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Airfield Crew animation

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Well, what more do you want them to do except running, hiding and dying?


I remember reading an interview with a female Red Army machine gunner, who said that all she ever remembered seeing of the enemy was shadows running and falling over.

Hey Finkeren. What I'd really like to see is something like what we have in the ArmA series, but I'd settle for run/walk/dive/fire rifle/misc. ground crew animations.   

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That was very cool. I hope they can make it happen with several figures running at once. I'd hope too that they run longer distances than the soldiers in the original IL-2.


Did anyone else think that Russian looked a little like the old guy in the Pixar shorts? Without the glasses of course.



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Can we have this in the final version ZAK????????? please say yes...

It should be in it, that's why I published it. Really glad you liked the choice of soundtrack.

Or perhaps someone will be nice enough to post on Youtube.

Instagram works way better on mobile devices BTW. Okay, I'll post it unofficially on youtube or coub.

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spam the sprint button! I can see guys running out to the AA like frenzied ants, early in the morning when the late bed check crew shows up, then the puffs of doom in the skies start showing up. 



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From Loft, over on the Russian forums:




 There are plans to add such AI to airfields in the form of "loitering" mechanics, and maybe even in the villages and towns. But this is only if the experiment will be successful. The game should work well and not just look good.

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