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Placing Airfields

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Noticed if you are in FMB, and select the "surface edit" option, if you zoom in while you are in landscape mode and browse the map, eventually you will find an airfield, and you get to see all the elements they use for creating runways and roads for an airfield.


Right of the bat, it looked like just selecting all the elements of an airfield, and saving them as a group to be placed in another mission would be a snap, but once selected, there is not "copy" or "save to file" option for the selected objects.


Has anyone figured out a way to do this?


Placing a fakefield gives us spawn points, but the fakefield does not include any runways.


I can see that once in surface edit mode, we can build our own runways, but damn it looks like a tedious job.  And even then, not exactly sure how we place the fakefield on top of the runway in a manner that the spawn points line up kind of where we want them.  Trial and error rotating would seem to be time consuming, cause you actually have to run the mission to see where your spawn points are.


Suppose the dev's line of thinking is we should just use the airfields that exist on the map, and should not be adding our own.


So if anyone has any info on making airfields, would appreciate their input.

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I have build a new runway in surface edit mode, but i cant see it in game. When I spawn , my plane just sit in snow, and there is no runway nearby.

After that, i try this: i put my plane on a perset runway , then delete this runway in surface edit mode. when in game, nothing changed, runway still been here.


So, iI think , surface edit looked like working in FMB, but what you done will not work in game.



ps: when you add a fakefield, you need edit the waypoint to define taxi route and park point.

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