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Spawning Objects

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I got some question coming to mind after testing around with spawning objects, and hope you are able to help me.


My idea is to create a route, in which vehicle column passes certain location.

At each of this location defense weapons of their army shall be spawned.

As soon as these vehicles get destroyed, they shall respawn as soon as another vehicle passed the trigger.


My question right now,

a) first vehicle passes, first object gets spawned - fine.

b)second vehicle passes, second object get spawned on top ?


If yes to b) do I have to de/activate the complex trigger each time after an event (onspawned/onkilled), like I tried to express on the second .jpg screen?


The problem, I cant check if each vehicle in the trigger makes a new object spawn, as they spawn on top of each other I guess.


What is the best methode to reload the trigger in case the objects got killed and another vehicle passes the column again?

Is the example in the second screen correct, or are there more proper ways? As these kind of group will have to be created across the map/along the route.


I added again a picasso of my group.



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Hi Nephris,


Just took a uick look at the pics since I dont have much time but 1 thing:


You should use 1 Trigger Spawner for each of the objects. You are trying to spawn 3 objects with only 1 trigger and It wont work.

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Not sure if you're already using it, but the spawn MCU has a "spawn at me" checkbox in its properties.   If it's not checked the spawn will happen where you placed the object by default. 


Edit: well, after looking at your images, I can see you're using one spawn MCU for multiple objects.   I've never tried to do that (I'vre always used one spawn MCU per object), but I'm guessing that's a problem.   I'm pretty sure you can use multiple spawn triggers per object though (for a more efficient use of an entity).  



To avoid an overlap per trigger instance (spawning the same object twice), you should be able to use the activate/deactivate MCUs to turn the spawner on and off based on a count (of the destroyed status of the object).   When the spawn triggers, immediately deactivate it, then connect an "onkilled" event from the object to a counter (of one) that triggers the reactivation of the spawner.   That way it will only spawn if it's already been killed. 

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