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Hi ,on my PC (i7 4770k, 32GB DDR4, GeForce GTX780TI 3GB DDR5, IL2 GBS KUBAN on SSD), IL2 GBS KUBAN crash and report two errors [D3DERR_INVALIDCALL (0x8876086c)] in flight missions after 10 to 20 seconds on flight (no crash on beginning Tank missions). See files. This problem exist also whith settings videos reduced (normal whithout effects 4K).

On this PC, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 run on settings ULTRA whithout any problems.

Sincerely, Pat_55

IL2 Great Battles Kuban D3D_ERROR 01.jpg

IL2 Great Battles Kuban D3D_ERROR 02.jpg

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No, there are no additions. Instead of "without 4K effects" read "without activating 4K textures". When the game was launched for the first time, I set all the video settings to the highest level. After the first crash, I reduced the settings to the NORMAL level and removed anything that could be heavy to handle. I still had a crash and the same error messages.

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I wrote my first post here


By Pat_55,
Thursday at 11:18 AM in Technical Issues and Bug Reports


Otherwise, when I remove the "Full screen" and limit the maximum resolution to 1920 * 1440, I don't have any more crashes ...

I'll test the graphics settings to see how far I can go and come back to share ...

Edited by Pat_55
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