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Hello Pilots!


We are proud to announce that ILYA Muromets is now entering the Early Access stage. Much to our surprise, we did it; we actually are making a flight simulation about the Eastern in WWI. If you asked me a couple of years ago about the mere possibility of that, I’d definitely reply that it would never-ever happen. Well, I’m truly glad I’m not a prophet and that we were actually handed a great chance to do it. Thanks to ROF and RHMS :)


First of all, I realized that I basically had no clue about the events and planes on the Eastern front. So I studied these topics. I caught myself raising my eyebrows way too often. Sometimes the history was close to identical to the events of today’s world when speaking of pro-western trends and disbelief in homegrown technical design. A whole century has passed by, but we’re still here, moving around the same loop. But the big plane, yes, it fascinated me as well as Igor Sikorsky’s talent. He was a brave thinker and a gifted doer - the father of the world’s first strategic bomber.


We didn’t have a lot of time to spend on development so we had to agree to not bite off more than we can chew. We concentrated on the key elements: the plane, the map, missions and the controls. And the plane turned out to be magnificent even though it raised technical and historical disputes due to depressive lack of archival data about it. I believe that in 5 years’ time it may be impossible to complete such a project again from scratch - the data is going to be lost for good. That’s why we’re very happy to have made it in time, and from on this part of history will live on in the digital world.


The Tarnopol map was another warm gift from our French colleagues whom we owe great thanks. Thanks to the 190+ maps that they had discovered about this region we were able to recreate the location of the settlements, road and rail systems. This part of the WWI battlefield has never been modeled in any game as of yet. So it’s another bit of unique content.


However, you already know about our skill in making WWI planes maps for quite a long time since ROF development. In a way, it’s a matter of course for us to do it this way, with this level of detail in a flight sim even though it’s about 100 year old planes.


So we’ve commenced a brand new experiment which we believe to be very important. Lots of people keep telling us that they like the idea of trying the game, but feel the need for a flight-stick is a burdensome hurdle they must overcome. That’s one of the reasons why games of our genre can end up on a dusty shelf and rarely get back from there. This hurts us, honestly. So we’ve designed a plane control system without a flight stick, one that uses a mouse instead. This is an experiment we want to try. And we’ll be monitoring this experiment during the month of August.


If we are successful, having no flight stick does not stop anyone from trying out the game anymore. And maybe, after having a try they’ll actually consider sticking with it and be part of the community. The goal is not to diminish the flight experience or realistic behavior of the physical world, but give users another control option to lower the barrier to entry.

The early access period has come along with the time for experiments. We’ll work hard, search, think, and change things as we go. We’re lucky to have this unique chance. And you get a chance to see a heroic page of the world’s history which should never be forgotten.


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