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Wind Angle & Drift Calculator

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Other option to handle the wind angle adjust on bombsight and to maintain the course.


This "gadget" was made for use in RoF (find on Russian forum), I did some modifications on HTML code, changing the background color to became visible in Steam Browser, increase the wind and aircraft speed scales, and change units for KM/H, m/s to match Luftwaffe/VVS planes.


The advantages of this one is, all adjusts is done in one side of the disk, and is informed be color for what side move the wind adjust on bombsight.

If the remain angle became RED adjust on right, if GREEN adjust on left.


With the same flight parameters used on DR-2:


Wind direction: 261º

Wind speed: 13 m/s

Aircraft heading: 180º

IAS: 340 KM/H (at 3.500m).



The angle for adjust on bombsigth is pointed be the "SSS" arrow on disk used to set the Wind (from) heading.
The "plane on external disk" inform the drift angle correction needed - 7º.
The external disk (drift angle) move based on adjust done in Wind and Aircraft speed bars.
Since the HTML code is too big for past here as code, attached in ZIP format.
Someone with HTML knowledge could improve the code:
Add a code for convert IAS to TAS (metric system), with TAS the drift angle value became more precise.
This "Wind Angle" (green, in middle) is not the one to adjust on bombsight, is the remain angle from this adjust for 180º.
And add a code for inform the angle to adjust on bombsight will be practice.
BTW - I dont have a clue of HTML and codes, what I did was by trial and error.  :biggrin:


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Thank you Sokol1 ... This is great .... even a knucklehead like myself can use it. Of course in ancient history I learned to calculate on a slide rule (but don't remember any of it).



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A curious thing is - after get used - these rules are more easy to use than a electronic calculator.  


But this one beat me:  :umnik2:




Is the basic VVS  "flight computer" at WWII time.



You can read the NL-7 online just there:



I need to learn to read Russian! ^^

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