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Thread to gather your suggestions

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Type of Improvement: Miscellaneous(Website Store Improvement). Pardon me if this is the wrong place.


Explanation of proposal: My suggestion is to add markers to items in the store that the user has purchased previously(much like how the Rise of Flight store works).


Benefits: It would make it much easier to see what you do and do not have and means you don't have to go back and forth into the game to check what you do and do not have or keep lists of modules and items you have purchased. It would help both people who want to add more collector planes, campaigns etc. and the company by making it easier for users to do so.

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Type of improvement: Key Mapping

Explanation of proposal: Make "Wheel brakes" binding independent of "Left wheel brakes" and "Right wheel brakes."

Benefits: Control column brake levers ("Wheel brakes") are modeled to mimic gradations of force/movement.  If bound to a button this becomes simply "on" or "off".  If bound to one pedal on my CH Pro Pedals, I have the full range of movement/force.  I have no other controller options that give me a zero-to-100% gradual range with a spring-loaded return.  So the pedal is my only option if I want to have the full range of movement/force.  However, if I bind "Wheel brakes" to (for example) my right pedal and fly an aircraft with toe brakes, the "Wheel brakes" binding overrides my "Left wheel brakes" and "Right wheel brakes" pedal bindings:  The left pedal operates the left toe brake as expected, but the right pedal applies both brakes equally.


If the "Wheel brakes" binding did not override the "Left wheel brakes" and "Right wheel brakes" binding, one could fly both types of aircraft using pedal brakes and experience the game as modeled without having to change key bindings.


Thank you for considering my suggestion!



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Type of improvement: Control

Explanation of proposals: Enable snap view for VR. Allow two simple buttons for a snap of 120° in both directions or make a more sophisticated system where you can set the snap angle yourself.

Benefits: Currently flying in VR competitively is very hard, because especially checking six is a lot harder then when using TrackIR or snap view in 2D. Checking six and maneuvering (actually reacting to what your six does), what all good fighter pilots online do, is impossible in VR. A feature like snap view would make VR more competitive in fair for multiplayer. In addition, it would reduce the strain on your neck, of which especially older IL2 pilots will benefit a lot.

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Type of improvement: Controls.

Explanation of proposals: Separate key assigments to feather propellers 

Benefits: Right now, if you want to feather a propeller, you need to select that engine only, then feather the propeller and then unselect the engine and select the engine that's still running. It would be way more convenient to have seperate controls so you can easily feather a propeller by pushing one button. It's less complicated and you would no longer run the risk of feathering the wrong propeller (or both propellers) by mistake and you wouldn't need to switch back and forth between engines.

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Type of improvement: Custom Splash Screens

Explanation of proposals: A mission writer can upload a 1080p, 2k or 4k custom server splash screen. He/She can set a max time limit of 10sec before the airfield selection screen comes up. And maybe a couple of simple effects like 'Fade Out' or 'Spin Out'.

Benefits: It allows to the Server Owner / Mission Writer to truly make the server his/her own.






Type of improvement: Undo Button of Mission Editor

Explanation of proposals: An 'Undo' feature would be added as a 'Hot Key' and under 'File'. So, a mission writer can do: File > Undo.

Benefits: Makes mission writing so much easier. I can't tell you how many times I accidentally deleted something and then had to rebuild it all again. Or re-import all the cities and airfields because I deleted the wrong one by mistake.





Type of improvement: Complex Triggers only used for 'complex' work, replace with 'R.O.E. Proximity Command'

Explanation of proposals: Make it so we don't have to use complex triggers for AA batteries or any other asset like ships of vehicles. In other words if I set the country to 'Germany' or 'Russia' then what ever is not part of that coalition, those assets will fire on it. Now with a new 'ROE Proximity Command' the mission writer can set the countries to fire upon and the rules of engagement and whether or not to fire on vehicles, air targets or both or ships. The writer can also set type of fire like: continuous, burst ect. So, really all we have to do is place an asset, set it's coalition and put an ROE Command, OBJ link it and set a radius.





Just make the weapons fire on anything that is not part of their nation when an enemy is within the maximum effective range.

Benefits: Makes missions not use so much tick delay.




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