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Enabling waypoints


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I'm creating a series of waypoints. Do I need to target link all of the waypoints from my initial timer to enable them or is it enough to do it for the first waypoint and the planes will simply follow the target linked route?

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To make waypoints work you must proceed as follows:

1) arrange the WPs in sequence, based on the route you want to create

2) rename the WPs, for greater clarity (Wp1, Wp2 etc ...)

3) Target link each WP to the following

4) Object link each WP to the plane that must follow the route (if it is a group of planes, the leader is enough)

5) Set in the properties of each WP the height in the Y value

6) Set in the Advanced Properties the desired parameters for priority, area (recommended at least 200 m.) and speed.

7) make sure that the planes are enabled, in air and at the desidered height and that the first WP is activated by a Target link, for example by the Mission begin command followed by a Timer (i.e. 2 seconds).

I think I have not forgotten anything, but ...

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2 hours ago, [NOSIG]Ask said:

Worked like a charm :)

NOSIG, normally it is I who ask the friends of the forum for the solution to my problems ... for once I have been of help to someone else.

This gives me a little satisfaction ...😄

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