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Missions, how to deal with your flight...


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I never really spent sufficient time playing scripted missions, or the default missions that come with the various Maps, but I have tried again and I have some difficulty finding out on how to correctly interact with my flight. Some questions to you expert mission players 🙂

All refer to WW2 missions - I didn't even try to start any FC stuff ...


1) In IL-2 missions, default or scripted, maybe also in carreer mode ( ? ) we always spwn as flight leader, right ? So, all of the key combinations or menu options that allow us to interact with the other members of our flight are leader commands, or can we start a mission as a wingman, and if we can, how can I set it that way in IL-2 BoX - I believe there's an "accept Leadership" or the like directive, but I forgot on which key ?


2) Say I pick one of the default missions for the Rheinland, like a fighter sweep one, I check the Map ( "O" ) for the mission waypoints and targets, and then I enter the simulation, with engine(s) stopped, the other elements of my flight all around. If I start my engine(s) and move on to taxi to the "active", most of the time I takeoff all alone, while the other guys are still taking coffee coffee at the aerodrome 😕  Should I issu a command for them to become active, start their engines and follow me to the runway? I tried issuing the "do as me" but I'm not sure this is the correct way ?


3) Inflight, say I have successfuly got my flight into formation behind me, and I glimpse so enemy aircraft at long range. If I want some of the elements of my flight to go intercept it, should I issue a "patrol the area" or "attack ... air" ?


Well, very basic questions, I know, buyt i'm at a very basic stage of playing IL2 missions 🙂


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You’re the flight leader in Quick Mission Builder scenarios.


In career mode, you can choose having the ability to be commander as immediately, by appointment, or never. If you choose by appointment, you can become one for oustanding performance or by luck due to attrition killing the previous commanders.


I can’t say specifically for Rheinland missions, but I believe your wingmen start up by themselves. That was the case for the default Battle of Moscow ship defense scenario in the P-40. But you need to wait for your wingmen to taxi to the runway with you if you want to take off with them.


I issue a patrol order. However, AI tends to be slow to react to enemy fighter presence especially in career mode against non-mission targets. They tend to be more bait than useful wingmen in my experience.

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