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There where a bunch of resistance at home


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Red Orchestra member Mildred Harnack photographed in 1938. Mildred Fish Harnack was a German-American, a scholar, translator, and professor of the German language. She also was a member of the Berlin-based resistance group known as the Rote Kapelle–Red Orchestra. Dubbed the Red Orchestra by the Gestapo, it was an umbrella term given to several resistance organizations in different countries. In Berlin, the Orchestra was composed of a small group of individuals who held Nazi affiliations while working to overthrow the regime from the inside via passing top-secret and high level information to the Soviets. At the same time, they continuously recruited new resistance members and helped hide German Jews from deportation. Harnack, like many of the time, was caught, tried and given a prison sentence–until Hitler, refusing to allow such an easy sentence, specifically ordered a retrial. Her second trial ended in her death sentence. She was executed on 16 February 1943. It was reported that, just before she was beheaded, she was to have said, “And I have loved Germany so much.” She was also the only American woman executed on the orders of Adolf Hitler.


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