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Stalingrad helicopters


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7 hours ago, Lowelegend said:

Hi there I was wondering if you could get helicopters in the Stalingrad version of the game.


There’s no helicopters in the game at all. 

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2 hours ago, Lowelegend said:

I have seen helicopters on YouTube though


I've seen lots of things on YouTube. Don't believe everything you see on YouTube...


There are no helicopters in IL-2 GB.

There were no helicopters at the battle of Stalingrad.


Helicopters only saw very limited use during WW2. If you want helicopters, you will probably have to wait for IL-2 GB Korea, if they ever get around to making it.

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Since this question is in IL-2: Sturmovik 1946 forum, in this version you can fly helicopters. ;) 



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