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Extreme 3D Pro Joystick Setup

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I'm new to flight sims, so I dont know how to set up my joystick for the game. I also cant find any tutorial videos anywhere to show me how.

Does anyone know of any ? 


Thanks in Advance!

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1) Plug it in

2) Let Windows install drivers

3) It may have included a driver disk and some additional setup software. These are typically optional.


At this point you will probably be automatically run through the calibration and test process. If this does not happen, do steps 3 to 6. These steps should also be done if there is a problem.


*In Windows:

3) Go to "Control Panel" and open "Devices and Printers"

4) Find your joystick on the list, right click it and select "Game Controller Settings"

5) Click properties when the new window pops up

6) If your stick has a calibration feature (probably does), then calibrate it and make sure everything is functioning properly.


In game:

7) Go to settings and then controls.

8) Set the controls as you see fit. It is fully customizable so anything can be assigned to keyboard, mouse buttons as well as any buttons on the stick. For the Axis assignments, these can be reversed as well via a little reverse icon. Standard setup is back stick = pitch up, stick left = roll left, twist left = yaw left, throttle slider forwards for full power.


*The Windows part assumes Windows 7. If you are using a different version the exact names may vary, but the process is basically the same. Your stick will probably force you through those Windows steps when you first install it anyways, but I include it just to be sure. Your stick may also include some additional software. It would be worth a look though I typically have the best results using just the drivers and doing all setup in game.

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Thanks for the reply sir! :) I'll set it up ingame properly and hopefully not intsa spiral down to a death the moment i try to bank :P

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I use this joystick and only thing by default that was an issue is the throttle slider is reverse so I had to invert the control. Here is my key bindings for example:


1: mg fire

2: fov / camera reset

3: cannon fire

4: drop bombs

5: fov zoom in (default)

6: fov zoom out (default)

7: breaks ( left / right / all )

8: gear toggle

9: airbreak

10: reload all guns

11: flaps down

12: flaps up


Hotas switch: all default

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