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Confused about ILYA Muromets....


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Would this be like 777 releasing the he111 but as a stand alone and not compatable with BoS?

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"Would this be like 777 releasing the he111 but as a stand alone and not compatable with BoS?"




It would be like a third party commissioning 777 to make a standalone project based on BoS engine featuring a Short Stirling on a new map and not having it compatible with BoS


Cheers Dakpilot

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So that detailed S-16, made by a moder months ago, has no future in RoF?


Just like the Ilya model made by a modder that was adopted into the game you now sell?


Some clarification about your stance on modders and the content they make would be great. Because it seems like you give some modders preferential treatment, and probable even give them a piece of the financial pie.


Although I realize this may be an exception with Ilya, since you are receiving money from the Russian Ministry of Culture, correct?


No as of right now no it is not coming to ROF or IM as we do not have a deal for this model or a flight-model for it.


The Ilya model was an exceptional work, but even still it had to be heavily re-worked to be a fit for our engine. Because of the RMHS deal we decided to purchase it and save us some time.


Our stance on modders has not changed. If someone in the community has the EXCEPTIONAL and AMAZING ability to create something useful for us, without us training them or doing much else we may consider their work for inclusion or purchase. Like what Zeus has done with his map. And even then it can get complicated.


And of course we give special treatment to TALENTED people who show an ability to work professionally. We do not and will not cater to every wannabe modeler or artist or hold their hand. For that we offered a Mods On mode for ROF and from that some cool stuff has emerged. We take everything on a case by case basis.



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I own both RoF and BoS. I pressed the purchase button for Ilya Muromets, but I was taken to a log in screen, my RoF details dont seem to work, must I create a new account to buy this sim? 

Its a bit of a pain having to have 3 accounts for 3 sims which you make, if this is the situation.

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