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Dear Pilots,


In this day and age of the internet user review we'd appreciate it if you left well-reasoned reviews of our products on various sites, such as Metacritic, that explore all the aspects of our products. Some users seem to want to intentionally hurt our business with purposefully negative ratings and reviews. They seem to be more motivated to share their opinion than those that hold positive opinions. We feel this unfair to the team which has worked very hard to provide this genre with a new and quality product. Our team is small and our budgets are small and it is difficult for us to weather such hate campaigns without the help of users who appreciate our efforts. It's an important time for the team as we prepare to launch the product into retail and we'd hate for the actions of a few to hurt that launch and cause a premature stoppage to future development plans. By leaving comments that explain the entire product and honest opinions about all features of the product potential new users can make an informed decision about the product. This is the true purpose of the user review sections. Well-reasoned reviews on those sites as well as in our forum of what you like and don't like also help us understand what our customers' opinions are and they help guide us in future design decisions. We appreciate all who take the time to write a fair opinion of our products and we thank you for your support and effort to keep this genre alive and growing.


The BOS Team 

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