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Developers hardware questions ?

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I tested some of the planes tonight and I'm coming to a conclusion or a question..  How do the Developers really fly their aircraft? and dogfight or do some Virtual aerobatic maneuvers ?


I flew the FW-190 , Yak 1 and La-5 .. lagg3 fly better than the la-5, The lagg seems to be the best of the lot regarding virtual physics. Some thing are just too much to write here and argued.  I'm asking to the Devs to tell us what kind of hardware are you test flying those aircraft? It must be an explanation why something is not right.


Track-IR ? Joystics type and pedals combo? trim wheel? other quadrants? and PC's GPU/Ram/CPU?

Experience of real life flying ? note which aircraft?


This may help some of us understand better the limitations .


Thank you greatly.

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I do have an other question that got into attention..

While gaming The Dev are receiving data from your computer.. but what exactly are they receiving more than we want to give? We need more clarification on that subject. Thx and investigation.


I'm a little bit worried .

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