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Tiger/PzG WIPs


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just a few WIPs for you here, the tiger is looking real good atm i think, spent a LOT of hours with dirt/welds/n scratches with the extra mud around hatches, trying to make the whole thing very worn and well used while still being a well run MTB. not sure about  adding kill rings as his crew are vets in the field.






G, isnt there yet still too clean  and need to do more on camo, but hopefully will get there, but not too sure of it so far if i like it




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thanks, i really want to add a small battalion insig to her but i want the right one, its for the side of the gun turret, i use my own brushes for the stains, i believe they are still up on Deviantart

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S! Naz,

I found some more stuff you might be able to use. Check these websites: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Insignia_of_the_Wehrmacht  ,   https://panzerworld.com/units  , https://mistertretiakpresents.wordpress.com/2015/03/26/world-war-2-german-camouflage-and-tactical-markings-part-2/  and http://www.panzer-ozak.it/Panzer_unit_insignia_part1.pdf


These should help.



Panzer insignia 2.jpg

Panzer insignia.jpg

tank insignia.jpg

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