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Chuck's DCS Library (Guides)

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I updated the first post. Among the new stuff available:


  • Added F-14B Tomcat
  • Added I-16 Ishak Series 24
  • Added FW190A-8 Anton
  • Added MiG-19P
  • Added C-101CC Aviojet
  • Added Yak-52
  • Major rehaul of P-51D, Bf109K, FW190D, MiG-21bis, F-86F and MiG-15bis guides
  • Major update to F/A-18C Hornet


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I always loved your BoS/CloD guides - helped me a lot indeed. 

Since BoBP I also misused some of your DCS guides :D


And with the A8 I'll misuse another! Thanks.


I always hoped for dedicated BoM/BoK/BoBP guides from you but those don't seem to be in the making. A pity - since your work is great :D

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A few new things during the last few months

  • Major overhaul of the Mi-8, Harrier, Mirage and Tomcat guides
  • Added JF-17 Thunder
  • Added F-16C Viper
  • Added P-47D Thunderbolt
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