were also taught to perform taxiing-out to take off and perform the taxiing operation after landing. 

- And of course the AI planes now know how to use systems that were not available during World War I. but appeared during WWII: retractable landing gears, flaps, blocking the tail wheel, navigation lights, landing lights, cockpit lamps, air brakes, wheel brakes, air-brakes, wheel-brakes, controllable supercharger, speed governor, operable canopy, parachuting, etc.


It is worth mentioning that everything mentioned above has been made and you’ll be able to test all of this during the early access. The AI system in ROF was already pretty sophisticated, but in BOS it became more complex and that will of course lead to inevitable bugs. But we should have enough time for polishing it up and by the time of the release we plan to have AI pilots on a very high quality level.

One might ask – what is the whole reason for doing this? The answer is simple – we are trying to create the air battle as close to reality as possible by not only by making a realistic flight model (the topic I covered last time), but by multipath, sophisticated and realistic logic of AI behavior for allies and enemies.


Next time I will tell you what we are doing to make air combat more realistic and fascinating because the flight model and AI are not the only components of success. See you!


ZAK: As you remember we promised a unique skin for Bf.109 F-4 to everyone who preordered IL2BOS before October 1st. And now we suggest you to make your choice and decide what it will look like. For details please visit the special thread called Unique skin for Bf.109F-4 - suggestions


Note that the Poll started to find out founders' opinion about the exclusiveness of the R7 mod for Bf.109F-4 is still open (open this topic)


And for the dessert - wallpapers with LaGG-3 wearing the winning the skin which won the previous poll (16:9 and 4:3)


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