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Settings of file dedicaded.sds

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Can you make it the setting of sds file settings ROF , to apply it in BOS.


coalitionsbalancer , what value for not balancing the camps.


In deadmatch, tdmroudtime is active?

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If you want to turn off the autobalance, set it like that :



For the deathmatch, yes it's active. It's another meaning to define a time limit for the mission. You can set it in the mission, or in the SDS file. Carefull, if you set a time limit in a mission, i suggest you to deactivate the timelimit in the SDS.


Pay attention to :

idleKickTimeout=-1  (-1 =  deactived, if you have a number, it's the time in second before the player he's kicked)


It's the idle time out, so if a player don't move, he will be kick off.

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