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An exhaustive and precise results screen ?


A mission results screen ?  

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  1. 1. Do you want to see an exhaustive and precise result screen after each mission ?

    • Yes, absolutely, after mission of any kind (quick generated, standard ones and campaign)
    • Yes, at least for training in quickly generated missions. The rest (campaign..) is good enough to my mind.
    • What ? You got him or not ? You should know if you were a good pilot !
    • After all, the real pilots didn't always know if they had shot down this guy or not.
    • Not interested in that tool.
  2. 2. If, would you like it shows/reminds the rank of each ennemy ?

    • Yes, it would be great to know who we fought when it's "randomized" and to get all the details about ennemy pilots rank the rest of the time.
    • No, it's useless.
  3. 3. Finally, should it give a percentage of shot down ?

    • Yes, a percentage, even if it seems a bit too "statistic".
    • No, just some evaluations like victory, main killer but with help, collegial victory, little help provided, etc..)

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Are you talking MP or SP?  I don't really do MP so I don't have a view on what sort of results screens would be good there.  For SP, I don't see any point or value to results screens in the current, arcade-like SP structure.  If there were a reasonable, historically-based career mode SP experience, then a results screen with appropriate information about how you and your squadron mates did on the missions would be a good idea.

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As close to real reports as code make it possible. Would be very interesting to have both systems, VVS and LW, at work so the scoring tables would reflect it and, if i must say, would freeze after a pilot's death or capture.


Rank of the enemy doesn't matter, you will feel it on your "neck" once you merge.


Kills, shared kills and squadron score. Nothing else is needed.

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