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Thread to gather your suggestions

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#641 Valis

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Posted 28 November 2017 - 23:09

Type of improvement: Controls
Explanation of proposals: Momentary Zoom View - The player's view is zoomed in for as long as the button is held down.
Benefits: It simplifies having to use two separate commands - one to zoom in and another to zoom out/reset.

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#642 sniperton

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Posted 28 November 2017 - 23:50

Type of improvement: Gameplay/Interface/Graphics
Explanation of proposals: Customizable object icons (similar to Il-2 1946, possibly defined in a config script file)
- icon visible if LOS to object is blocked (Y/N);
- object marker character or overlay alpha channel image for icon;
- icon visible between Distance A and Distance B;
- friend/foe colour is displayed between Distance C and Distance D;
- distance is displayed between Distance E and Distance F;
- object type is displayed between Distance G and Distance H;
- player name (if any) is displayed between Distance I and Distance J;
Benefits: More options for SP gamers and MP server administrators to overcome visibility issues according to the needs of players.

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#643 claw

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Posted 29 November 2017 - 11:23

Type of inprovement: Gameplay/interface


Explanation of proposals: Fexibility in icons/waypoint markers

waypoint only (no icons)

Icons only (no waypoints)

icons air only

icons air friendly only

icons air foe only

ground only

ground frienly only

ground foe only


Benefits: Greater possibility (for SP gamers) to tweak the game to your own preferences. 

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#644 56RAF_Roblex

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Posted 05 December 2017 - 17:38

Type of improvement:  Simpler way to get mapping tools into IL2
Explanation of proposals:
IL2Missionplanner.com already does a great job of allowing people to draw up a mission plan but they have to use a second screen or tablet etc. to see the plan while flying.   Ideally IL2 would integrate with IL2Missionplanner or 1C would write their own built in version to be used before spawning in and the annotated map would be visible in the cockpit but both these methods need lot of coding so would probably never get done.
My suggestion is to just add a function to show a jpg file stored in a specified folder with a specified name like 'Plan.jpg' when you press a key in the cockpit.   This is similar to the 'kneepad' function in DCS but simpler as it is only one file.   IL2Missionplanner already allows a person to export the plan to their hard drive so they can just export it to plan.jpg and it will then be accessible in-game just by pressing a key like we currently do when we press 'O' to see the map and briefing.   A person can also choose to put a picture of the layout of their intended target in that file instead if they are happy to navigate there but need to see where the AA etc is.   
Much less coding to get the same result so it might be more feasible to find time to do it.    In the future it could even be expanded to allow multiple jpgs to be viewed as 'Kneepad' in DCS does.

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#645 =GEMINI=Framais

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Posted 09 December 2017 - 10:05

Type of improvement: Interface / Settings

Explanation of proposals: Include "Enable VR HMD" checkbox in the launcher screen (see mock-up image below).

Benefits: Allows to switch between VR and non-VR versions of the game without launching the game, going in the settings, change the checkbox and finally restart the game (an unnecessary and time-consuming process)



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#646 EAF_Starfire

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Posted 11 December 2017 - 17:40

- Education/Overview (Damage model)
Explanation of proposals:
- Short listing of systems damaged in track recording
AND when landed in MP; A listing with time would be great.
Loggin them in the ACMI file would also help for TacView users.
- I would lessen the frustration over the damage model.
Be educational during Sqd training

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#647 =GEMINI=Framais

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Posted 12 December 2017 - 15:00

Type of improvement: Visual - Comfort - Immersion - VR

Explanation of proposals: Replace the Steam VR "empty room" (see Screenshot below) loading screen with a proper in-game loading screen (like the ones that can be seen in the non-VR version of the game), when the game is loading a new scene --- for example from the hangar screen to the mission briefing screen, from the mission briefing to the proper game or even when opening the map/mission briefing in-game.

Benefits: Increased comfort and sense of immersion for the player. Also occasionally showing the Steam VR "empty room" makes the VR version of the game look broken and unprofessional.



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#648 Iceworm

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Posted 16 December 2017 - 19:29

Improvement:  Field of view changes for AI gunnery, both flak and airborne


Explanation:  AI gunners *appear* to be able to see through objects which would obscure vision.  This allows flak to aim through clouds as if tracking by radar.  I've seen flak shooting into the side of a mountain on the Kuban map when there was an enemy fighter on the other side of the ridge. Also, not 100% sure if this is what's happenning, but it also allows AI gunners on bombers to be able to almost instantly have an accurate firing solution on a target as soon as it comes into the gunner's cone of fire.  I cannot confirm this is actually what happens, but it does seem, for example, when diving down on a bomber from above and continuing on below, that the belly gunner will have an accurate firing solution almost instantly upon entering his field of view, as if he had almost omnicient knowledge of exactly when and where you would appear.


Benefits:  Greater realism

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#649 307_Tomcat

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Posted 17 December 2017 - 12:30

Objects in between player and AAA do not cause AAA to loose sight of player plane. AAA AI "see" you through houses, hills, trees etc. and track you without problems.
Next thing is that been shot down flying fast and low by high caliber AAA should be in miracle probability.

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#650 =GEMINI=Framais

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Posted 25 December 2017 - 20:51

Type of improvement: Controls, Key Mapping

Explanation of proposals: Allow using combinations of joystick buttons in the Key Mapping screen (for example: joy0_b2 + joy0_b5)


Benefits: Allows users to map a much higher number of controls on the joystick/controller without resorting to 3rd party software (i.e. JoyToKey).

IL-2 Sturmovik needs a very high number of keys or buttons to control a plane, the ability to map these on one joystick helps enormously when it comes to have all the necessary controls within fingers reach - especially for players who use relatively simple joysticks with only a few buttons (i.e. Thrustmaster Hotas X) and for VR players, who cannot (heavily) rely on keyboard input.

N.B. Buttons combinations can be currently achieved with the use of 3rd party software such as JoyToKey but it would be awesome if IL-2 Sturmovik would allow buttons combinations 'natively', eliminating the need for external software.

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#651 I/JG27_Zimmi

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Posted 26 December 2017 - 08:14

Type of improvement: Controls, Key Mapping

Explanation of proposals: Highlight/bringing pressed key/joystick button into focus in they "key mapping" menu
Benefits: Finding they key binding of a certain key/joystick button without searching the rather long list of different actions / action type pages

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#652 LukeFF

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Posted 13 January 2018 - 08:21

Type of improvement: Audio

Explanation of proposals: enable volume control of AI radio voices

Benefits: better ability to the hear the AI radio transmissions. Right now, the volume is too low when playing the game through a 5.1 speaker system.

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#653 I/JG27_Zimmi

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Posted 14 January 2018 - 07:56

Type of improvement: Controls, Key Mapping

Explanation of proposals: Extend ON/OFF and TOGGLE functions by to separate ON and OFF functions

Benefits: I have recently created two rather simple panels with potentiometers and ON-OFF-ON switches (the same kind that are for instance on the Warthog HOTAS). Unfortunately, these buttons are not suitable for functions that are associated with “ON/OFF” or “TOGGLE” as you have to flip them up, back into OFF position and back up in order to switch on or off, for instance, the prop feather function. It would be great if, in addition also separate “ON” and “OFF” options would be given in the key mappings. 


For the sake of clarity I  also suggest to reduce the height (i.e., font size) of items in the key mapping menu and increase its opacity. The list currently holds only 6 key functions and must be scrolled down several pages. It would be better to have at least 10 items visible at one page.

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