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How to check and test a MP mission in the FME

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I want to be able to quickly test the mission I build from the FME in a similar way in IL2 CloD to check triggers work and timings are ok. All I can do now is save the mission shut down the FME, activate Dserver and then start BoS to join a the mission in MP.


For a complex mission its going to be a long time to find a fault.


So is there a way to test a mission in FME

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And if you make a copy of the game, start the ME from this copy, then start the the game/DS from the original folder?


In this way you don't need close the ME to start the game.


- Is need start the ME first or the game dont open.


- The game list the folder missions when start, so is need have the mission already saved - even a empty map. When save point the original game folder.


- If want edit simple things like values, open the .mission in Notepad++ but delet the .msbin (the game load the mission from this if are both .mission and .msbin).


- Dont restart the mission tested, close them and load again.


If work (I dont have DServer) will be similar to 1946/CloD FMB.

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