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Placing smoke FX in the editor.

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Quick question.


I was able to get the smoke to spawn in by linking it to and effects trigger, and then linking the effects trigger to a mission begin trigger. However the smoke goes away after a few seconds.

Does anyone know how to keep the smoke FX going after placing them in a mission?



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I use 'Check Zone' triggers to start and stop the effects. This one is for a basic smoke stack effect. The idea is to get the effect to render when, lets say, the player comes within a certain distance to the smoke stack; then it stops to render when he's far enough away. Try to adjust the 'Check Zone' trigger zones so the effect doesn't render right when you get over it, but far enough out so it renders and becomes visible naturally. The zone distances here are for slower RoF planes. They will have to be adjusted more than likely for the faster BoS planes. 


Basic Path:


MCU Translator Mission Begin...Check Zone...Command Effect...Effect 



To Start Effect:


Translator Mission Begin(86):

Find Target - Check Zones 82


Trigger Check Zone 82:

Find Target - Command Effect 81

Check Zone 82 Advanced:

Distance Type (Closer) - Zone(m) 2000


You can either link the 'Check Zone' to an object via 'Find object' (enter plane or vehicle number)or you can do it through 'Check Zone Advanced' and select a plane or vehicle 'Coalitions'.


Command Effect 81:

Find Object - Effect 79

Command Effect Advanced - Action Type - Start



To Stop Effect:


Trigger Check Zone 83:

Find Target - Command Effect 84

Check Zone Advanced:

Distance Type (Further) - Zone(m) 2100


Command Effect 84:

Find Object - Effect 79

Command Effect Advanced - Action Type - Stop



Start your mission and begin testing! 


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The smoke effects are an animation with a limited duration, how long that is I'm not sure, but the key is to loop the animation over and over for consistency. Do this with a "loop" by linking the effect start trigger to a timer, link that timer to another timer, then that timer back to the effect start trigger. The total duration of the timers should be long enough to ensure the smoke is always visible as needed.

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